Saturday, July 22, 2006

make them stick with stupid....

I erased all of my old posts on this blog.... I dunno, I just felt it necessary. I know nobody reads this anyway, and in a way I prefer that. I like the idea of a real diary without the getting-a-hand-cramp-from-writing thing. People aren't supposed to read your diary, and people don't read this blog. So there.

I have been through an awful lot in the past two weeks. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of last week. I miscarried last weekend. It's amazing how you can fall in love with someone you only knew existed for a few days.... and it's a horrible feeling to lose that someone as quickly as they came. Life begins at conception. I'm not going to say "I believe" or "I think"... it does. I know it now. I had a little life inside of me, and it was taken away. How some people can choose to rid themselves of the little life inside of them when it is so obviously there.... I don't get it.

Not everybody shared in our joy when I found out I was pregnant, and those same people chose to show no sympathy when I lost it. I have never really been the type to have enemies. I'm not big on fighting or "pissing contests" so to speak, and nobody's really had a reason to hate me before. So when 2 people hate you and they don't have a reason...and their hatred runs so deep that they are able to hurt you with mere words that they say.... anyway, just pray for them.

I wrote a blog on myspace about conviction. I'd like to post it on here but myspace is broken more than it's working, so I can't get to it.

It feels good to vent, you know it? Every once in a while..venting should occur.


Kent said...

I had no idea that happened. And to those people who didn't "share in the joy"... well,... I'll just say it.... They can eat dog biscuits and die of gonarhea and rot in hell.

Amy, queen of the world. said...

definitely. Laces out, even.