Sunday, July 01, 2007

home stretch

I am now 32 weeks. I've been having lots o' pains in my lower abdomen this weekend... LOTS OF PAINS. I'm at my mom's house, and she's a registered nurse....she says it's just stretching of ligaments and stuff because (warning: more graphic than you care to read) it doesn't hurt when I pee and I haven't had any discharge or bleeding or anything. She said perhaps the baby is dropping, but she doesn't think it's a UTI (because of the no hurting when I pee thing). I don't know what the heck it is, but I don't see myself making it through labor if I can't even make it through whatever this is. Seriously, it hurts from the lower Sometimes it hurts when I'm sitting, sometimes it hurts when I'm standing, and walking is proving to be quite a chore. I start childbirth classes on Monday, I might just ask that lady what she thinks... and since childbirth classes are right next door to labor and delivery, if she thinks it's serious she can send me right over. If I don't die before then, that is.

So.... if I die... who wants my pogo stick??


Anonymous said...

Are you going to go the way of drugs? I found the epidural to be quite helpful. It's a bitch to get in, but once it's in, "Ahhh, relief."

Anonymous said...

Ah, good. I'm glad you're sensible, and not a hippie. In my experience, though, the whole rhythmic breathing thing is no good if your contractions start coming 30 seconds apart.