Sunday, September 16, 2007


My husband took the little guy to his grandparents' house for a little while, and I stayed home... so what else is there to do but blog?

I guess I could clean the house..

But, I've been thinking a lot on the subject of perspective. I guess it all started when I had to have an emergency c-section after 29 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing. Of course I didn't feel the c-section at the time, but once all the drugs wear off... guess what? Kinda hurts. Yeah. I mean, you can see why... they rip through layers of skin, tissue, muscle, etc to get to your uterus and get your baby out, then staple it all back together. It takes no time to get it done. It's a very common procedure. But it still hurts when you can feel again. Simple things like sitting up from a lying position become things you must relearn... especially when your baby cries every couple of hours. Anyhow, perspective is what I'm getting at. I had my staples in for 11 days (they usually take them out between 5 and 10 days, but I guess I'm just special like that. or something.)... when I finally went to the doctor's office to get them removed, the nurse was bragging on what a "trooper" I was being because I didn't complain one bit about how it hurt to have the staples removed. She said she had just had someone in that she was barely touching theirs and the woman was screaming her head off. I told her that when you think about what you went through to get the staples in the first place, and how much pain it was to push for 3 hours just to get the huge incision... a few staples being removed really were a walk in the park.

And just yesterday, I was talking to my mom's friend David, and we were discussing "fathers" who don't participate in the raising of their children. (Not that my husband is like that, he's very involved in our child's goings-on... he helps with everything except breastfeeding...)David said something that really got me thinking.... he said you can basically split the world's population into 2 categories... the people that "have to" and the people who "get to"... it's all in their perspective of things. He said he was older when he started having children, so he had the "get to" attitude about raising them. He "got to" change their diapers and feed them instead of feeling obligated to do it. He "gets to" be involved in their activities and lives now that they're getting older instead of "having to" drive them here or there.

I honestly had never thought of that before. I think it even helped change MY perspective on a couple of things. Nothing about parenting should be a "have to".... except "having to" get their shots and such, because no parent WANTS to do that. More people should have the "get to" perspective when it comes to that. Heck, more people should have the "get to" attitude when it comes to everyday living! You should be working at a job you "get to" go to everyday, not "have to"....

So... a good paradigm shift is helpful every now and again.

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