Sunday, December 09, 2007

so basically..

This is my entire life.
I'm kind of in love with him.
He is kinda in love with eating his fists. :)
*le sigh*

So... uh... what's new?


Anonymous said...

So Monday, I'm piddling around looking at house listings on the interweb, and I come across one that's interesting. I drive by it Tuesday and take Jeremiah by at lunch. We decide to look inside, call a realtor, and are now trying to buy a house.

Anonymous said...

Our offer on the house was countered, but the counter is acceptable. We are having it inspected today and barring any major problems will accept their offer afterwards. I really have no idea what's going on with the loan and all the paperworky type stuff. I can never wrap my head around that type of thing. So Jeremiah deals with it and I sign on the line with the post it arrow, and we're good. We'll be closing before Jan. 18. and then comes the move, but I'm getting uber fat and will be NO help at all. I can "supervise." This house is ugly as sin. But it's in a great neighborhood, very near a school and in the middle of town but off the beaten track. It's big enough and has a biggish yard. AND it's $40,000 less than we thought we'd be paying for a house. Yippee.