Thursday, January 10, 2008

off my chest.

Two things I need to say.
Number one-- I think that cell phones have made us ignorant and spineless. Sure, I enjoy the convenience of having a way to get ahold of someone at all times. But number one, I don't know ANYBODY's number anymore. I don't take the time to memorize it... why should I? Isn't that why they invented address books on phones? But what happens if something occurs and I don't have access to my cell phone? Who do I call? I guess I can call the Pizza Hut in Oklahoma City (270-0000!!) or time and temperature in Ada (436-1776)... or the chinese place here in Lawton (fie-nine-fie-nine-fie-fie-fie...tank yu)... and that's about it. Number two, I am wondering what the point of text messaging is. Okay, I do it too, every now and then. Most of the time with my little sister, who could probably win a fastest text messager contest. But why is it that people seem to be able to say things via text message that they can't say to people's faces? The words on the screen... do they have magical powers that make you brave? I say this because today I was told of the second happening of its kind that I've heard of in recent history..... a boyfriend dumping a girlfriend via text message. And yes, perhaps if they were 15 and only called each other boyfriend/girlfriend because it's the cool thing to do, and they "go out" together but they don't actually "go out" anywhere, then yeah, whatever, break up via text message. But I'm talking about grown men... one in his late 20s, one in his late 30s... breaking up with a woman over text message. And in all actuality, I have heard of another recent break up via e-mail. Stop the insanity, people!! What happened to good, old fashioned common courtesy?! I remember when breaking up with someone or delivering bad news via the telephone was uncouth. I can't begin to express my loathing for someone who cannot "balls up" and say something to someone's face that they can type out, one stupid letter at a time, on a cell phone.

Number two-- I am outraged at the moment because of a recent child abuse case here in Lawton that has caused a 2 month old baby to be laid to rest. I am outraged that the mother gave the oldest excuse in the book (my baby fell off the 2-ft bed on to the carpet and now he has irreversible brain damage, can't breathe on his own, and a hemorrhage behind his eye consistent with shaken baby syndrome... yeah, that's it!), and upon realizing nobody was believing her story, changes it to where her other son who is about 1 1/2 pushed the baby off the bed. Wow. I am outraged that she allowed herself to get that frustrated without walking away. I am outraged that her frustrations were taken out on a 2 month old baby. I am outraged that she didn't ask for help.... even if she asked a neighbor to watch her sons while she cried her eyes out in the bathroom or something. And yet my heart goes out to her for not doing something. Don't get me wrong, I know how very frustrating a baby can be. Especially when they cry. My child doesn't "cry"--he has two volumes, silence and SCREAMING. I have been blessed with what can be described as a "difficult" child. He is very strong willed, very demanding, and has a very, VERY bad temper. And my mom, husband, sister, and whoever else dropped by the hospital the day after he was born can tell you this--he has been that way SINCE THE DAY HE WAS BORN. I was major pain from a c-section, I was frustrated because breastfeeding was harder than I imagined it would be, I was exhausted because I was in labor for 30+ hours, pushed for 3, to be wheeled back to surgery, then I stayed up the entire night he was born for fear he would stop breathing if I wasn't watching.... and my son cried, cried, screamed, and cried some more. Yes, I was frustrated. Yes, I wanted to scream and cry myself. But I could never pick up his 8 lb, 7 oz body and harm it. I could never lay my hands on him to hurt him. I love him so much, and I love his faults... even when they frustrate me... they make him Peanut! There is no excuse for child abuse.

Now the question is-- what can I do to help make this sweet, innocent angel in heaven's life have a purpose? How do I make sure, single handedly, that this doesn't happen again in this city? That's what I want to know.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.


Anonymous said...

Countdown: T-minus 20 days and counting.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. almost a week left. Thursday Doc said baby feels about 8.5 lbs and will gain about .5 lbs per week. AARGH.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. We think so. Unless something better slaps us in the head I think we're going with Caden Andrew.
We wanted to go with CAT initials, both our dads are CAT and there are other CATs and KATS and Andrews on both sides, so we thought we'd add another one.

Anonymous said...

Little baby has arrived. Tuesday morning. I can now wear jeans. YAY!
He was very ugly at first, but has settled into cuteness.

Anonymous said...

Baby= 9 lbs. 7 oz. 19 inches 23 hours total labor and (you're going to hate me)4 pushes.

And for about an hour and a half he looked like a crusty old pirate. Squashed face, squinty eye, terrible expression, all over AARGH.

Anonymous said...

He's practically angelic. he eats and he sleeps and if he gets hungry he squawks a little. he holds up his head and looks around. Very good baby, so far.