Tuesday, April 29, 2008

all I hear is blah blah blah blah

I work with a woman who acts just like Penelope from Saturday Night Live. For those of you that aren't familiar with Penelope (you know, the 2 of you that read this?), she's a character that is constantly trying to one-up anybody who's talking.... for instance...
Lady: (to her friend) Your mother-in-law sounds like a real piece of work!
Penelope: my mother-in-law is like 10 pieces of work... like 20 pieces of work... like 1000 pieces of work... she's more work than your mother-in-law... soooo...


Lady: so-n-so's cat Whiskers McGee died yesterday. She was 15 years old.
Penelope: My cat was 17 years old...its name was Whiskers McGee the first.... it died just a few minutes ago....

Anyway it's a lot funnier if you google it and watch the clips. But it's NOT funny to actually work with someone like this. This lady has a one-up for ANYTHING you've done, seen, experienced, felt, had done to you, etc. For instance....
Someone: my stomach sure hurts... I think I have a virus
Her: Well my stomach always hurts... it's hurting really bad... I think it's my colitis.

And you know, it wouldn't be THAT big a deal, except she doesn't even acknowledge what you said, other than to one-up it.
Me: Did you see that article in the paper where that lady was killed the car wreck?? Some people I know work for the volunteer fire department and were the first ones out there... they said her body parts were everywhere...
Her: Well when I had my wreck, blah blah blah blah blah.

A little sympathy for the woman who died, anyone??


In other news, my friend and I have babies almost the same age. (Mine is 6 weeks older than hers.) But hers is SOOOO HUGE!! She outweighs him by at least 2 pounds. But they are so cute together. She's very chill... my baby is very much a hyper-pants. She's so chubby. He is just long and kind of skinny looking compared to her. I babysat her for a little while yesterday, and I put her in the floor to play with Michael's toys... he got SOOOOOO jealous!! He kept grabbing things from her! He's only 8 months old.... where in the WORLD did he get THAT behavior??
Goofy child.
But he was excited for her to be there, and kept grabbing at her and laughing.... cheeky monkey.


That is all.


Coach K said...

I HATE it when people act like that.

Guy 1: Guess what everybody. I've been picked to go with NASA to the moon!

Guy 2: Oh, that's interesting. I'm involved in a top secret mission and we are having brunch on Mars.

You should say stuff to this person like, "So, I punched myself in the face 5 times the other day. In front of a lot of people too."

Anonymous said...

took baby to the doc. it is the pyloric stenosis. they admitted him to hosp. yesterday. surgery either hopefully today or probably tomorrow. he was really dehydrated and they want to get his salts and stuff back in whack before they fix him. Until then he can't have anything to eat by mouth.But once he has the surgery, he can eat 3 hours later. so we're waiting.

Anonymous said...

surgery went well, they gave him half an ounce of pedialyte at 5, an ounce at 7, and will start formula any minute now. i've been at soccer with the big boys, jeremiah's staying with baby. the hospital bed is absolute torture on my back, and the kiddos don't take well to confined spaces. ethan's on a massive sugar high because i kept feeding him to keep him in line while we were at the hospital all day.

Anonymous said...

See blog for hospital adventures

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Spoiled. Sure.... No, I cleaned house all day while Jeremiah dug a "fire pit" in the back yard. Sheesh. But I did get a shiatsu massage chair.

Anonymous said...

Moma said she'd never seen less than 10 days. My friend Megan said she'd never seen less than 7. We think he seems to think I have a very mild infection. But very mild infections don't come with 103* fevers. I'm totally going to have to go back next week.

Also, Baby is FANTASTIC. Growing, pooping, etc. He even has his double chin back.