Saturday, April 12, 2008

My loves.

my papaw and my son.


Anonymous said...

Kid says, "I totally have more teeth than him."

Baby is ok. He's been throwing up alot and we're working on figuring out why. The scientific method sucks. Try one variable, try another. Today we experiment with lactose free formula.

Anonymous said...

It does not appear that Enfamil Lactofree is the answer.
We're kinda afraid it may be a genetic thing that jeremiah and his mom and brother had called pyloric stenosis, where the valve out of the stomach heals closed and has to be reopened surgically. If it were that though, he should be throwing up EVERYTHING, and he's slowed down a bit.
Frustrating...and messy.

Anonymous said...

he's still with the throwing up. The other two are good. Dustin's been outside riding his bike with neighborhood kids till almost dark every day this week. We took his training wheels off monday, so his legs are scratched and bruised all up. we ended up taking in a refugee kitty the other day. One of our friends found it. she's already playing and seeming pretty comfortable, and ethan loves her.
I baked myself at a soccer game last sunday, i peeled and my flesh is like leather, ouchie. My dad came and helped us build a backyard privacy fence this weekend, now i can set ethan loose in the yard and he cannot escape. very nice. all is good. how is your toothless one, etc?

Anonymous said...

I just weighed him again today. he's under nine pounds now, which is below his birth weight. We're going to the doc tomorrow and demanding he figure something out.

I tend to butt-sit too. productive things are just so darned tiring.