Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nobody reads this anyway.

kid will be 11 months in a few days.
kid's birthday next month. i'm invited.
kid is starting to misbehave. already figured out the "no" means "do it again" and "please" means "don't do whatever she asked" thing.
kid refuses to walk. anytime he's standing freely and i say the word "walk"...even if i'm not talking to him or about him, he'll plop down on his hiney.
just a tad oppositional defiant.
but the cutest kid ever. and i think he knows it.

in other news,
school in less than a month.
workshops in less than two weeks.
haven't won the lottery yet.
given up on writing full sentences.
nobody reads them anyway.


Anonymous said...

what? kent and i are nobody??


Anonymous said...

i know, i never could think of anything quirky to say about your mangled phone, though.
we did throw parties when they were gone. We did one for 4th of July and we went canoeing and we hung out with friends mucho. Was nice to be a growned up for a bit. now my mom is getting fired, she may end up coming and getting them to stave off depression. i'm cool with that.

Coach K said...

Yeah! What gives?

Anonymous said...

they act ok. dustin talks alot, ethan's a heathen, caden eats.

i was a perfectly unrebellious child, and look how many early grandbabies my parents ended up with.

my mom is nuts. she was working at a nursing home, then a hospice she used to work for called and begged her to come back. So she agreed, even though she didn't want to. she worked both jobs for about 2 months. at one point she went 27 days with no day off. then she finally quit at the nursing home, now the hospice has fired her for no good reason.