Sunday, August 24, 2008

some stuff

James Michael number 3 will be one year old in less than a week.
I'm very sad/happy about this.
I wish I would have taken more time during his first few months to just stop and enjoy it, instead of feeling so overwhelmed with being a new mommy and not knowing what the heck I was doing and being sleep deprived--not ENTIRELY because of him but because of my fear of his dying in his sleep. I don't get that time back, and that's sad. But, God willing, I have lots of years ahead where we'll be together, getting closer and closer as mommy and son.

He's a walking, talking, eating-big-boy-foods, certified, grade-A toddler now. We're weaning off of the pacifier and the bottle, although since school's been back in session I've been doing less weaning and have kinda handed the responsibility to his babysitter. She has all day with him, and I have very little time in the afternoon/evening with him. I don't want to make that time stressful for either one of us... I just want to enjoy him. But she's done a wonderful job with him... at her house, he only drinks out of a sippy cup (something he REFUSES to do at home) and does not take the pacifier at all. I only give him the pacifier at bedtime (and on weekends at nap time), so we are slowly but surely making progress.

So school's back in session. I feel pretty much renewed and ready to face a new year, although I have 25 kids in my classroom, so space is limited. We don't even have enough textbooks for everybody. I don't like the first, say, 9 weeks of school... it's hard to remember that they're fresh from second grade and they're not completely un-babyfied yet. So when I get frustrated and think "UGH WHY CAN'T THEY DO THIS?! WHY CAN'T THEY FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE PROCEDURE?!" I have to remember that they're in a transition phase from being completely coddled and pampered to being independent. I have to remind myself of this often.

The hubbster is applying for new jobs... better paying jobs. He has worked for the City for *counts fingers* like 8 years, and he's worth way more than what they pay him. So good luck to him on that.

I'm making beef stew. I know it's more of a cold-weather type food, but it's smelling soooooooo good and I can't wait to eat it and watch the Olympics finale tonight.

I've been totally addicted to the Olympics. It stinks that they show it so late in the evening because I've been staying up like a dummy and watching it when I KNOW I have to be up earlier than dawn just to get myself and the little one ready for the day.

I believe that's all the new news I gots right now. Anybody wanna share anything cool?

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i mowed.