Wednesday, November 26, 2008

because tomorrow's busy...

I better say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Tomorrow we will be in Ada Potata, home of......*insert something cool about Ada here*.... eating lots and lots of food and gaining lots and lots of weight.

Yesterday my school went on the General's Challenge, and we walked for an hour throughout our neighborhood. Now I have a blister on my foot. But it was nice to get out and walk... and yesterday was the perfect day for such a thing. But I told the other chicks at school that that would probably be my exercise until.... well, probably until I hit that "New Years Resolution" time again. heh. I always have good intentions. :)

El bebe has a big sore on his bottom lip and I can't decide if it's a fever blister or where he bumped his mouth yesterday. His babysitter said he had blood on his lip but she couldn't figure out where it was coming from since he refuses to sit still for more than a nanosecond. So I am not positive if that's maybe where the blood was coming from or if it's a fever blister. I don't know where he would have picked up a fever blister, however.... so.... hmm. I don't know. Either way, it doesn't look like it's the best feeling in the entire universe, and I've been trying to put chapstick stuff on it all day, but he just tries to eat it.

I need to get going on the packing... if I wait until tomorrow, it'll just stress me (and the hubby) out. Goodnight, dear bloggerville. I shall try to blog tomorrow because of my obligations and whatnot, but I can't make any promises, since my mother's computer is the slowest computer in all of creation.

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Anonymous said...

Slowest computer in all creation?
Oh, honey, you have no idea. You have not met my mom's computer. She's running Windows ME on one and Something i can't even identify on another. Their internet runs at 26K on a good day. I was in technological hell.