Sunday, November 09, 2008


The convo that happened pretty much the entire way from Mt. Scott to Wal-mart this afternoon...

babyboy: NOOOOOOOO!
daddy: YES!
daddy: YES!!!
daddy: YESSSSS!!!!

What were they arguing over? Nothing. Babyboy just likes the word NO.
In fact, sometimes it's NOOOOOOOOO-UH!
And sometimes it's NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! ..with a finger shake.

A convo between babyboy and me yesterday:

mommy: Where's mommy?
babyboy: at school.
mommy: where's daddy?
babyboy: at school.
mommy: Where's Aunt Lissa?
babyboy:.......I don't know!

SO FUNNY! I don't know if he MEANT to say it, but he said it. "I don't know!" .... what a cute little turkey.

And this is kinda, when he's hungry, he yells out... "EAT EAT!!"

And an update on me::::::: Nothing. My kid is my life. Deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

My 8 month old is now extremely mobile. Often abandoning the army crawl for a proper(and more speedy) crawl. He can also climb all the way up the stairs. This is BAD.