Saturday, November 29, 2008

guess what?! guess what?!

Today and tomorrow and then I'm THROOOOUUUGGGHHHH BLOOOGGGGINNNGGGGGGG!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!
Today my little man is driving me bananas. He's been in a bad mood for the biggest part of the day, but right now he's being pretty playful....but he's testing me. For instance, he understands what "no" and "stop" mean, he just chooses to do it anyway to see what I'll do about it. Then when he's in trouble, he musters up crocodile tears and pokes out his lip.... psh, like I'm a softy. Sorry kiddo, but I've been teaching for too many years to fall for THAT one. But it is cute and I do feel bad afterwards. He just doesn't know that.

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