Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just under the wire

I made it before midnight! So I didn't forget to blog today! yay.

I just cleaned out my fish tank... I used to have 2 goldfish... Bert and Ernie. Bert died, but Ernie is still going strong! If he makes it to May, he'll be 6. And this is NOT because I'm a superior goldfish mommy...it's because, for whatever reason, Ernie wants to LIVE! No matter how many times (since the kiddo has been alive) I have forgotten to feed him, or how nasty his tank gets because of my neglect of anything work-related after I leave the paying job... he still sticks around. Now THAT'S dedication, my friends. I think he's trying to get big enough to eat me. I wouldn't blame him.

Lots to do tomorrow. At least I'm off of work for Thanksgiving Break! Woohoo! Sweetola.

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