Saturday, November 22, 2008

my makeup post.

Today has been a-okay. We went out for breakfast because, well, we have no groceries (yeah, tomorrow I'll go shopping. Maybe. Probably. Yeah.), and then we came home and did absolutely nothing. My kind of day. We watched "Movies that don't suck" all day long (right now it's The Terminator... earlier it was Enter the Dragon). Now the husband is watching the OU/Texas Tech game. I'm not because I couldn't care less about college football. My son has had, maybe, a 30 minute nap all day long, and has been on the mild-to-moderately cranky/obnoxious side. Right now, though, he's playing with his toys pretty happily. (Now that I typed that, he just started crying again. Nice.)

There's something beautiful about a day that's not obligated to anybody but our little family. I love the days that we are searching for things to do because nobody's pulling us here or there. HOWEVER, I am looking forward to my weekly break when big M takes little M to his parents' house tomorrow so I can do something about the wreck that is my house (it is SO pointless to clean when the human mini-tornado is here), rest, and go grocery shopping without someone crying everytime the basket stops because that means the wheels on the basket stop too, and someone likes to watch the wheels on the basket. Ah, God bless the weekend!!

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