Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh snap again!

I officially suck at making a post every day. I just can't do it. Oh, I'm going to TRY to continue through November because I made a commitment, but I obviously suck.

Yesterday.........hmmmmmmm, what did yesterday consist of?
"He keeps kicking me in line!"
"She won't stop talking to me!"
"He called me a bragger!"
"He splashed water in my face in the bathroom!"
"Can I go to the bathroom???"
"My head hurrrttsss"
"My throat hurrrttsss"
"I fell on the playground and got this cut *sniffle*"
"I fell on the playground and twisted my ankle *sniffle*"
"I fell on the playground and nothing physically happened to me but I still want to whine about it. *sniffle*"
.....okay the last one didn't happen, but OH MY HEAVENS! I wanted to pull my hair out and leave the room screaming! They were driving me crazy!!! They were on each other's nerves, and more importantly, on MY nerves constantly!!!

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