Sunday, November 30, 2008

what's in a number?

0: The amount of patience I have right now with my dogs, who are driving me crazy.

4: The number of dogs in my house barking at ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

9: Hours of sleep I got last night! Ahhh pure bliss.

5: number of poopy diapers I changed yesterday.

3: Tums I'm having to chew right now. Stupid heartburn.

30: The number of minutes it took me to fall asleep last night because of the song stuck in my head. I hate that.

8: The time that I will start watching, probably in horror, the show about Britney Spears. Because apparently I am a sucker for a train wreck.

23049283403294: Loads of laundry that I need to do.

40something: How many cents I need to get a stamp to mail off my house payment. Woo.

0: How many more blogs I have to do! YESSSSSS!!!

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