Friday, November 14, 2008

won't you forgive me?

I did not blog yesterday. It's not that I forgot (yes I did) but I also didn't get online at all yesterday. You see... yesterday, my son's babysitter took my son to her kids' basketball games after school. AKA-- hubby and I had a date night! The 3rd one since he's been born. She's taken him to other basketball games before, but I always have something else planned those afternoons/evenings. It was nice, we went out to eat.... but some weirdo part of me wanted our son to be with us too. After all that funness, we came home, and I had a message that my babysitter was on her way to drop my kid off. I looked around the house.... DISASTER AREA. Whoaaa.... NOT pop-in friendly at all. So I spent about 5 minutes SPEED CLEANING. DH was impressed with the result and said he should mention that company is coming more often. ha. Isn't he funny. But then she didn't even come in the house because her other baby was night-night in the car. Awwww.
My foot's asleep and I have to get ready for work.

So do forgive me, blogger. Do forgive me. Perhaps if I think of it, I shall blog again today to make up the difference.

Happy Friday!

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