Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another update on Stellan, plus other things.

Baby Stellan is improving! They're letting him eat, slowly but surely....they started him on some pedialyte and moved him back up to breast milk (expressed, of course). Oxygen stats are staying up... blood gases are going down.Praise God! He is good!


Don't you just hate to finish a book? I do...I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE reading's just that I want to know what happens next in their lives... it's like I become part of the story, and I want to keep living it with them. But their story ends on the last page (unless it's a sequel book, I suppose). I FINALLY, finally, after years of owning the book and pledging that I would read it (then putting it back on the shelf because of my busy schedule and lack of time-to-read, and choosing instead books with less....volume?)....FINALLY I read I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. It took me a long time, which I knew it would... heck, it's like 891 pages, and I have a toddler who does NOT sleep anymore. But this 2 week "Winter vacation" gave me some time. What a book, eh? Interesting.... sad.... thought-provoking.... I really, really loved it. A good read, if you haven't read it already. I'm soooo looking forward to reading his other work. The only thing I'm not incredibly fond of is his overuse of the "gd" curse. But you'd be surprised how awesome I am at substituting that word with a bajillion other words, on the spot, without even having to think about it. :)


Anyway, that's all I had to say. Ernie the Goldfish had a proper burial service in the toilet yesterday. He will be missed by..... the noisy fishtank that still sits with water but no fish now. Kinda sad, huh?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

update on baby Stellan

Stellan has taken a turn for the worse and is in the hospital with severe RSV. His O2 sats keep going dangerously low (in the 60s and 70s) and his blood gases at this point are way too high. His heart rate sounds like it's going up and down too, although cardiologists are still insisting that it isn't heart failure. The nurses already have the intubation equipment at his bedside, in case his sweet little body doesn't want to fight the RSV anymore.

Let's continue to pray, people...this modern day miracle needs to be HERE! Shout your prayers and petitions to the LORD!

Click here to visit Stellan's worried mommy's website and give her and her entire family your prayers!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fishies don't swim on their backs, do they?

RIP Ernie the Goldfish
May 2003-December 28, 2008.

May you be joined with your brotha from (presumably) anotha motha Bert in fishie heaven.

PS: Baby Stellan's heart rate and such has been found to have nothing to do with his heart failure in the womb, and probably everything to do with the cold he has. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise him, all creatures here below! Praise him above, ye heavenly host! Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! AMEN!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Stellan

I mentioned on Monday of this past week about the blog that got me started on the "Not Me Monday"... you know, the one with all the cute kids that make me go "awwwwww"? Well what I didn't mention was that the littlest one...the 8 week old... he's a MIRACLE baby. Truly. In the womb he was diagnosed with a heart condition, and from what I understand, they were thinking he wouldn't even survive. But lo and behold, he was born 8 weeks ago, symptom and condition FREE. COMPATIBLE WITH LIFE. A MIRACLE.

But the miracle is now in the hospital. He has had a cold (and with 2 big brothers and a big sister all having colds before thee, I can't see HOW you do NOT get a cold!).... but the symptoms of the cold have worsened and his heart rate is now very very high. He is on all the proper machines until they find out if the high heart rate is due to the cold (perhaps even RSV, which would suck, but would definitely be better than a heart condition) or if there is something else going on there.

Please pray with me. I know this blog doesn't reach many people. But baby Stellan is a MIRACLE in a time of unbelieving. The MIRACLE needs to touch WAY more lives. Please pray that he is healed of whatever is causing his sickness.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

We were blessed with WONDERFUL family gatherings on both sides this Christmas! It makes me so happy to know that we were all together for Christmas... first on my side of the family for Christmas Eve, and then on big M's side of the family for Christmas Day. And even time at our own little house for SANTA presents in between the two gatherings. Nevermind that I probably gained a million pounds from all the eating (tis why God invented New Year's resolutions, after all)... I felt very blessed this year. It didn't have anything to do with the gifts, although we were showered with AWESOME gifts, especially little M. It had everything to do with family.

But on the subject of gifts, whoa, my kiddo made out like a BANDIT! Tons of toys, clothes, and diapers at Nana's house, toys and clothes from Santa, tons of toys and clothes from Aunt Tina's house.... we are so blessed that people think so highly of our beautiful little boy. He IS kinda cute, if I do say so myself. I think we'll keep him. If for no other reason than to play with his brand new Elmo Live! :)

And as for me, my biggest predicament this Christmas is to decide which purse I shall carry first... the one my brother got me or the one my SIL got me! What to do, what to do! Both are completely AWESOME! Man, what a dilemma, eh?!

I hope and pray that your Christmas was as peaceful, loving, exciting, relaxing, and wonderful as ours was this year. God bless you all! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Eh, I'll give it a try...

So I have NOT just recently started reading this blog featuring a very adorable family. They do NOT make me go "awwwww" on a regular basis now. The link to said blog is NOT featured in the "Not Me Monday" thingimagig. :)

I did NOT sleep on the couch with my son last night because he was sick. Nope, not me! I also didn't give up the couch to his 24 pound, 31 inch body (because he was NOT taking up the entire thing anyway) and slept on the floor for a couple of hours. Didn't happen, you can't prove it!

Said son did NOT puke all over his daddy. Twice. It was NOT chunks of strawberries and peaches from his oatmeal yesterday. And it was also not orange flavored pedialyte. Nope.

I promise, I did NOT get a huge kick out of Daddy getting puked on twice, because in the past 16 months, I've NOT been puked on, pooped on, snotted on, blooded on (is that a word?) about 2034982304982 times WITHOUT yelling like it was the end of the world. Two pukes was NOT daddy's limit, he said.

I am NOT still in pajamas on my first day of Christmas break. No indeed!

I do NOT have to go grocery shopping or we're eating old bologna today. With no bread.

I have NOT brushed my hair today. And that one's true. ha.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

upon blinking

This morning was so disgustingly icy. My husband happened to have the day off today, and offered to drive me to work and the baby to his babysitter's. (Yes, he had the day off... yes, he could have kept him at home.... but he's a man, bless his loving heart, and he doesn't understand. ) He dropped me off first so I wouldn't be late, and then started the journey to the babysitter's house. About 20 minutes after he left my work, the babysitter called and asked if we were coming or if we were stranded somewhere. I told her that DH was bringing little M this morning, and that they should be there any minute. I hung up with her and called big M.... but, of course, he didn't bring his phone with him. (Considering sewing said phone to said husband's palm.) So I called the babysitter again in a few minutes to ask if they had made it yet, and she said, "nope, not yet." Panic. Catch your breath, Amy. Breathe. They're okay. Dear GOD my family is out in the nasty ice, dear GOD please let them be okay. So I say, "okay, well if they're not at your house in 15 minutes, will you please call me back?".... 15 minutes later, no phone call. Another panic attack. "Sweet Jesus, please be with my little family... my entire world....".... so I called her again. "Oh, yeah they showed up about 10 minutes ago! Your husband wasn't even wearing a coat! Don't worry, I lectured him!".... I love her. Thank you God. Thank you for hearing my prayers and seeing fit to answer them this time. Thank you for getting my little family where they were going safely this morning.

Because another person I know did not make it safely to where she was going this morning.

Growing up, I was friends with Mistie. Mistie had a little sister named Crystal. Mistie and Crystal eventually moved away from Ada in high school, but Mistie and I have since gotten back in touch via Myspace. Eventually, Mistie and Crystal both found their way to L-town, where I live now. I saw Crystal at Wal-Mart all the time, it seemed. This morning, Crystal was on her way to wherever at 7:30AM, when her vehicle hit some ice and careened off the road. She passed away. Left 3 small children, a husband, a sister, her parents, and lots of sad people who knew her behind.

It's amazing how the thought of our own death doesn't enter our mind often. It's almost like we fear everybody else's death... our parents, our children, our friends.... but our own death just doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen. We are not promised another day here on earth. In a blink of an eye, we could be gone. My prayer for you is that you hold your family a little tighter upon reading this... love them with everything you have.... because we just don't know when our time is up here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

writing posts in my head all day long, being still, and other things.

Oddly enough, I find myself kinda WANTING to blog today. I have since I woke up this morning. I woke up thinking about the concept of being still. My mom's dogs know to be still and wait for their treat...otherwise they don't get it, or perhaps one of the other dogs will take what should rightfully be theirs. Funny how humans are not as good at being still and waiting. I know I'm not. When something is not going my way, I want immediate answers as to why. I don't want to be still and see the reasons revealed in their own mysterious ways. I guess that's the lesson I need to study and learn right now... how to be still. When you break it down to the Hebrew translation of "be still," we basically have a "let go" or "make yourself weak" definition. When we let go, or make ourselves weak, we are giving up trusting in ourselves in order to experience the glory of God's all-sufficiency. I guess that's really important right now... in a time where I'm scared for our country, not only because of who will be leading us, but because of the happenings that seem to be surrounding us constantly... a rise in atheism, homosexuality, immorality, etc... instead of constantly worrying about what's to happen next, what's happening right now, and my part in it all, I choose to be still---confess that I am weak, that I am inefficient, that I am feeble---and I entrust the care of the world to my God.


In other news, my husband is one step closer to his new job. His "meet and greet" is coming up next week, and that's where they'll either offer him a job or not. We're praying that he WILL be offered this job, because within a year, he'll be making nearly double what he's making now. Money's not everything, and I realize that, but living is expensive these days, and we're pretty much just not making it on a lowly teacher's salary and a city worker's paybucket.


Speaking of teaching, I finally put up the class's Christmas tree today. I guess if I hadn't procrastinated until now, I would have realized much sooner that all of my Christmas decorations were missing, except for a few apple ornaments, some red snowflake bulb ornaments, a gawdy red boa for the tree, and a Christmas tree skirt. So a kiddo I taught when he was in 3rd grade (who is now in 5th) stayed after school and helped me first search in vain for my Christmas ornaments (there's a thief amongst us! Really now, WHO steals Christmas ornaments??!), and then helped me decorate my poor little tree with the silly decorations I could find. We decided, when it was all said and done, that it kind of resembled the Charlie Brown tree.... and in a way, I really liked that. I can't be teacher and parent to all 26 of my students, and I can't teach them all they need to know about the important things in life (sometimes I don't even know!)... but one lesson they're learning this Christmas is that it's not about the "things" you have, it's the PEOPLE you have around you, and of course the real "reason for the season"... Jesus Christ. (But I can't teach that part. Well, I guess I COULD, but it could turn out to be not-so-wonderful for me.)


In Mr. Toddler Man news, he has decided (with the help of his friend Austin from the babysitter's house) that his name is Mike. Not Michael, which we've called him since birth. Not James Michael, which is actually his name.... but Mike. His friend Austin calls him Mike. As soon as I walk in the babysitter's door in the morning, Austin says "MIKE DOWN!"..meaning that he wants me to put "Mike" down so they can play. So now my little munchkin, the same munchkin I love with all my heart, will point to himself and say... "Mike!" Okay, kiddo, whatever you say... butI'mnotcallingyouMikenevernevernever. :)

He had his 15 month well-child appointment a few days ago. He weighed a measly 23lbs 6 oz, and was 31 inches long. That sticks him in the 25-50th percentile for both weight and height. I stop and worry, because when he was a 3 month old, he was almost off the charts in height and pretty far up there in weight too. Now he's falling off the other direction. Then I remember that his Daddy, who is 5'9", was only 130 lbs when we first met. Observe.

That's us in 2001. (sorry it's so dark... apparently the person who took this picture of us is NOT a fan of flash.) Why couldn't My baby boy have inherited the stocky, wide, football player build of MY side of the family? So he'll be scrawny, I can live with that. But he'll be adorable and I know I'll be fighting the girls off with a stick.

See what happens when I blog for an entire month, and then don't blog for 11 days?? I make the longest post known to man! Well, okay, probably not... but it was like all of this was built up and it needed to be released in bloggerville! WHEW, I feel better now. See ya when the next urge arises!