Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Stellan

I mentioned on Monday of this past week about the blog that got me started on the "Not Me Monday"... you know, the one with all the cute kids that make me go "awwwwww"? Well what I didn't mention was that the littlest one...the 8 week old... he's a MIRACLE baby. Truly. In the womb he was diagnosed with a heart condition, and from what I understand, they were thinking he wouldn't even survive. But lo and behold, he was born 8 weeks ago, symptom and condition FREE. COMPATIBLE WITH LIFE. A MIRACLE.

But the miracle is now in the hospital. He has had a cold (and with 2 big brothers and a big sister all having colds before thee, I can't see HOW you do NOT get a cold!).... but the symptoms of the cold have worsened and his heart rate is now very very high. He is on all the proper machines until they find out if the high heart rate is due to the cold (perhaps even RSV, which would suck, but would definitely be better than a heart condition) or if there is something else going on there.

Please pray with me. I know this blog doesn't reach many people. But baby Stellan is a MIRACLE in a time of unbelieving. The MIRACLE needs to touch WAY more lives. Please pray that he is healed of whatever is causing his sickness.

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