Monday, December 22, 2008

Eh, I'll give it a try...

So I have NOT just recently started reading this blog featuring a very adorable family. They do NOT make me go "awwwww" on a regular basis now. The link to said blog is NOT featured in the "Not Me Monday" thingimagig. :)

I did NOT sleep on the couch with my son last night because he was sick. Nope, not me! I also didn't give up the couch to his 24 pound, 31 inch body (because he was NOT taking up the entire thing anyway) and slept on the floor for a couple of hours. Didn't happen, you can't prove it!

Said son did NOT puke all over his daddy. Twice. It was NOT chunks of strawberries and peaches from his oatmeal yesterday. And it was also not orange flavored pedialyte. Nope.

I promise, I did NOT get a huge kick out of Daddy getting puked on twice, because in the past 16 months, I've NOT been puked on, pooped on, snotted on, blooded on (is that a word?) about 2034982304982 times WITHOUT yelling like it was the end of the world. Two pukes was NOT daddy's limit, he said.

I am NOT still in pajamas on my first day of Christmas break. No indeed!

I do NOT have to go grocery shopping or we're eating old bologna today. With no bread.

I have NOT brushed my hair today. And that one's true. ha.


LucieP said...

I was on the couch this morning with my babe today too! I did not make it work at 10am because of it either!!!!!

Gotta love it when Daddy gets a taste of what we deal with!

Mrs B said...

I love it when Daddy gets puked on...its like poetic justice. :)

Erica said...

Great post! My hubby said he had his diaper changing limit for the week tonight (2)! And here I was cleaning up throw up all day from a different child! Too bad he missed Daddy, I didn't mean that ;)! Hope your little one is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Urgh. Remember the whole projectile vomiting phase several months back. Yeah, I got puked on no less than 8 times a day. I'm not sure if I have sympathy or not. :P