Tuesday, December 16, 2008

upon blinking

This morning was so disgustingly icy. My husband happened to have the day off today, and offered to drive me to work and the baby to his babysitter's. (Yes, he had the day off... yes, he could have kept him at home.... but he's a man, bless his loving heart, and he doesn't understand. ) He dropped me off first so I wouldn't be late, and then started the journey to the babysitter's house. About 20 minutes after he left my work, the babysitter called and asked if we were coming or if we were stranded somewhere. I told her that DH was bringing little M this morning, and that they should be there any minute. I hung up with her and called big M.... but, of course, he didn't bring his phone with him. (Considering sewing said phone to said husband's palm.) So I called the babysitter again in a few minutes to ask if they had made it yet, and she said, "nope, not yet." Panic. Catch your breath, Amy. Breathe. They're okay. Dear GOD my family is out in the nasty ice, dear GOD please let them be okay. So I say, "okay, well if they're not at your house in 15 minutes, will you please call me back?".... 15 minutes later, no phone call. Another panic attack. "Sweet Jesus, please be with my little family... my entire world....".... so I called her again. "Oh, yeah they showed up about 10 minutes ago! Your husband wasn't even wearing a coat! Don't worry, I lectured him!".... I love her. Thank you God. Thank you for hearing my prayers and seeing fit to answer them this time. Thank you for getting my little family where they were going safely this morning.

Because another person I know did not make it safely to where she was going this morning.

Growing up, I was friends with Mistie. Mistie had a little sister named Crystal. Mistie and Crystal eventually moved away from Ada in high school, but Mistie and I have since gotten back in touch via Myspace. Eventually, Mistie and Crystal both found their way to L-town, where I live now. I saw Crystal at Wal-Mart all the time, it seemed. This morning, Crystal was on her way to wherever at 7:30AM, when her vehicle hit some ice and careened off the road. She passed away. Left 3 small children, a husband, a sister, her parents, and lots of sad people who knew her behind.

It's amazing how the thought of our own death doesn't enter our mind often. It's almost like we fear everybody else's death... our parents, our children, our friends.... but our own death just doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen. We are not promised another day here on earth. In a blink of an eye, we could be gone. My prayer for you is that you hold your family a little tighter upon reading this... love them with everything you have.... because we just don't know when our time is up here.

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