Thursday, December 11, 2008

writing posts in my head all day long, being still, and other things.

Oddly enough, I find myself kinda WANTING to blog today. I have since I woke up this morning. I woke up thinking about the concept of being still. My mom's dogs know to be still and wait for their treat...otherwise they don't get it, or perhaps one of the other dogs will take what should rightfully be theirs. Funny how humans are not as good at being still and waiting. I know I'm not. When something is not going my way, I want immediate answers as to why. I don't want to be still and see the reasons revealed in their own mysterious ways. I guess that's the lesson I need to study and learn right now... how to be still. When you break it down to the Hebrew translation of "be still," we basically have a "let go" or "make yourself weak" definition. When we let go, or make ourselves weak, we are giving up trusting in ourselves in order to experience the glory of God's all-sufficiency. I guess that's really important right now... in a time where I'm scared for our country, not only because of who will be leading us, but because of the happenings that seem to be surrounding us constantly... a rise in atheism, homosexuality, immorality, etc... instead of constantly worrying about what's to happen next, what's happening right now, and my part in it all, I choose to be still---confess that I am weak, that I am inefficient, that I am feeble---and I entrust the care of the world to my God.


In other news, my husband is one step closer to his new job. His "meet and greet" is coming up next week, and that's where they'll either offer him a job or not. We're praying that he WILL be offered this job, because within a year, he'll be making nearly double what he's making now. Money's not everything, and I realize that, but living is expensive these days, and we're pretty much just not making it on a lowly teacher's salary and a city worker's paybucket.


Speaking of teaching, I finally put up the class's Christmas tree today. I guess if I hadn't procrastinated until now, I would have realized much sooner that all of my Christmas decorations were missing, except for a few apple ornaments, some red snowflake bulb ornaments, a gawdy red boa for the tree, and a Christmas tree skirt. So a kiddo I taught when he was in 3rd grade (who is now in 5th) stayed after school and helped me first search in vain for my Christmas ornaments (there's a thief amongst us! Really now, WHO steals Christmas ornaments??!), and then helped me decorate my poor little tree with the silly decorations I could find. We decided, when it was all said and done, that it kind of resembled the Charlie Brown tree.... and in a way, I really liked that. I can't be teacher and parent to all 26 of my students, and I can't teach them all they need to know about the important things in life (sometimes I don't even know!)... but one lesson they're learning this Christmas is that it's not about the "things" you have, it's the PEOPLE you have around you, and of course the real "reason for the season"... Jesus Christ. (But I can't teach that part. Well, I guess I COULD, but it could turn out to be not-so-wonderful for me.)


In Mr. Toddler Man news, he has decided (with the help of his friend Austin from the babysitter's house) that his name is Mike. Not Michael, which we've called him since birth. Not James Michael, which is actually his name.... but Mike. His friend Austin calls him Mike. As soon as I walk in the babysitter's door in the morning, Austin says "MIKE DOWN!"..meaning that he wants me to put "Mike" down so they can play. So now my little munchkin, the same munchkin I love with all my heart, will point to himself and say... "Mike!" Okay, kiddo, whatever you say... butI'mnotcallingyouMikenevernevernever. :)

He had his 15 month well-child appointment a few days ago. He weighed a measly 23lbs 6 oz, and was 31 inches long. That sticks him in the 25-50th percentile for both weight and height. I stop and worry, because when he was a 3 month old, he was almost off the charts in height and pretty far up there in weight too. Now he's falling off the other direction. Then I remember that his Daddy, who is 5'9", was only 130 lbs when we first met. Observe.

That's us in 2001. (sorry it's so dark... apparently the person who took this picture of us is NOT a fan of flash.) Why couldn't My baby boy have inherited the stocky, wide, football player build of MY side of the family? So he'll be scrawny, I can live with that. But he'll be adorable and I know I'll be fighting the girls off with a stick.

See what happens when I blog for an entire month, and then don't blog for 11 days?? I make the longest post known to man! Well, okay, probably not... but it was like all of this was built up and it needed to be released in bloggerville! WHEW, I feel better now. See ya when the next urge arises!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I think my kid's bigger than that. Now that he can eat, he's turned into a chunk.
A friend of ours though, has a 2 year old who only weighs around 24 and Caden is closing in on him height-wise, too. The kid just will not eat. Just doesn't want to. The've got him on pretty much constant pediasure.