Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've only lost 2 pounds so far. (Let me clarify that. I've lost 7 pounds so far, but 5 of those pounds were put on at Christmastime and should have never been there to begin with. SO really I count where my weight really should have been instead of the scary SCARY number my weight was when I actually started the diet. So there.) But that's okay because I feel better when I eat right. I've almost eliminated sodas (go me!) and have only been drinking water and green tea, really. I try to eat an apple a day (because it keeps the doctor away! Plus it's pretty much the only fruit on the shelves right now that doesn't look like shriveled up yuckness)... and I've been eating my fair share of Lean Cuisines (which I love, by the way. They've gotten so good since the last time I dieted! Why didn't you tell me?!?) But money situations won't let me eat expensive diet meals forever, so I have to learn to make my OWN meals with few calories and fats and sodiums and whatnot. But I'm too lazy at the moment.

My throat hurts too. Entirely unrelated, but relevant anyway because HI IT'S MY BLOG!

Oh yeah, and I'm grumpy. See ya!


Anonymous said...

Eww, grumpy is bad.
I need to shed about 15 lbs before my dreaded date with a beach in June. We're going to CA for Jerm's Grandparents' 50th anniv. He and his brother are planning the trip. They plan to drive out there in one shot. With 3 babies. I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHA to them. Then, on the way back, they want to drive from Fresno to the Grand Canyon, stop and stare, then drive to either Flagstaff or Gallup for the night. I'm thinking they don't know what they doing so much.

Anonymous said...

honey, I'm 5'11". I can reach my own tall things.
Hold up. You read the Twilights, right?
I need a bit of help.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I kill spiders. I am also not afraid of lizards, wasps, or snakes. Although, I am wary of the last two. However, when confronted with mice or chickens...I run in fear.

Snap! I was going to have you read and critique for me, but it's kind of crucial for you to have read them. Ah, well.