Sunday, February 15, 2009

this...that...the other.

I hope you all had a great vd.
I mean....Valentine's Day. yeah. :)

I have a stomach virus from atche-e-double-hockey-sticks. I have unsuccessfully consumed 2 meals since Friday. Both have already excused themselves from my system in an untimely manner. I am not happy with this. I like to eat. Eating = hugging porcelain. :(

Seriously, though, who gives out stomach viruses on VALENTINE'S DAY!? The hubbster wanted to go to the new steakhouse in town yesterday, but I couldn't get it together and leave the potty long enough for that. I am a nice wifey so I was willing to go to a steakhouse where I knew I wouldn't be able to eat, all for the sake of my husband's Valentine's dinner. But my body wouldn't cooperate. So we went to a drive-in-type establishment (it's called Wayne's. It's kinda like Sonic, except for old-fashioned), and I bought my boys some junk food (aka bacon burger for the big boy, grilled cheese for the little one). I ate some fries and about 1/4 of a hamburger. I regretted it later.

Today I feel a whoooole lot better, but I still can't keep anything inside. I tried to have a very small lunch of salad and strawberries, and that didn't work out the way I intended. All I can say is, thank you JESUS for the following products...
*Immodium AD.
*Charmin. yeah.
*Tetris on my cell phone. Because let's face it... if you're going to be camped out in the bathroom with things flying out in all directions at all hours of the day and night, you should at least have something available to entertain yourself.

OH, and Vanessa... a little girl (a little girl that I don't even know, but has taken to me for some reason...she's in another class at school, I never had her in my class, but she gives me huge hugs every day and acts like we're BFFs...) brought me the first Twilight book. I guess I'll be reading it after all. I haven't started it yet, but I'll let you know if it's worth the read.

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Anonymous said...

I read them all. I love them. They're not wonderful literature, but they make me cry, so all is well. My cousin's borrowing them...the wench.

I feels bad for you for being unable to eat. I too, love my food.

We've been baby free this weekend. Awesome hanging outage. I got hit on last night by a yuppie in a bar, it was funny. Jerm laughed at me. I also had a skinny wench ask me if I would trade my comfy shirt for her corset. I said, "honey, i will NEVER fit in that."