Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This morning, the power did NOT go out while I was showering. I did NOT have crazy thoughts in my head that some maniac was in my house and cut the power, or came by (I keep the door open while I shower when I'm alone so I can hear the little guy) and flipped the switch off... that would be over the top, and that's so NOT me! :)

Also, since the power was off, I did NOT try to call my dear husband to come home and hook the refrigerator to the generator because HI I JUST DID NOT GO GROCERY SHOPPING YESTERDAY! When I tried to call him, I got a message that said our cell account had been suspended because we were late on the payment. Now, who would be late on the cell phone payment because she simply forgot about it?? NOT ME!

And while the power was off, it was just then that I did NOT realize how many things are run by electricity. (Okay, maybe I already knew, but DEFINITELY took those things for granted.) The most important this morning being the garage door opener. The garage was pitch black, and I couldn't find my husband's flashlight (he's a great flashlight hider!), so I did NOT go light up a candle so I could see what I was doing to open the garage door manually!

It did NOT take me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how to open the garage door manually.

I did NOT do a victory dance when I got it to go up.

Yesterday, when my husband changed my son's diaper, he did NOT get it on extremely crookedly to where my son's whole precious buttcheek was hanging out. My son did NOT then proceed to have a bowel movement with half of his butt hanging out of his diaper.
And guess who had to clean it up? NOT ME! Okay yes, me.


Anonymous said...

6 lbs down= awesome. I am down exactly -3.

Anonymous said...

Happy now, woman?