Friday, April 24, 2009

What's in a number? part deux

11: How old my niece Star turned on the 10th of this month.

14: How old my niece Morgan turned on the 19th of this month.

16: How old my niece Courtney turned on the 22nd of this month.

15: Number of school days left.

0: Number of school days I wish were left.

23: Number of students I'm ready to NOT see for a while. :)

1: Number of husbands I have who are in the shower right now...mrrrowwww.

0: Amount of patience I have at this point.

2: How many Tylenols I'm getting ready to take for the never-ending heeeaaadaaaaache (Sing that like the Neverending Story song...)

12: How many people I'm following on Twitter.

6: How many people are following me back on Twitter.

80ish: Number of days I will be AWAY FROM THE WORK PLACE! WEEEEEEEE!

20: How many months old my child will be next Thursday.

2304923840498234098: Hours of sleep I want. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

all mixed up.

They caught Hikeem's killer. He's in jail. He's going to be tried for first degree murder. I am happy and sad. Sad because there are a LOT of idiots out there who knew who did it, and only one brave person called the Crimestoppers phone number to report it. No, not sad. Mad. And happy that he's in jail and will not kill another person, especially not another baby.

And whatever they choose to do to this fat babykiller.... it will not bring Hikeem back.

And we just want him back.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just can't get enough!!!

Because killing a 6 year old just wasn't enough, the dumbasses in L-town have decided to have a gang shooting a couple of blocks away from my school and kill a known gang member outside of an apartment building that ALSO contained children! Want to know why? Because they're AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT. They're clever, cunning, and smart! They truly CARE about the youth of our city, as well. Oh, and do you want to know at what TIME they shot the gang member a couple of blocks from our school and near the apartment building where some of our children live? You guessed it! Right after the children got out of school!!

Seriously, where is Chuck Norris when you need him? *Sigh*

And seriously, someone PLEASE invent a Gang Member Catcher 2000, catch them all, then burn them all to death. Kthxbye.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

daaaaaaaaag, yo

I missed my 100th post celebration. :( Oh well.

Anywho, on to more important things.

The little guy's dentist said that he not only broke the teeth, but he pushed them up and back a bit in the fall. He also broke his frenulum labii superiosis, which is fancy schmancy terms for the connecty thingie that connects your top lip to your gums. His was overgrown as it was and had grown between his front teeth, causing them to have a space, so breaking it wasn't that big of a deal. One less thing to worry with right now, in fact. As far as his teeth are concerned, the dentist said they would most likely move back down on their own, but he really didn't know if the teeth would live or not. He said we would just wait it out, and he'd keep an eye on them for a few months. After a few months, if they're still there, he will cap them. If they fall out, he'll just be the toothless wonder for a few years til big-boy teeth grow in. So there ya have it.

So far, his mouth looks SO much better than it did, though. The swelling has gone down significantly. His teeth are still white at this point, so there's hope that they won't die, but we just don't know yet. His gums are still very bruised right now, so we're watching them and cleaning them with peroxide (dentist's orders).

In other news, my kiddos at school are taking their state tests this week. So far they've finished the reading tests. Today, my "gifted" student kept falling asleep during the test! The only way I could convince her to stay awake was to threaten to close her test booklet and let her fail the test and repeat 3rd grade next year. What's up with such strong-willed, defiant kids?!

That's all I gots.... slow news day, I guess.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter....?

Of course it is a joyous occasion, our Christ has risen from the tomb and ascended into heaven! He died on the cross for us, and boom, we get a free pass to heaven just because we believe in Him!


It is NOT a joyous occasion around here. My little peanut man fell today at his grandma's house and broke his front teeth. And busted his lips. And his gums are swollen. Right now I can't tell what the extent of the damage is/will be, but suffice it to say that both of his two front teeth are broken, one worse than the other, and his tooth beside one of his front teeth is broken too. :( Poor little angel.

I know that things could have been much worse than they are, and I know how blessed I am that it's just his baby teeth, but could you please pray for him anyway? I know he's in pain, for one thing, and for another, we don't have dental insurance, so could you please pray that it won't be a lot of money, whatever they choose to do for him? We'd appreciate it.

I wish it was me and not him. I feel so helpless, knowing he's in pain but not being able to do anything about it.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I'm very mad.


Steamingly pissed.

A little boy who goes to the school where I teach was murdered while he slept in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Drive-by shooting. Cowards. Stupid idiots. More words that are un-becoming of a lady.

I just don't understand. Cowards that couldn't confront someone face-to-face, had to shoot at a house and drive away like a bunch of pussies. (I guess that wasn't becoming of a lady either, oh well.) Shot an innocent little angel in the chest while he slept on the couch. Poor, sweet, ornery, goofy little Hikeem. With his pointy ears and his HUGE eyes and his beautiful smile. Six years old. Going to turn Seven on Easter Sunday. Tall for his age. Making progress in school. Started out in trouble all the time. Was doing SO much better. Rest in the arms of the Lord tonight, Hikeem.

WHAT DO WE DO TO MAKE THE GANG PROBLEM IN LAWTON GO AWAY!? Evacuate the women and children from the bad areas of town and then bomb them?! Where is the guy from Death Wish or the guys from Dirty Harry when you need them? Vigilantes, we need you to take care of a few little problems.

I will never understand why this happened. A parent of one of my students left a comment on my myspace that said that her younger son knew the boy, and that on Monday at school, he was going to find Hikeem on the playground and ask if it was him. The kids can't understand what happened, and that their friend will never be back at school. Please pray that my mouth pours out wisdom and security for my students, so they realize that kids don't normally die and that they're safe.

My heart is broken.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Random observation of town crazies.

Every town has their own crazy person.... or at least rumor of one. I recall growing up in Ada and being TERRIFIED out of my MIND of Crazy Mary. Crazy Mary was rumored to eat cats and dogs and put spells on people. She lived in a little tiny house on a street that my bus took to school. We were scared to even LOOK at the house for fear of seeing her and being cursed. I remember once that I did venture a peek in her house's direction, and there she was... standing in her garage, looking through the window at the top of her garage door, and pointing at our bus. I nearly peed myself. Turns out, there really was a "Mary," and she pretty much wasn't all there. My mom worked in the emergency room of our local hospital at the time, and she said that Mary once came in for some reason, got spooked by the doctors, took her own IV out and left in the hospital gown.
Here in the town where I reside now, there are TONS of folks whose elevators don't quite make it all the way up. Seriously, per capita, we've got more than our fair share of looneytunes. If this town was ever up for renaming, I would totally submit "batshitville" as a suggestion. I saw two of our locals having a conversation today. If I weren't running late for work as it was, I would have loved to stop and listen to their conversation. Maybe they make perfect sense to each other. Maybe they're less nutcase-y when they're together. Who knows.

I have more to say, but it's not coming out clearly. Well, duh, it's past midnight, so I guess that would be why. So, perhaps tomorrow (or in the future, don't RUSH ME) I shall make a post on marriage. And, it isn't related to the crazy business I just rambled about, either. :)