Sunday, April 05, 2009


I'm very mad.


Steamingly pissed.

A little boy who goes to the school where I teach was murdered while he slept in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Drive-by shooting. Cowards. Stupid idiots. More words that are un-becoming of a lady.

I just don't understand. Cowards that couldn't confront someone face-to-face, had to shoot at a house and drive away like a bunch of pussies. (I guess that wasn't becoming of a lady either, oh well.) Shot an innocent little angel in the chest while he slept on the couch. Poor, sweet, ornery, goofy little Hikeem. With his pointy ears and his HUGE eyes and his beautiful smile. Six years old. Going to turn Seven on Easter Sunday. Tall for his age. Making progress in school. Started out in trouble all the time. Was doing SO much better. Rest in the arms of the Lord tonight, Hikeem.

WHAT DO WE DO TO MAKE THE GANG PROBLEM IN LAWTON GO AWAY!? Evacuate the women and children from the bad areas of town and then bomb them?! Where is the guy from Death Wish or the guys from Dirty Harry when you need them? Vigilantes, we need you to take care of a few little problems.

I will never understand why this happened. A parent of one of my students left a comment on my myspace that said that her younger son knew the boy, and that on Monday at school, he was going to find Hikeem on the playground and ask if it was him. The kids can't understand what happened, and that their friend will never be back at school. Please pray that my mouth pours out wisdom and security for my students, so they realize that kids don't normally die and that they're safe.

My heart is broken.

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Infertile Myrtle said...

Oh my gosh, this is awful. Just awful. Children really can't grasp the concept of death, and they shouldn't have to.