Saturday, April 04, 2009

Random observation of town crazies.

Every town has their own crazy person.... or at least rumor of one. I recall growing up in Ada and being TERRIFIED out of my MIND of Crazy Mary. Crazy Mary was rumored to eat cats and dogs and put spells on people. She lived in a little tiny house on a street that my bus took to school. We were scared to even LOOK at the house for fear of seeing her and being cursed. I remember once that I did venture a peek in her house's direction, and there she was... standing in her garage, looking through the window at the top of her garage door, and pointing at our bus. I nearly peed myself. Turns out, there really was a "Mary," and she pretty much wasn't all there. My mom worked in the emergency room of our local hospital at the time, and she said that Mary once came in for some reason, got spooked by the doctors, took her own IV out and left in the hospital gown.
Here in the town where I reside now, there are TONS of folks whose elevators don't quite make it all the way up. Seriously, per capita, we've got more than our fair share of looneytunes. If this town was ever up for renaming, I would totally submit "batshitville" as a suggestion. I saw two of our locals having a conversation today. If I weren't running late for work as it was, I would have loved to stop and listen to their conversation. Maybe they make perfect sense to each other. Maybe they're less nutcase-y when they're together. Who knows.

I have more to say, but it's not coming out clearly. Well, duh, it's past midnight, so I guess that would be why. So, perhaps tomorrow (or in the future, don't RUSH ME) I shall make a post on marriage. And, it isn't related to the crazy business I just rambled about, either. :)


Anonymous said...

You twitter? How funny.
We had a crazy dude in Valliant. He kidnapped and ate children. I can't remember his name. Supposedly he only took the ones with black hair and blue eyes. Two of my best friends would not leave my side because of this. (I played bodyguard, I guess.)

Anonymous said...

So...I updated. Where are my comments, yo?