Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not a happy camper.

So... I'm rather pissed...

I had another appointment at OU today. This time it was a different MFM doctor than I'm used to seeing. (I really like the one I'm used to seeing, by the way.) First and foremost, I am SO not cool with change. I get all defensive ANYWAY when something like "oh you'll be seeing a different doctor this time" is sprung on me with no notice.

Background: I've been getting biophysical profiles done via ultrasound at the MFM office, along with really focusing on his heart (it's still up in the air on whether he has a small ventrical septal defect [VSD, or more simply, hole in the heart] so they're keeping a close eye on it)...

Well this time, Dylan had his arm lying across his chest the whole time, thus making getting a really good look at his heart pretty hard. The ultrasound tech tried for a while, but couldn't get him to move his arm or get to an angle where she could get a good glimpse of the heart. So after she does her thing, she leaves the room and tells this different doctor that she couldn't get a picture of his heart. So after 234098098 hours of waiting (okay, 20-30 minutes), he comes in... first of all, he hasn't looked at my chart AT ALL prior to walking in. So he spends several awkward, silent minutes quickly glancing over my chart and not saying a word. Then he finally says.. "so. This baby has Down syndrome." (Really, Columbo?) Then he says he's going to try to get a good picture of Dylan's heart. So he's doing the ultrasound and Dylan still has his arm over his chest... he violently shakes the ultrasound wand thing on my stomach to make him move, but my Dylan is the boss around here, dangit! ... anywho, the ultrasound tech walks back in and says to him "Can you see it?".. to which the doctor responds "I can't see it because of this DAMN ARM." Uh, hello? Seriously?!

(FACT: I do NOT have virgin ears. I've even used the word "damn" before. HOWEVER, if you're my doctor? And you're looking at my child? DO NOT USE BAD LANGUAGE IN MY PRESENCE. I am NOT a fan of laid-back, no common courtesy doctors. If we're bffs and we hang out? Curse all you want. When you're in the exam room with me? USE SOME TACT, a-hole.)

So anyway, he never got the great picture of the heart he wanted, but still assumed there is, in fact, a tiny hole in his heart. And of course there's nothing that can be done about a hole in the heart right now, nor is there anything they'll do for a tiny hole in the heart right after he's born, so the hole in the heart? NON-ISSUE AS OF THIS MOMENT... so why get all worked up and curse at my baby because you can't see the heart clearly right that moment?!

THENNNN... I ask him who will be doing my c-section... because, well, I'd rather see the person who is going to slice my stomach open, pull a newborn out, and staple me back together and know what their face looks like before all of this happens.... ya know? And he goes on a rant about how it'll be one of his collegues, but he doesn't know which one, but it DOESN'T MATTER because they're ALL capable of doing a repeat c-section, and how I'M not the important one in all of this anyway, the important one is the baby, and THAT'S the reason I'm delivering there.

Needless to say, I didn't like him. And I don't want to go back to him EVER AGAIN. The ultrasound tech met us at the door when we were leaving and apologized profusely for his DAMN ARM comment, like it was her job to worry about what comes out of his mouth. So hopefully my next appointment will be with my first MFM doctor, because even though I can only understand about 75% of what he says (very strong African accent), he's been nothing but tactful and caring every time I've seen him.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NST Fun! It's all good!

So, my new doctor here in town has decided that, because of the risk of preterm labor with all the amniotic fluid, she will see me once a week instead of every two weeks, and she will send me for a non-stress test (NST) every week. Startinggggg yesterday.
Sooo, I haul my happy hiney to the hospital (actually the hospital is RIGHT THERE next to her office, so it's not like I had to haul very far), up to Labor and Delivery, and tell them why I'm there. They all look like "double-you tee eff?"... like I invented the order papers and the doctor and the pregnancy... but it could have been because they were all in their comfy little roley chairs and didn't want to get up. Aaanywho, one nurse takes me to a room and straps me up to the NST machine. Guess who she was? The nurse I had the night before little M was born 2 years ago who WOKE ME UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO GIVE ME A SLEEPING PILL. (yeah. she did.) But she was much nicer this time, so maybe she's chilled out on ticking pregnant chicks off? So she straps me all up, gets the machine going, and leaves the room for a while. Dylan was NOT a fan of someone trying to spy on him via loud microphone strapped to his mommy's belly, so he played a fun game called I Will Hide Somewhere Else In This Amniotic-Fluid Filled Uterus And Your Spy Machine Can't Listen To My Heartbeat Neener Neener! And he played that game several times. Oh, but the machine was happy as a lark, busily charting contractions I was having that I didn't know anything about! They were mild contractions, but I didn't even feel them. Sooooo these two pieces of info (escape-artist baby playing peek-a-boo with Doppler and contractions) got everybody in a tither about OMGPRETERMLABOR.

So they did a fetal fibronectin (fFN) test to check and see if I was at risk for going into preterm labor within the next 2 weeks. And they sent me for an ultrasound to make sure the baby was a-okay. And they checked my cervix for dialation. And it all came back hunky-dory. No preterm labor, baby still in place and well, and cervix still closed. So I got sent home with orders to come back today. And I did. And Dylan played cat-and-mouse for a good hour again, but Sleeping Pill nurse cornered him and FINALLY got a 20-minute reading of his heartbeat. I sooo look forward to doing this every week. *eyeroll*

In other baby news, I have foiled gestational diabetes once again! I failed my one-hour and had to do the 3-hour, which was NOT fun... but my numbers came back way normal for hour 1 and 2, and quite low for hour 3... but that's more than likely because they were supposed to do my hour 3 blood draw at 11:50ish and didn't actually get around to it til 12:30 that day. But they lied on the paperwork they sent my doctor and pretended they did the draws on time. But I don't gots the diabeeetus. And that's a good thing.

In 2-year-old news, he's getting SO FUNNY, it's amazing. Today at his babysitter's house, he asked for a snack. So she went to get him one, but in the process she started talking to one of her own kids about something they were doing and forgot to hand M his snack. So M said "pleeeeease??" to get her attention again, to which she responded "Oh I'm so sorry, honey, I forgot to give you your snack! Here it is!"... his reply? "It's all good." LOL!! We have NO idea where he heard that!!
That kid. He's a mess, but he's my favorite 2-year-old ever.

In school news, I taught subtraction with regrouping today using manipulatives, which of course the kids loved because PLAYING! WITH TOYS! DURING SCHOOL!... one of my kiddos has an extremely rough home life and never does ANY work in the classroom. It's a miracle if she gets her name on her paper in 40 minutes. But she was really working those manipulatives today. She understood the concept, and yelled out "This is like PLAYING! Except it's LEARNING!"... and then thought a second and said... "Hey, this is kinda like TAKE AWAY!" Yep, kinda, S. :) I live for lightbulb moments. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009


So last November, I participated (kinda) in the November-long Nablopomocrowjoeschmo.. whatever it's called... where I made a post every single day all month. Except I forgot a couple of days. And I really had nothing interesting going on. This year? I have more interesting things to talk about, but I don't have the energy to blog every day. *le sigh*... wouldn't ya know.

In baby news... last week they did a biophysical profile on Dylan. He scored 8 out of 8! His very first A+! His heart still looked good. The doctor was a tad concerned about my amniotic fluid index, since it's quite a bit above the normal range. (Normal AFI is 9 to 24, mine is at 33)He says I can have it removed by amniocentesis if it becomes too uncomfortable, but if it continues to not be a threat to my baby, I will not do that. If the amniotic fluid can be a huge harm to my baby, I might. The doctor says it varies from woman to woman. Sometimes a woman can't tolerate much extra amniotic fluid at all, and it puts her into labor. Sometimes they can have quite a bit extra and it isn't a problem. We'll just see where I fall, I suppose.

In 2-year-old news: Halloween? A total bust. He was NOT interested in Trick-or-Treating. We took him to ONE house...he refused to wear his hat or beard, he was throwing a fit, wouldn't use his manners, etc, so we went back home and passed out candy instead. He LOOOOOOOOVED that! He was so excited when people came up our sidewalk to get their candy! He would yell TRICK OR TREEEAATTTT at them as they walked up, and THANK YOUUUUU, BYYYEEEEEE, as they walked away. hehe

In life news: I still have no idea what I'm going to do when Dylan's born. Stay home? Sooo many pros and cons. Go back to work? Soooo many pros and cons. I am just praying to be led one way or another.

In tired news: time changes kill me. That is all.