Monday, January 25, 2010

Home..... where we are NOT. Yet. But hopefully tomorrow. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Dylan had a regression on his feedings... he was taking them WONDERFULLY for a while, and then all of a sudden he'd barely take 25 cc's per feeding, even for me. And then I got restless with trying the same ol' things over and over again expecting different results, so I bought him new bottles with different nipples. And that's what he wanted. So he's been eating every feeding completely (60 cc's) for the past 24 hours. And I got to learn to breast feed today! It was amazing.. he latched right on and stayed there for 45 minutes!!! (minus a minute or two here and there so the lactation consultant could show me how to wake him back my favorite quote from her?
Chris: Remember, there's no snoozing and no snacking at the booby buffet!!

I kinda want to put her in my pocket.

So... tomorrow. Hopefully. I will be home. Ah, home. Lovely, lovely, Christmas-tree-is-still-up-and-it-needs-to-be-cleaned home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's so funny...

...that I had no idea what I was getting into when I got Dylan's diagnosis. I really thought it would be so much different than it is. Truth is? He's a very typical baby. He sleeps a lot. He poops a lot. And he's learning to eat a lot. The diagnosis of Down syndrome has been a complete NON-issue so far. I know eventually there will be issues. But not right now. And I expected there to be issues, like a fool. The doudenal atresia was a much bigger deal than the Ds has been.

... that my 2-year-old is having so much fun at my mom's house and growing up right before her very eyes. She vacuumed her dining room, and his response was "Good job, Nana, I'm proud of you!".... my sister watched him a while yesterday, and when it was time for my mom to take him back to her house, he told her no and to go away. My mom told him that hurt her feelings, and so later, in the car, he said "Nana, I'm sorry I said go away." When did my baby become a big boy?!

... that we will be going home in the next few days. Praise GOD for that! The light bulb turned on for him on the eating front. He can now clear a 40 cc bottle in less than 15 minutes. Now we have to do a car seat safety test, watch some videos, and live in the NICU village a day or two, and then we can kiss this place goodbye!! And we can have our family back. Ah, our sweet little family.

... that I feel like nothing but a milk cow and I'm using up most of their freezer storage space for all my breast milk. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

NICU, day 2304928340928. Or 16.

I'm a little tired of being here. I mean, in OKC. Staying at the Ronald McDonald House is nice because it's pretty much free, but being away from MY house is NOT nice because, well, it sucks.

And last night? We decided we didn't want the dinner that was served here? And we went to McDonald's in Bricktown? Andddd our battery died. And 2 different bums asked for money. WHILE OUR CAR WAS DEAD AND OUR BABY WAS IN THE NICU. But their needs are more important, right? Like the one who said he was in Desert Storm from 1988 to 1994. Wow, tough luck guy, considering Desert Storm didn't start until around 1991. That was pretty much the longest deployment in history, too! Or the one who had a "blow out on the interstate and we really need to get back to Tulsa and I have a dollar to my name." Really? Because we're SITTING IN THE FRIGGIN MCDONALD'S PARKING LOT AND OUR CAR WILL NOT MOVE OR EVEN LOCK BECAUSE THE BATTERY IS DOA.

In happier news, since we pretty much know nobody up here, we called my mom to come rescue us from bum-ville, and she brought our little M. And we had missed him so much because we hadn't seen him in a little over a week. And we snuggled him and hugged him and kissed him and cried (or at least I did) when they left today. But it was a nice couple of days because we got doses of both of our boys... just not at the same time.

But in Dylan news.... he's making steady progress. He no longer has the suck-the-yucky-stuff-out-of-his-gut tube. He graduated from pedialyte to breast milk this morning. He's now on 10 cc's of breast milk by bottle. For those of you that don't understand cc talk, that's pretty much a teensy little bit. And it'll increase over time if his little gut can handle it. But so far he is not spontaneously pooping, so that's making ME worried... I don't know about the rest of them. He poops with the suppository, but not by himself. Yet. We're hoping for no more than a week left in this place. I hope I hope I hope.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dylan Thomas here. :)

He's been here since December 29th, actually.

Something about having a baby that's in the NICU, being in the hospital yourself for 5 days, and being exhausted/in pain/extremely busy keeps ya from updating blogger, though. Strange.

Anywho, he was 5 lbs even, and is 18" long. And he's precious. And beautiful. And I don't have my uploader thingie here at the Ronald McDonald House, or I'd show you a picture. You know, even at his 5lbs, the other babies in the NICU make him look like a giant! hehe. We have been totally blessed. He's such a good baby. So chill, so relaxed... except right now because they still haven't started feeding him (he had his surgery to repair the duodenal atresia, and his tummy has to be cleared of all the junk inside of it before he can start to try and eat), and my boy is HUNGRY!!!

My other little guy is staying with my mom (his Nana), and is having a ball.. but I miss him dearly. He stayed with big M's mom (his Grandma) for the first 5 days, and he had fun there too. We tried to have him come up here and stay with us at the Ronald McDonald House, but he was a LOT to handle in a place with so many rules. (Apparently the one here is way more strict than the ones in other places.) So my mom took him to Ada. So if you're from Ada... and you see THE CUTEST LITTLE BOY EVER... give him big smooches for me, k? :)

So, the story of why he came early:

I had a regular doctor's appointment with my doctor here in Lawton on December 29th. The appointment was fine... nothing new to report. His heartbeat was fine on the Doppler. I did my Non-stress test like I do at every appointment. It was fine.... and then the paper jammed. When the nurse came in to get me ready to go on home, the paper was jammed. She said she needed to print off my NST paper, and she kept me on the machine while she printed. And while she was printing, my baby had a major decel in his heartrate. It went down in the 60s for a few seconds. That was enough for my doctor to send me for an ultrasound... you know, just to make sure that everything was okay.

Remember how I had polyhydramnios? (Excessive fluid, for those of you who didn't remember.) Well, the last time they checked, I had 32 sonometers of fluid. This time? I had 5. So apparently my membranes had broken without me knowing it (maybe while using the bathroom? Or maybe while in the shower? Who knows?!)... so that got me a one-way-ticket to OKC to OU Childrens. My nurse talked my doctor out of having me ambulanced up there (thank God) so I could go home and pack my stuff. So I called big M, packed some stuff, and off we went to OKC. At first they acted like it was PROBABLY not as big a deal as my doctor made of it... but almost as soon as they hooked me up to their own NST machine, the baby deceled again into the 60s. At that moment, the room was FILLED with doctors, nurses, this person, that person, etc. We counted later all the people we could remember seeing, and there were 12 people in the room out of nowhere. They had me get on my hands and knees, the nurse put an IV in my arm while I was on my hands and knees (and it didn't hurt, either... did I mention this hospital and its staff are awesome?), and they were talking about having to put me under general anesthesia and doing my c-section immediately. Luckily, Dylan's heartrate went back to normal on its own, but that excitement was enough to convince them to do the c-section right then. From the time I got there til the time he was born (6:37PM) was MAYBE an hour. They wasted zero time.

Why the 5 day stay in the hospital for me, you ask? (I heard someone ask that... was it you?) Well, because my incision site decided that it would be fun to separate. And I started running a fever (doctors are still not clear if the fever and the separation are related... they think my uterus might have been infected because of my membranes breaking without me knowing...maybe it happened a week earlier and infection was starting to set in), and I got another night's stay in the hospital out of it. I just can't WAIT to see the bill for all this. *rolls eyes*

So anywho, we're here in OKC til Dylan gets out, which will depend on how fast he recovers. I'm ready to be home, but I know he's in WONDERFUL hands in the NICU. God bless those people and the work they do!