Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday stuff.

1) There's really nothing interesting going on in my life today... I'm behind on laundry (quel SHOCK!), so I'm kinda sorta catching up on that....

2) The Us Weekly beside me a little bit cracks me up because of 2 things:

a) Pamela Anderson's face on the DWTS teaser (I wish this was a clearer picture. I think she's beyond the point of rescue on the botox thing.)

b) The fact that I read Us Weekly. It actually comes to my house in the mail. *sigh*

3) My son's newest obsessive catch-phrase is, "ya know, sometimes..." This can preface ANY SINGLE THING HE HAS TO SAY. Example: "Ya know, sometimes, I want orange juice." "Ya know, sometimes, Dylan's crying, mommy." "Ya know, sometimes, *babble babble babble*"

4) Speaking of this Us Weekly, I am SO MAD at Jesse James! How, oh how, can you cheat on SANDRA BULLOCK?! You DON'T GET ANY BETTER THAN SANDRA BULLOCK, A-HOLE! Sheesh. I'm sure he REALLY cares that I'm mad at him, too. :)

5) I need a food intervention. It's getting crazy around here. I am the queen of many things (ie: The World), but I am NOT the queen of will power! I know breastfeeding makes you way hungry? But it probably shouldn't make me way hungry for honeybuns and apple pies.

6) Ever watch Word Girl on PBS? Ever get extremely tickled about the title song and how soulfully sung it is? I can only imagine someone in the recording studio, putting their heart and soul into "Word up, it's Word Girl.. WORD UP!" hehehe

7) Ya know, sometimes, I'm all outta things to say. See ya! :)


Kate said...

I agree ~ WHO cheats on Sandra Bullock??? What a loser guy JJ is. Seriously.

I never lost a lot of weight while breastfeeding, either, and after awhile, I didn't care. It'll come off eventually... just enjoy feeding your boy & don't worry about it! Like my philosophy? Heheheh

I read People mag, which is only a half-step above US, so don't feel too much shame. Vacuous entertainment can't be overrated!!!

Amy... said...

Maybe you should write an open letter to Jesse James?


Kate said...

ROTFL!!! It would only be TRULY effective if I had BTDT, myself, and could lecture him from my own godly superiority. ;)

frggystyl said...

You know sometimes I think it doesn't get much cuter than the things a 2 year old can come up with. :)

I'm with ya on the JJ thing. What a douche (stole THAT word from the blog you recommended - I've been obsessing).