Sunday, June 06, 2010

Amy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


1) My darling 2-year-old was snooping through my jewelry box on my dresser. This is not uncommon, as he is just the perfect height to open the bottom drawer of the jewelry box over and over, and he takes full advantage of this, despite getting a talking-to each and every time (that he's caught. Let's face it, he has free time when his mommy is feeding his brother, and I know he hasn't been caught every single time he's done it. But I digress.) Somehow, he knocked into this glass fishbowl I keep on my dresser where we keep our spare change (because we're very southern in that way... Heaven forbid we get an actual bank of some sort. We had a fish, it met its maker, we used the bowl for change. Right, off topic again. Sorry..) Well, he must have hit that fishbowl juuuuust right, because it came tumbling off my dresser, and it shattered in a million pieces. Maybe a TRILLION pieces. A BASKILLION PIECES. It was A.Lot.Of.Pieces. I saw it all go down.. it felt like it was happening in slooooow motion. Don't worry, my son jumped out of the way just in time, thank God. Not a scratch on the lad. It took me an hour to pick up all of the baskillion big and small pieces. Not to mention all of the change that had to find a new home in a box. The pieces of glass found THEIR home in a bucket thing.

2) You think that story's over? Not quite. When I turned around to put lotion on my hands and walk out of the bedroom? I stepped right in that bucket. I know how dumb that sounds. Geez, Amy, how do you NOT see a friggin BUCKET in front of you?! But I stepped right inside of the bucket. And cut my big toe pretty badly. I bled through four bandages (2 big, 2 small), so I ended up with 6 bandages on my toe at one time.

3) Our computer got some weird virus where it wouldn't let us do a SINGLE THING online. It wouldn't let our virus protection work, etc. My first thought was MY PICTURES! I HAVEN'T PRINTED PICTURES IN 203498 YEARS! THEY'LL BE GONE FOREVERRR..Everr..ever... (that's my echo effect). But I restarted the computer in safe mode, was able to run my virus scan, and then did a system restore. And if the virus isn't gone, it's at least letting us do stuff online again, so whatev.

4) All of this happened before noon yesterday. We then went to El Chico for lunch, where the smart staff decided that my 2-year-old needed a grown up's glass of lemonade... but oh, they put a flimsy lid on it, so it's secure. Ha! I saw this spill coming a mile away. Before I could even get my own drink out of the wingspan of a 2-year-old, he grabbed the glass and spilled the entire thing into his lap.

It was at this point when I declared yesterday our bad luck day, but I was determined that it wasn't going to bring us down. Some days are just like that (even in Australia [ha! clever playback to the title of the post!]), and I knew that things could be so much worse. Once I decided that, things got much better. We had a wonderful day together as a family, my throbbing toe and all.

Take THAT, whatever force was trying to dampen our day!


Erin said...

sometimes we just realize that our day is going to be "one of THOSE kinds of days" and it seems like nothing we can do will change that..... (sigh) hope today was much better & you have a good week! :) cut toes no good!!!!!

Kelly said...

WOW, what a day that was! I think we've all had "THOSE" days at some point in time in our life. Some of us (me) more than others, LOL :)
Oh well, if you can't beat....EMBRACE it (after all, there are only 24hrs. in 1 day)!!! "THOSE" days shall pass:)

Kate said...

I'm just glad you didn't cut your toe worse than you did and that little M was okay, too.

Still... what a lousy morning. Your positive attitude rocks, though, and I admire that! :)