Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can I get an AMEN from the boobie choir?

***DISCLAIMER*** I am, in no way, bashing folks who choose not to breastfeed (or cannot breastfeed) their babies. I did not breastfeed my oldest son, and he turned out more than just fine, thank ya. I am, however, taking up for those of us who DO breastfeed and get flack for it. As mommies, we get glares and stares for breastfeeding AND for giving the baby the bottle. Naysayers on both side of the fence, when shouldn't we be supporting each other as mothers and women?! Oh, and how many of us have breastfed in public to the tune of people tsk-tsk'ing or mumbling under their breath or DOWNRIGHT GETTING IN OUR BUSINESS and saying something.... but those same people would give us those same dirty looks or those same ugly comments if we just let our kid scream instead of feeding them!! Mmmhmm.

So... Kim Kardashian tweeted yesterday about being disgusted that a woman breastfed her baby at a restaurant in which Kim was dining WITHOUT A COVER*gasp*.... Um, yeeeeah... Kim Kardashian, ON A DAILY BASIS, shows more boob than this breastfeeding mommy could have POSSIBLY shown!!! Can I get you a big dose of "mind your own business and don't watch if you don't like it", Miss Kardashian? I mean, I know you think of boobs as lust objects, but sheesh.

THIS blogger says it better than I ever could.


Jenny said...

Ha ha, so true!! I'm pretty sure she shows more of her boobs than any breastfeeding Mom out there!
I also agree that as women we dont support each other enough, there is to much judgement. I have bottle fed some children and breast fed others, and I have gotten looks or comments either way...when really does it even matter?? And how does a woman know if I am bottling feeding because I CAN'T breastfeed?? Anyway, good post!!

Kate said...

I totally agree!!!!!

Kim Kardashian is such a dimwit that I'm surprised she could tweet a comprehensible sentence. I'm also surprised she took her eyes off herself long enough to notice there was another woman in the room, much less what she was doing. ;)