Friday, June 18, 2010

I guess this is what they call a "stream of consciousness?"

1) I know I should update more, but I can't think of anything clever to write.

2) The boys are doing well. They're growing and doing and saying funny things. Well, the big one says funny things. The little one only does funny things. For instance, the little one has learned how to blow raspberries. And it's rather funny and cute. The biggest one's newest obsessive thing is to put the word NOW behind everything in a very dramatic, sing-y fashion... "I'm full NOOOWWWWWWW." "It's all clean NOOOWWWWWW." "My show is over NOOOOWWWWWW."

3) I know he's said some really funny things, but I can't clear my brain enough to think of them at this moment.

4) I read The Lovely Bones this week. And then I watched the movie. The book was pretty good, albeit a tad wordy in parts (I still stand firm on LESS IS MORE when describing stuff sometimes, people). But the movie was... eh.

5) Dylan's due for his second hearing test and his eye exam pretty shortly. I'm not worried about either one. I don't understand why he would be considered high risk for losing his hearing simply because he was in a "level II or III nursery for more than 24 hours." Anybody care to explain that to me?

6) I don't know if we're going to survive financially if I don't go back to work. But I don't know what to do with my kiddos if I do have to go back, and I don't see myself being terribly focused on work with Dylan in someone else's care, especially since he doesn't feel the need to eat for anybody but our close family members. And paying for daycare in one fashion or another is going to be tres expensive. So... eh, we'll just see.

7) I had other stuff written here, and Blogger decided it would be so much fun to erase it all. *sigh*

8) I went out for ice cream with my friend Bonnie, who is an audiologist and a speech pathologist (I think... I don't know the right terminology... but anyway, she's got her doctorate and she's also in the National Guard and she's also a grandma even though she looks super duper young. So all of those things = she's way cooler than I am.) Anyway, she feels like Dylan is doing good things on his path to speech and language! He puts his hands in his mouth, which she says is the first critical step to language (oral awareness). His tongue doesn't protrude much, and he has good control over it. He latches to both the breast and a bottle. And he is starting to make plenty of sounds with his voice. This news from her is very encouraging (she's so cute, she can't help but diagnose folks, even off the clock. Even in Braum's. lol). She's a no-nonsense, no-beat-around-the-bush type of lady (which I love about her), so I don't think she'd just fluff things up because we're friends. I think she'd give it to me straight either way.

9) I've heard rumor that Dylan's OT will be moving soon, since her husband is military. This makes me sad, because I don't want to get used to someone else! And even though D's OT is this tall, thin, blonde bombshell that I would normally hate just because she's so much hotter than I am, she's so nice that I can't even hate her! And I've gotten used to having her in my house. I don't wanna get used to... oh, I already said that. Sorry.

10) I can't remember what else I said before Blogger ate my post. SO I guess that's about all I have to say. :)


Jenny said...

Ha ha, the dramatic "Nooow" thing had me laughing!
Oooh, and I want to read the Lovely Bones too! And I also hate it when things are too wordy, kind of takes away from what is being written.
Sounds like Dylan is doing awsome :)

Megan said...

Dear Amy,

It's me, Megan. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I just finished the Lovely Bones last weekend, and watched the movie on Thursday. And I feel the exact same way. How is it that we are always reading the exact same books at the exact same time?

Also, words + pictures of Dylan = perfect post. No need to be witty (although you totally are).

Your Friend Megan

P.S. - You are not missing out on Jersey Couture. Kind of a snooze. Although I'll still probably end up watching every episode anyway.

P.P.S. - You are very cool.

frggystyl said...

I HATE IT WHEN BLOGGER EATS POSTS! Makes me so angry I could spit (and that's pretty angry, considering my general disdain for all bodily fluids).

Love the update!

frggystyl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy, queen of the world. said...

Man, now I'm dying to know what this "author" wrote and then deleted! lol... if it wasn't nice, I don't wanna know anyway, I suppose.

:) @ the rest of you, though!