Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Super Sweetness, and some rambly randomness.

Here is Dylan, demonstrating things he loves most: Pointing, Eating his fist, and telling mommy what-for!


1) I seriously, seriously hate heartburn. I could eat nothing but crackers and drink nothing but water and STILL get heartburn, I think! But when I'm pregnant? Almost NO heartburn. Whatsoever. Maybe I should just stay pregnant a la Duggar Woman to stave off heartburn?

2) Little M is currently wearing a pair of underwear, but I'm not holding my breath for all day good results. The other day, he was wearing a nice pair of Lightning McQueen underpants. I told him not to use the bathroom on Lightning McQueen because that'd make McQueen cry. Apparently, who cares about LM's feelings? Because about 15 minutes after his 230498th (prompted) trip to the potty, my son pooped right on him. Don't worry, though, he took his underpants off and let it fall right on the floor! *sigh*

3) I've been having lots of random flashbacks to when Dylan was born and the month of NICUness that followed. Just little, random moments that weren't even significant, but I had apparently filed away in my noggin anyway. Like right before they took me back for the c-section, the LD nurse said "I'm going to give you a medicine that is most likely going to make you anxious. So when you start telling me that you just want to go home, I'm going to ignore you." lol.... that nurse? Looked EXACTLY like Christine Taylor. You know, Ben Stiller's wife. (Side note:I just tried to Google Image a picture of her, and almost gave my computer a virus. Random.) And like when I had my final meeting with the lactation consultant, I did something wrong while she was helping me get him latched, and she made some joke like "are you SURE you should take him home with you?" which I KNEW was a joke, but I still almost cried anyway because I WAS overwhelmed and scared to do stuff wrong once I got home. She was super nice and super dedicated to her job, and I knew then and still know now that she meant no harm by that comment.

3a)Certain smells remind me of our RMH prison. Like the lotion I use. Certain songs remind me of being locked down in our room with nothing to do but to listen to the radio. We listened to Delilah every night. Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" was, like, her FAVORITE song to play, I think. That, and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." When I hear those songs now, I'm stuck back on that twin-sized "sleep number" bed, where the "sleep number" feature was broken, reading books I lifted from their library, pumping every 3 seconds (it seemed), and missing both of my babies so much it was physically hurting.


Courtney said...

I love the Michael Buble song...but I can imagine for you, it doesn't have such good associations. Delilah cracks me up during Christmas, when she tries to make Christmas songs romantic. OH, and I still can't believe that they had you on lockdown at RMH. I mean, it's great that you had a place to stay, but doesn't sound like much fun to me. OH OH, ANND...Dylan is sooo adorable!!!! That is all.

melissa is frog daily 2cor 5:7 said...

You have some of the cutest kiddos on earth!!

Kate said...

Oh heavens, Dylan is adorable!!! He's so tiny & sweet & just so perfect! *sigh*

I understand the flashbacks ~ for whatever it's worth, that's normal. Years later, I still have snippets that pop up when I least expect them. It's random & weird, but I'm used to it now. :)

And omigosh, our RMH has those sleep number beds, too, and I LOATHE them! But at least we don't have lockdown like your RMH did ~ that part totally blew my mind and made me feel SO bad for you!

Amy, queen of the world. said...

Yeah.. the rules at the RMH in OKC are pretty strict. I know it's partly because it's in a really bad neighborhood, and we were blessed to have a free place to stay and food to eat during that month, but I don't ever wanna go back! lol

Amy Jo said...

He is definitely super cute!

Heather said...

Funny! I used to tell Atticus the SAME thing about LM (and Doc Hudson and Dinaco King and...) and he'd repeat, repeat, repeat, and then poop, pee, poop right there in said underpants.

Erin said...

i just have to say how much i love those pictures! sweet cheeks!