Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seven Months

Dear Dylan,

Today, you are 7 months old. I cannot believe it was seven months ago that I was nervously riding in the car to OKC, anxious to meet you but feeling so nervous and underprepared. Seven months ago when you surprised me by being so tiny (only 5 lbs even) and having a little sprig of blond hair. Gosh, it was most definitely love at first sight. What have you been up to this month?

~You are still wearing a size 2 diaper.
~ 6-9 month clothes fit you best, but 3-6 month clothes still fit fine too.
~You have become more expressive...lots of smiles and giggles, which we love.
~You are a moving machine! You've perfected this little scoot thing where you put your legs under you like you're wanting to crawl, and then just push yourself forward. Your arms do almost none of the work, so it's like a worm scoot. SO so cute!
~This month, you've perfected rolling... sure, you've been rolling for a while now, but you would flip one direction and then flip back the same way you came. Now you can roll from either direction and you actually get places!
~Your 6 month well-baby appointment is today, so we'll know then just how much you weigh and how long you are. *Edited to add: You weigh 14 lbs, 14 oz... and you are 25 inches long!*
~Your new obsession? Trying to suck your thumb while you're eating... whether it be from the breast or the bottle, you try to suck both the thumb and the nipple at the same time... lol
~The foods you've tried so far (other than rice cereal) have been green beans (loved 'em!), sweet potatoes (eh...), squash (loved it!), and turkey (loved it!) So far, you aren't showing a huge need to "eat" very often... so we just do a feeding of one of these above mentioned foods once a day or once every other day. You're perfectly content with the breast milk.
~You're getting stronger every day! We didn't know we could have so much love to give to you and your brother. You're both my world, and I just love you so much!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a case of the blah's.

I'm going to (try to) make this short, because 1) it's late; and 2) I have things I need to do. Like put the stuff from the washer to the dryer, since the Nameless Somebody who also lives in the house who is over 3-ft tall said he'd help, but did not. (Oh, not you honey! hehe... that... other... person. :) )

I've been feeling the "blahs" a lot lately. Partly because I have to go back to work. I do miss being with my students and having adults to talk to, but obviously I'd rather be with my babies.

But part of it is because of the trail-of-ex-friends that having a baby with special needs seems to create. One particular person is a person I looked up to so much. She meant SO MUCH to me. We haven't spoken in about 5 or 6 months now. I would have never, EVER guessed that I would have lost this person as a friend. I did my best to keep her and my closest friends informed of the goings-on while D was in the hospital. I answered as many texts, phone calls, and FB messages as I could. Granted, I answered them on MY time, because, well, my child and his care came first. Life was consumed with sitting in a NICU room waiting to talk to doctors, pumping, finding out/waiting for the next plan of action. That stuff came first, and I do not regret that. My truest friends understood that. I don't know if she felt like I left her out of things, but SURELY she would realize that my child had to come first.

Truly, though? It's her loss. She's missing out on the best baby ever. He's a happy, content little fella with a smile that will melt even the hardest of hearts. I'm losing out because she was someone I just really thought the world of... but SHE's missing out even more.

I don't expect pity or sympathy or anything like that. I just needed to type this out. Tomorrow's another day, and hopefully I don't feel so "blah"ish.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who cares, Amy? (I do, that's who.)

1) The littlest member of our family had his first encounter with green beans tonight. He DEVOURED them!
He still has a hard time sitting up in his bumbo without his neck flopping his head back or to the side, but he seemed to sit a little straighter for the green beans! He's his mama's child... loves the grub!

2) The bigger boy has decided to be the poster child for "Terrible Threes is the new Terrible Twos." He'll be 3 next month, and he's making 2 look like child's play.

3)I am, however, enjoying his ever-developing vocabulary and his imagination and his inquisitiveness. I love his attention to detail and his awesome memory. Right now his obsession is with the Corpse Flower that's blooming at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We watch Lois on webcam, and he just LOVES checking up on the "stinky fwower" several times during the day. If one of Lois' caretakers happens to be misting water on her or messing with her in any way, he's quick to yell out "JUST LOOK! DON'T TOUCH!" (wonder where he's heard that?! hehe)

4) His new obsessive conversation starter is "Excuse me, Miss..." Example: "Excuse me, Miss, have you seen my sippy cup?" "Excuse me, Miss, wanna watch cartoons?" Another thing he's picked up somewhere is the dramatic teenagery word "FINE." "Do you want to watch Dinosaur Train?" ~*sigh* FINE. lol

5) One day this past week, I let the phrase "shut up" slip out of my mouth in front of him. (It wasn't to him. Or to anybody. The dogs were barking at the folks putting the roof on the neighbor's house, and I said I wished they would shut up.) He immediately furrowed his eyebrows at me, and said "THAT is an UGLY word." He's very right, and I apologized to him. Also, he was being naughty one day while I was changing his clothes, and I got a little loud with him.... his response was "Don't yell! Just talk!" (Again, wonder where he got that?)

6) I have been putting off the visit to the doctor's office for Dylan's 6-month checkup. I know I need to get him in there, but I just am not looking forward to all the shots and bloodwork that I know will accompany the visit. *sigh*

7) Oh. And, I have to go back to work. We're just barely getting by with what my husband makes... especially since he now has all 4 of us on his insurance, which costs an arm and a leg. We tried... we made it quite a while... but I don't see us making it for the long haul. So off to work I go. I feel better now that D is bigger and we're not in and out of doctors' offices so often, but I would have loved to be home with my kids for a few years. *sigh* I guess it just wasn't the plan laid out for me.

Friday, July 09, 2010

The post that was supposed to be made yesterday.

My eyes and body and brain are so tired, it took me about 230498098 tries to type the title.

Yesterday (July 8th) was our 5th wedding anniversary. We spent it having fun as a family. We figured yesterday would be THE perfect day to go to the OKC Zoo. The forecast called for heavy rains in the afternoon, and we figured that meant it'd be nice and cloudy in the earlier part of the day. We were wrong and right... at first it was super sunny and hot and muggy... but then the clouds rolled overhead and it was nice! Being the awesome people we are, we totally forgot the camera. So the only pictures we have were snapped on DH's phone.
I just about had a heart attack when this squirrel got so close and chummy with little M, but little M LOVED it! When the squirrel thought better of his choice in friends and ran away, little M chased him yelling "Come back squirrel!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!"
Of course, that isn't Dilly's sippy. And it's dirty because little M decided that the ground was a good place for it when we stopped for Dylan to have a little snack. All that aside--here's Dylan riding an elephant statue. :)

Michael petting a rhino statue. And my extremely white leg.

With the exception of the bats (which he LOVED) and a few of the birds, little M wasn't all that jazzed about the animals. Instead, he had fun collecting things from the trails. Leaves, mainly. And a rock or two. But he loved, loved, loved being outside and playing all day! Dylan enjoyed riding in the stroller... catching a few z's here and there, or just happily kicking his legs and chewing on his hands. He didn't make a single peep the entire time we were in OKC, other than happy babbles. Such a happy baby!!

After the zoo fun, we went to a barbeque place for a late lunch/early dinner. Soooo yummy. If you're ever in Bricktown, and you're going to the movies or just hanging out there, I recommend Earl's BBQ. Specifically, I recommend the sliced brisket. Michael and I discovered it by accident while D was in the NICU (toward the beginning-- we knew where nothing was (except Bricktown), and we were itching to get out to eat something other than hospital cafeteria food.), so maybe it just holds a special place for us because of that, but their brisket really is delish!

We are so blessed. Blessed with two beautiful babies. Blessed with 9 years of being together--5 years of being married-- almost 3 years of being parents together. We just took it all in yesterday. Everyday, really.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Schnoodles, anniversary preview, cute kids.

I cut my dogs' hair myself.
I'm not good at it, but I don't care.
I am super cheap that way.
Two of them have been to the groomers in our previous life (BC... before children). The other has been a victim of my haircuts his entire life.

That being said, no laughing at their haircuts. It's been rainy and gross here, and you know curly-heads and the humidity. Right... blame it on the humidity...

This is Rocky. Rocky is the youngest. Rocky is scared of everything. His shadow, other animals, butterflies, people's voices, cameras... there's nothing Rocky is NOT scared of, come to think of it. But he's very sweet and very gentle.

This is Sammy. Sammy is the tough talker. He's the alpha dog in the backyard... or at least he fancies himself the alpha dog in the backyard. Rocky concurs, of course. He looooves him some fetch. If you come to my house, don't ever play fetch with him. He will NOT.LET.YOU.STOP.

Last, but most certainly not least, is Daisy. This is a horrendous picture of Daisy... she refused to let me take her picture. I had to trick her to get THIS shot, and she hid shortly after it was snapped. She's just moody like that sometimes. Daisy is the attention seeker. She will come when you call ANY of the dogs' names, or your child's name, or just yell out "Hey Stinky!" and she'll come. Any human word = "Daisy, come here, I want to pet you" to her. There's a downside to her friendliness... and that is JEALOUSY. She is super jealous when you show the other dogs any attention. And? She pees when she gets excited or scared. But don't tell her I told you... I'm sure she doesn't want her bladder control issues broadcast on the Internet.

Those are my pups. I kinda like 'em. Sometimes. :)


It's after midnight, so it's officially tomorrow, which means it's officially my 5th wedding anniversary. I'll write more on it tomorrow... hopefully. :)


I shall leave you with cuteness a la my children.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

strange things are afoot at the circle K

... e-props to anybody who's old enough to remember the movie from which I stole my title!

Some crazy shenanigans went down in my 'hood this past week. You have to understand that my city? Fancies itself hardcore. There are gangs and drugs and yucky things. Despite all of this, I live in a very calm neighborhood. It is a middle-class, homes-built-in-the-80s-and-90s, family-oriented neighborhood.

And then our across-the-street neighbors moved in.

You see, they are all for a party, no matter what time it is. They sit in their garage or in their driveway, play loud music, drink beer, and enjoy their lives, one liver failure at a time, I suppose. They have friends that come and go constantly.

A few nights ago, my dogs started barking like they were being murdered at about 2:30AM. Their bed is in our garage (and the spoiled rotten beings have their very own fan! I don't even have MY very own fan! But that's not the point), so I went to tell them to behave themselves. As I was talking toward the utility room (which is connected to the garage), I happened to glance out the front window. I saw cop cars parked in front of our house. I woke the hubbster up, and like the good neighbors we are, we spied on the goings on. Out of nowhere, one of the cop cars peeled out and drove quickly down the street. The police scanner (Yeah, my hubby's addicted.) said that a guy ran from the scene and only made it a couple of blocks before they caught him. Anyway... to make a long story short, the parade ended with 6 cop cars, an ambulance, a hurt man sprawled out on our lawn, and another man in handcuffs in the back of one of the cruisers.

In all fairness to my happy-go-lucky neighbors, the newspaper reported that it was an auto burglary and a resisting arrest, so I guess they can't be blamed for someone trying to break into their car. The newspaper also put OUR address in the "ambulance" section.. I suppose because the fella was sprawled out on our lawn. (That makes us famous, right?)


In my family, the awesome thing to do is to be born on one of your family members' birthdays, thus stealing their thunder and half of their birthday cake. It started with my cousin Nick. You see, he was born on my 16th birthday. And then came my darling son, little M. He decided to make his debut on his cousin Summer's 7th birthday. And then my sweet baby Dylan decided that his cousin Madison didn't need her 13th birthday all to herself. Apparently, it runs thick in our blood, because our sweet new baby cousin Sophia arrived today! Her big brother, Harrison, also turned 3 today! And they BOTH stole their birthday from the United States of America, who turned 234 today!

I sincerely hope you all had a pleasant 4th of July. We did. The boys enjoyed time spent at their Aunt Tina and Uncle Thomas's house today. Big M and I did too!! Good food and good company--you can't go wrong with that! Dylan's still not cool with crowds of people, but I'm sure he'll get there eventually. Little M and his daddy are still at the lake popping firecrackers! Happy birthday, America!