Sunday, July 04, 2010

strange things are afoot at the circle K

... e-props to anybody who's old enough to remember the movie from which I stole my title!

Some crazy shenanigans went down in my 'hood this past week. You have to understand that my city? Fancies itself hardcore. There are gangs and drugs and yucky things. Despite all of this, I live in a very calm neighborhood. It is a middle-class, homes-built-in-the-80s-and-90s, family-oriented neighborhood.

And then our across-the-street neighbors moved in.

You see, they are all for a party, no matter what time it is. They sit in their garage or in their driveway, play loud music, drink beer, and enjoy their lives, one liver failure at a time, I suppose. They have friends that come and go constantly.

A few nights ago, my dogs started barking like they were being murdered at about 2:30AM. Their bed is in our garage (and the spoiled rotten beings have their very own fan! I don't even have MY very own fan! But that's not the point), so I went to tell them to behave themselves. As I was talking toward the utility room (which is connected to the garage), I happened to glance out the front window. I saw cop cars parked in front of our house. I woke the hubbster up, and like the good neighbors we are, we spied on the goings on. Out of nowhere, one of the cop cars peeled out and drove quickly down the street. The police scanner (Yeah, my hubby's addicted.) said that a guy ran from the scene and only made it a couple of blocks before they caught him. Anyway... to make a long story short, the parade ended with 6 cop cars, an ambulance, a hurt man sprawled out on our lawn, and another man in handcuffs in the back of one of the cruisers.

In all fairness to my happy-go-lucky neighbors, the newspaper reported that it was an auto burglary and a resisting arrest, so I guess they can't be blamed for someone trying to break into their car. The newspaper also put OUR address in the "ambulance" section.. I suppose because the fella was sprawled out on our lawn. (That makes us famous, right?)


In my family, the awesome thing to do is to be born on one of your family members' birthdays, thus stealing their thunder and half of their birthday cake. It started with my cousin Nick. You see, he was born on my 16th birthday. And then came my darling son, little M. He decided to make his debut on his cousin Summer's 7th birthday. And then my sweet baby Dylan decided that his cousin Madison didn't need her 13th birthday all to herself. Apparently, it runs thick in our blood, because our sweet new baby cousin Sophia arrived today! Her big brother, Harrison, also turned 3 today! And they BOTH stole their birthday from the United States of America, who turned 234 today!

I sincerely hope you all had a pleasant 4th of July. We did. The boys enjoyed time spent at their Aunt Tina and Uncle Thomas's house today. Big M and I did too!! Good food and good company--you can't go wrong with that! Dylan's still not cool with crowds of people, but I'm sure he'll get there eventually. Little M and his daddy are still at the lake popping firecrackers! Happy birthday, America!


QueenBee said...

Ba ha ha ha ha! That is the crappy part about living in a house. I called the cops on my neighbors 5 different times and ended up getting my neighbors evicted. BEST DAY EVER. But I'm mean, ha ha ha ha ha

Cousin Comics said...

Erin said...

glad yall had a happy 4th. thats a funny trend yall have going with birthdays.... in bens family EVERY SINGLE family member is born in dec or jan (existing, married in, newly born, etc) except for ben.... he stands out :)

Randi Bond said...
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Randi Bond said...

We also love spying on our neighbours! We have names for them too, like; The Drug Dealers, The Vodka Chugging Man/Woman and The Wierd Guy!
Can you post some pics of your little Schnootie-schnoot-schnoots??? (Or Schnoodles, whichever you call them!, I have an entire blog post for mine called Paws and Tails!!!) I love seeing other Schnoots!