Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear son

Today you are three years old. I cannot believe I've been on this journey with you for this long.... but it seems like you've been a part of my life forever. Either that, or I just don't remember (or care to remember) what life was like before you.

You are so very funny. You say hilarious, random things every single day. You amaze us with your sense of humor. You are also very head-strong, expressive, and dramatic. When your daddy and I are disciplining you, one of us is usually behind the scenes laughing our guts out at your reaction or response... it's so hard to be mad at you!

And oh, how you love your little brother. When we first brought him home after the month away from you, you didn't want anything at all to do with him... and you didn't want ME to have anything to do with him, either. It took a while, but you learned to adore him. You are so helpful.. you'll bring him a toy when he cries.. pat his head or hand to cheer him up... you worry about him when he doesn't seem happy. You come with me each night to put him in bed, and the way you whisper "Goodnight, Brother. I love you!" melts my heart so much, it's bringing tears to my eyes just typing about it.

Sure, we could live without the talking back, the meltdowns, and the testing-your-boundaries defiance. But we know these days will be gone soon, and we'll actually look back on them and long for them. I know one day, when I'm sitting in a stuffy auditorium watching you walk across the stage with your diploma, I'll wish I had my wiggly 3-year-old back, big brown eyes shining and so much love in his little heart.

You came in this world like a tornado, and you haven't stopped spinning since. Thank God for your strong will and strong spirit... I know it will take you far in life, even if it tests our patience daily.

Little boy, I am so excited to watch you grow up and see what you'll become. My dream for you is that you are a happy, well-adjusted, well-liked man one day. I hope you love God and love your wife and your children, and that you follow a career path that you love. I hope one day you look back and you remember how much your Mommy and Daddy loved you as a little ornery boy. Most of all, I hope you will watch over your little brother long after your Daddy and I are gone... and I know you will, because your love for him is endless and boundless.

Thank you, sweet boy, for making me a Mommy and your father a Daddy. We don't even want to imagine life without you. I praise God for always knowing what He's doing, and for sending you to us. You've forever changed our lives, just by existing.

Happy birthday, you beautiful little brown-eyed boy.

Time has sure flown.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eight months!

Dear Dylan,

Wow! Can you believe that you are 8 months old today?! I can't! Daddy and I feel so blessed to get to hang out with you every day. You definitely have us (including big brother) wrapped around your little finger!

What have you been up to?

~Well, there's this:

Yep... you're working on it! You can stay up for a good 5-7 seconds before you tumble sideways! It's a start!

~This month you've started staying with your grandma during the day. You fussed when I left for the first couple of days, but now you're doing great! You love spending time with your grandma, and she loves spending time with you! She reports that you are really wanting to crawl... we've seen that too! You get in the crawling position (except the arms), and we can tell you want to take off. Just gotta get those arms stronger!

~At your last appointment with the gastroenterologist, you weighed an even 15 lbs. We think you've grown since then, and that was only about 2 weeks ago!

~Unfortunately, starting today, Mommy is giving up breastfeeding. :( You never have gotten the complete hang of it, which was fine when Mommy was home with you... I could pump all day at any time of the day I wanted to. Now that I'm working, I'm not pumping as much, my supply is going way down fast (yes, even with Fenugreek), and I'm becoming very frustrated with the whole thing. We've been giving you formula here and there to make sure it doesn't upset your tummy... so far, so good. You're responding really well to it (unlike your big brother, who was allergic to the first 2340293482098 kinds we tried). I'm disappointed that things are going this way, but I'm also super proud. I'm proud that I made it to 8 months. I gave up with big brother after just a couple of weeks. I'm proud that I kept pumping when you never got the hang of breastfeeding completely for all these months. I'm proud that I sustained your life on nothing but my milk for 8 whole months (we tried solids for a while... you never acted interested... we'll pick it up again now that you're a bit older)... that I gave you chunky rolls all over your body... that I gave you a good start in life. I'm proud of us for going through all we've been through.

~You are a babbling machine these days! "Dada" is definitely your babble of choice. You've been experimenting with the volume of your voice a lot, lately. You can get pretty loud, there, mister!

~You've also picked up the art that is fake crying! Anytime someone leaves the room, you fake cry. As soon as they walk back in, you stop and smile! Like I said, you've got us ALL wrapped around your little finger!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Friday was our first day of school.
My first day of teaching first grade.
And if first impressions mean anything whatsoever,
I think that some people were meant to teach such little people.
And some people were meant to put the fear of God in 3rd graders (or older).
I, my friends, am the latter.

I don't want to dread going to work, so I'm praying that Friday was as bad as it's going to get, and Monday will feel more structured and less...... tearsy?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little M's new haircut, and my week.

So, our oldest dude took his dear, sweet time growing out his hair. We were afraid he would be hairless until college. But, of course, he started growing hair about 6-8 months ago, and grew the cutest, wildest, mad-scientist-lookin'-est hair you've ever seen.

I often referred to him as my Little Barometer, because his hair would be wild and crazy on hot, dry days... and super curly on humid days. One look at his head would tell us what the weather was like! :)


We've known for the past few months that he has needed a haircut. Now that his grandma is watching him every day, she threatens every day to cut it herself. So we knew it was time, before Grandma grabbed the scissors. hehe

He was actually pretty excited about getting a haircut at first... before he was actually IN the chair.

And then? He was not so very cool with the idea of a haircut anymore. The crocodile tears started flowing.

He used the cape as his personal tissue.

But... after all was said and done, he is the proud new owner of a Big Boy Haircut!


All week long, I've been up at my new school. Oh, did I mention I got moved to a different school? I knew that it was a possibility that I would, since I was coming back from medical leave and all. The story in and of itself is one that kind of makes me mad, but we'll suffice it to say that I'm at a new school (school starts Friday the 20th), and so far I'm liking it. I inherited a classroom that was a teacher's room for 30 years. And, well, there was 30 years worth of "stuff" in it. My friend Lori came on Monday of this last week, and thank GOD she did! I got there and nearly curled into a ball in the corner. Not only am I teaching a grade I'm unfamiliar with (first grade), but I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all the stuff that was left in that room! She was so helpful in organizing all the manipulatives, center activities, leveled readers, and books. That was so much help, you have no idea. The rest of the days I was on my own, and there was tons of cleaning, filing, organizing, etc. Finally, after all of that, my room is decorated and ready. All I need now are the names of my students so I can fill out their desk tags and name tags. Oh, and a plan on what the heck I'm supposed to be teaching in first grade. There's that.

So, pictures of my new room in the next few days. I won't be back up there until Tuesday, since Dylan has OT Monday morning, and a GI appointment in OKC later in the day.

Bonus pic of Dylan waiting for his Daddy and brother's turn in the barber chair. (Oh, he says "DADA" now! His first word! <3)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Parenting 101

You know what? I'm getting tired of seeing the things I'm seeing online. I see these "mommy bloggers" that people are actually idolizing like they have all the answers. Sure, they're entertaining to read, and some have some neat ways of engaging you in their little lives, but some are just taking it a little too far. Same with websites and forums dedicated to a certain parenting style. I see mothers saying almost verbatim that if you don't feed your children the crunchy foods they feed their kids, or wear your baby like they wear theirs... or breastfeed your baby/toddler like they do theirs, then as a parent, you are NOT AS GOOD.

My first issue with this is that... hello? These people are ON THE COMPUTER (or their phone) more often than they aren't. They are constantly posting, twittering (or tweeting or whatever the word is), or facebooking (or whatever other social networks are out there). So exactly WHEN are they doing all this excellent parenting?! If they're truly tv-abandoning or truly homeschooling or truly doing the things they claim, where do they get their extra hours in the day? I know that when I sit down at the computer, not only do I blow more time than I intend to, but I know that I can get very little else done whilst browsing blogs and facebook. That's why I do try to limit my Internet time to when the kids are napping or in bed, or when the hubby's home and is giving me a few seconds to myself before I head out into the fire-that-is-small-children again. I'm woman enough to admit that I don't get much done when computer time is involved. So you won't see me preaching to the masses about This Is How You Should Be Parenting/Mothering/Doing Things Because I Have The Answers And The Perfect Home Life And You Don't.

My other issue with it is... there are some mommies reading these blogs out there that truly think these folks have this mommy business all figured out. They look at their blogs with their gorgeous pictures, and the children on these blogs look so happy and content. Their clothes are designers that we regular folk have never even heard of. The owner of the blog preaches on what SHE does to make these children so happy and content. What she does NOT preach about, however, are those moments when her kids are having meltdowns and she wants to pull her hair out (SURELY that doesn't just happen in MY house!), or the arguments she has with her husband about money, who should be doing what around the house, etc...(surely THAT doesn't just happen in my house, either!). and she sure wouldn't fess up to having an issue with spending too much money on those designer clothing she's bought for her perfect children! Maybe she's even living beyond her means and creating a credit problem just to keep up with appearances. (Not saying that all the mommy bloggers can't afford what they show on their blogs... but I have a hard time believing that they ALL can!)

Let me just offer this to whoever's out there reading this: Whether your children wear these designers or whether they're wearing Geranimals: You're doing it right. Whether you feed your children homemade nut butter on home-baked whole grain bread, or peanut butter from a jar on white bread.. you're doing it right. Whether you homeschool or send your kids to public school: You're doing it right! Whether you wear your baby in a wrap on your body or push your child in a stroller: YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT! Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed: You're doing it RIGHT!! Whether you stay at home with your children or go to work: YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT! Whether your pictures are taken from the fanciest camera out there and you have a flair for artsy pics, or whether your pictures are taken from a Kodak Easy Share and half your kids' heads are cut off in the pictures: YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT! Basically, as long as you're feeding, clothing, sheltering, and schooling your children in some way-- YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. Please don't let the mommybloggerland make you think otherwise. The point of parenting is not for everybody to take the same road... but to get to the same destination: Happy, healthy, well-adjusted children who will look back on their childhoods and remember all the love that their mommy (and daddy) gave to them.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ds Mamas...

... last time I took D to the doctor (a week or so ago), I told her about the geneticists recommendation that he visit an opthamologist before his first birthday. Her reply was "why?" ... and I just couldn't even remember why! She went ahead and referred him to one, and we have an appointment in November, but here's my question: Did your child see an opthamologist in his/her first year? What are they looking for? I think I remember reading some time that babies with Ds are proned to cataracts... did I read that or is my brain making that up? lol ALSO, anybody else's little one born with a PFO? At about what age were you referred to a cardiologist to see if it closed up or not? His doctor doesn't seem concerned about it yet, and he's doing fine... she couldn't even hear his murmur this last time... but I'd still kind of like to know if it's there or not, ya know? *Note: I could totally look the answers to these questions up on some website or in my Ds manual thing, but I like to hear real-life answers from real-life people going through the same things I'm going through... don't you?*
One more question before I leave you guys alone.... I've been looking at several of your blogs, and your sweet little angels look so strong! I know my Dylan has come lightyears from where he was, but he still just seems so floppy to me in so many ways. I work with him every single day, and I do what the OT tells me to do, but there are some things that he just simply refuses to do. We practice sitting up every day, but he refuses to straighten his back and lift his head, and often just flops himself over or twists his legs so he doesn't have to sit up. We sit up in the bumbo, but the same thing happens. (He's very stubborn... sweet, perfect, lovable, but stubborn! hehe) So could you tell me what YOU'RE doing to make your guys/gals stronger... specifically back, neck, and arms?