Thursday, September 16, 2010

My papaw

This is my Papaw. And a very teensy little M. My papaw is one of THE best men on the planet. I double dog dare you to challenge me on that fact. He's quiet, reserved, but secretly hilarious and fully equipped with one-liners and zingers that you wouldn't expect to come out of him. He's strong, kind, generous, and loving. People love my papaw after being around him for only a short while... not because he's outgoing, because he's not. It's because he has one of those souls that radiates goodness.

My papaw has leukemia.

My papaw, his doctors, and my mom (and her brothers) have come to the decision not to move on with treatment.

My papaw is dying.

Dear Papaw,

I'm coming to visit you in the next week. Please hold on. I want you to hold my babies one more time (Dylan for the first time, actually). I want your good-soul-radiation to get on them. I want them to be just like you. The world needs lots of men just like you. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know that my distance has never been because of something YOU did. I hope you know you still owe me for the tolls to get to your house. (Inside joke!)
I love you. That phrase doesn't seem adequate enough. I want you to be happy in Heaven with my Mamaw (I know she's anxiously awaiting you!), but I'm so, so very sad for me. Just hold on for me. Please?
Your Granddaughter.