Saturday, December 04, 2010

Adventures in Pottytraining

See this kid? This kid is 3 years old. This kid, at 2 years, 11 months, potty trained himself. This same kid regressed completely back in to Pull-ups when I had to go back to work. This kid? Knows EVERYTHING there is to know about potty-training. Everything. He can feel when he needs to potty. If you ask him where he's supposed to go peepee and poopoo, he'll say "In the potty. Not in my underwear or Pull-ups!" If you ask him what he should say if he feels like he needs to peepee or poopoo, he'll say, "I'll say, Moooommmmyyyy, I need to go Pottttyyyyyy." If he is wearing underwear, and he pees and poops on them, he'll say "Uh oh, I guess *insert character here* is going to cry now." Yep. We've tried guilt trips. In fact, we've tried bribery, telling him all of the people he knows that go potty in the potty, letting him watch US go to the bathroom, etc.

Conclusion? I do believe I will be packing Pull-ups in my son's care package for college. *sigh*

We're open to suggestions. He WILL sit on the potty. He's not afraid. Like I said, he was potty trained before I went back to work. So, your suggestions? We've probably tried that. But let's hear 'em anyway! :)


Ashley said...

Lil can relate to this. She is FOUR and she still has to wear an overnight Pull Up. She didn't when she was first potty trained, but 6 months later she is apparently just too lazy to get her butt out of bed & to the bathroom, even when I put a little potty RIGHT beside her bed!

He's cute though, so you can't stay mad at him! :)

Kate said...

I'd put him in a pullup and not say a word about it. It sounds like he wants to have some control and this is where he's chosen to exert it, so let him.

That said, if there is something that he REALLY likes to do ~ I mean, like LOVES it and is beyond overjoyed when he gets to do it ~ then the next time he asked about doing that activity, I would answer, "Oh, I wish we could! But only kids who use the potty get to do that. I'm sorry! When you choose to use the potty, let me know and we'll definitely make a trip to do XYZ (whatever that activity is)." Then move on to some other topic and don't bring up the pull-ups again.

Eventually, when he realizes he's not getting any attention for being in pull-ups and it seems Mom doesn't care one way or the other, AND if he loses the ability to do some preferred activities because he's in pull-ups, he will most likely choose to go back to using the toilet.

If he doesn't, it's still nothing to stress about. He will do it again eventually. The hardest part is not letting him know it bothers you. :) (((( hugs ))))

Jenny said...

Ahhhh, went through this exact thing with my youngest daughter! She was four, she KNEW how to use the potty, she KNEW she was suppose too...But yet she just didnt feel like it!! We had to wait it out, it was torture, but she just wasnt willing to go until SHE wanted to...So I guess that isnt "advice" lol...But good luck :)

Heather said...

Not much advice for you. Atticus remains potty trained by day, but by night he's a bed-wetter (he didn't have a hope; his mom and dad wet their beds well into 2nd grade). I stopped calling them pull-ups and call them diapers so he doesn't get the idea that little brother only wears diapers, but that he too is a diaper boy.