Wednesday, December 22, 2010

D's crazy hair and other randomage

Can we talk about this boy's hair for a minute?

I just love my little man's Alfalfa sprig. That sprig of hair is all he was born with. Except back then it was blond, and it's getting darker and darker by the day. And longer and longer. There's no secret-- my children are not great hair-growers. It took little M FOREVER to finally start growing his locks, and he STILL has the old-man-receding-hairline thing going on in the front. Dylan is no different... although his is more of a tall-forehead than the old-man-receding-hairline. Except his alfalfa sprig. It stands tall and proud and lets the world know, HEY, I'm not a COMPLETE baldy!

I just love, love, love this kid.

I also love, love, love the other kid I have too... the one that sits in his carseat in the back seat and barks out driving orders... ya know, since I haven't been driving for *coughs a number* years. His main driving "advice" is "There's the red octagon!! Stop the car!! Mommy stop the car now!!" All the way down the street. On every.single.street. This also applies to stop lights... same command, just "light" where "octagon" is. *sigh*

I stayed up very late last night wrapping presents. Yep, I procrastinated til now. It's all done now, though. Anyway, Dylan slept in (til TEN IN THE MORNING... bless you, child!), so I thought I could possibly sleep in too. Oh, no... the big one? Up with the roosters. I still thought I could manage a little bit of extra snooze time... until he brought me my cell phone, saying "this thing is making too much noise." I saw that it was a missed call from big M, so I called him back... APPAAAARENTLY, someone I know, who shall remain nameless *little M* called his daddy on my cell phone. *sigh*... I'd let him call my entire address book if it meant getting a few extra minutes of sleep this morning, except little M's been listening to lots of the 9-1-1 commercials lately, and I'm CERTAIN that'll be his next crank call. I love how stinking smart he is, but it's gonna get us all in trouble one day!

We're super excited for Santa to come in three more sleeps. Little M and I are going to bake him some delicious cookies, make a... um... well, interesting gingerbread house (we've opted to just use graham crackers, so we'll see how we do. haha..). Of course, the little dudes have matching PJs, so that'll be darling. I hope I remember to take lots of pictures, but I shall not promise anything, since I'm notorious for forgetting to take pictures during the important stuff of my kids' lives. *sigh*

We really, really hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Christ our Savior is born! :)


Jenny said...

Love Dylans hair, ha ha...and Little M cracks me up, I have a couple back seat drivers in my house too!!
Merry Christmas to you and your Family :)

Erin said...

oh i think that hair is absolutely precious! Merry Christmas to yall! :)