Friday, December 31, 2010

My year

January 2010.
~Rang in the New Year in the hospital recovering from my c-section. Started getting a fever, which turned into my incision site being opened back up (gross).

~Stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for 3 weeks. Three. Long. Weeks.

~ Brought my lovely baby home and reunited my family on January 26th.

~Had an ice storm that knocked out the power for a few hours overnight on the 29th.

February 2010.
~Celebrated my 30th birthday by being home with my two boys solo for the first time. Loved every minute of it.

~Took D to his pediatrician here in Lawton, who thought he looked very jaundiced still. She tested his blood and found out that it was his direct bilirubin that was high (very dangerous for the liver.)

~Got readmitted to Children's in OKC on February 13th.

~Lots of tests run, lots of blood drawn, lots of blood transfused, and Dylan was released at 10:30PM on February 19th.

March 2010.
~ D started March out with a cold and a nasty cough, which I was scared would get us put BACK into the hospital. He got over it with no problems, though, thank God.

~D got the Synagis shot, which insurance tried not to pay for. But I stabbed them with a fork and a knife. Okay, I didn't, but I did fill out friggin paperwork and they paid all but $20 of it. :)

~ Celebrated (?) our first World Down syndrome Day.

~ That dummy Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock! (I wouldn't have remembered that it happened in March if I weren't a bored-pants back then and BLOGGED ABOUT IT. Yeah.

~ Little M entertained me daily with his silly sayings and ever-expanding vocabulary. I guess I could pretty much put that on every month, though.

April 2010.
~Had a great Easter with my little family!

~Had some bouts with some minor depression as I realized that having a baby with special needs actually chases some of your dearest friends away. Luckily, it also brings you closer to people who used to just be acquaintences.

~D FINALLY smiled a true, reactive smile this month! Then he got blood drawn that same day. Poor sweetie!

May 2010.
~ More of the same... still realizing that some people suck at life.

~ Lots of tornadoes hit Oklahoma.

~Made a decision to stay at home (which later didn't work out).

June 2010.
~Celebrated being with my hubby for 9 years!

~Started realizing that surviving financially without me working was probably not going to happen.

~Blogged about Kim Kardashian making breastfeeding comments that didn't make me happy.

~Celebrated D's half-birthday!

July 2010.
~Had a lovely 4th of July with our beautiful family and my in-laws.

~Had some crazy shenanigans go down in my 'hood. Read here.

~Celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss on the 8th. :)

~Started noticing that the Horrible Threes were quickly taking over the Terrible Twos in the bigger boy.

~Watched a Corpse Flower bloom via webcam, which little M lovingly called the Stinky Fwower.

~Finally decided that I had to go back to work so we could live and, you know, eat and stuff.

August 2010.
~Little M got his very first haircut. He cried the entire time it was going on, and then demanded a sucker afterwards. haha

~Since I decided to go back to work, I got moved to a new school and to a new grade. I was scared and sad at the time.

~Had the first day of school from... well, you probably know.

~My precious little M turned 3 this month!

~I had to give up breastfeeding because my supply went WAY down when I started back to work. :( Breastfeeding/Pumping for 8 months was an accomplishment that I was super proud of, considering how hard it was to NOT have success the first time at all, and for D not to be a good sucker. I wish I could have made it longer.

September 2010.
~D's OT moved away, so he got a new one. We like them both.

~Found out my Papaw had cancer. He decided that he didn't want treatment and that he didn't want to die in a hospital, so my mom and her brothers took care of him at home.

~Papaw passed away September 30th.

October 2010.
~My sweet IRL friend Stacey's brother (and my darling jr. high English teacher's son)'s wife had a baby with HLHS. Here is Emma Janae's blog.

~The boys had an awesome time Trick-or-Treating this year! Dylan was the Tin Man, and little M was Super Why.

November 2010.
~Took D to an opthamologist, who said his eyes and optic nerves were great!

~Took both boys to the pediatrician, who said D was fat and little M needed speech therapy.

~Took little M to a speech pathologist (my friend Bonnie) who said that no, he did not need speech therapy.

~Had a great Thanksgiving with both sides of our family.

December 2010.
~Got frustrated with trying to pottytrain little M. (I could have pretty much written THAT on each month too.)

~Wrote a letter to our NICU, thanking them for taking good care of D and us while we were up there for a month.

~Had awesome Christmas celebrations at home (Santa spoiled the boys!), at Auntie Tina's house (The in-laws spoiled the boys!), and at Nana's house (my side spoiled the boys!) ALL IN ONE DAY. *whew*

~Dylan turned one and I cried.

~Had a wonderful new year's eve celebration with my family!!

Hope you had a great year too!! 2010 kicked 2009's hiney, for sure... don't forget to eat your blackeye peas for good luck in the year 2011! :) God bless you all, and thank you for reading my blog this year.


Jenny said...

I Loved how you did this, great idea! Happy New Year Amy, I hope this New Year brings much happiness and peace and many blessings to you and your family!!

Sally said...

Happy New year, well done on the review and well done for keeping up your blog. I had to choose between writing and sleep and I got neither!

All the best, said...

Happy New Year!

Erin said...

what an eventful year! hoping you have a fabulous 2011 too! :)

RDB said...

Wow! What a busy and exciting year! I might actually copy the idea! Now, if I can just remember it all! Your family is adorable. I love that you feel so blessed!