Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dear Dylan,

Today you are two. Two years ago, I was only 37 weeks pregnant. Two years ago, I had a routine OB appointment that was pretty status quo. Two years ago, I had a non-stress test, which was also typical. Two years ago, happenstance kept me on the monitor a little longer than I was supposed to be on there, which was a blessing since it caught your heartrate dipping down very low. Two years ago, I almost got sent to Oklahoma City in an ambulance, but the sweet nurse talked the doctor into letting us drive up there instead. Two years ago, I showed up at the hospital at about 5:45PM and had you at 6:37PM. Two years ago, I looked at you for the first time, and I knew you. Two years ago, I fell in love with you. Two years ago, you started the journey to change our lives and our hearts forever. We will never be the same people we were ever again, all because you made your appearance. Two years ago today.

The day.

One year later.

Two years later.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


"Some people make me feel like such a retard!" --an acquaintance on facebook.

Dear facebook acquaintance,

I'm very sorry someone has made you feel stupid. (I assume that's what you meant, yes?) I hate it when people make me feel that way.

But, without realizing it, by NOT wanting to feel like a "retard," you are actually selling yourself short. You see, without fluffy and silly generalizations, people with intellectual disabilities are neat people. They're eager to learn, eager to please, and they try harder than anyone. They think things through more thoroughly (even if those thoughts are simple), they use the common sense they've worked so hard to acquire, and they CARE about people's feelings. When they are passionate about something, it becomes something they are bound and determined to master. Their accomplishments are monumental. Ever met a person with an intellectual disability who is judgmental? Me neither. Their capacity to love is beyond anything you can ever imagine.

They're magic, facebook acquaintance.

Are you SURE you have thought this through, facebook acquaintance? I think it would be awesome if you would learn that "retard" doesn't equal "idiot".....not by a long shot. If you truly understood what you said, you'd know what a blessing it would be if you were more like "them."


Friday, December 16, 2011

Catch up

... which, in all honesty about my accent, probably sounds more like Ketchup.

So, what all has happened in the last month and 1/2? Um... this, that, the other.

The kids are doing fine.

Dylan is strengthening all his newfound skills. He's crawling a ton now... dare I say, more than he army crawls and rolls. He pulls up on things to his knees, or what his therapist likes to call "high knees," and of course it makes me giggle when she says that because I'm 12. He has a new word- no. Not just no, but "no no no no no no no!" It sounds a bit more like "na," but his facial expression and the shaking of his little finger gets his point across. He's also FINALLY figured out the word "mama," although it's still used mostly when he's hungry. So, if anybody's keeping count (I'm not even REALLY keeping count), that makes Dada, Mama, and no. Also, when you say, "Dylan, do you have poop?" He'll wave his hand back and forth by his diaper and say "shhhhhew"...Cuteness. And when you say "cut the pickle!" he'll put his two index fingers together and gear himself up for you to cut the pickle then tickle him. I love that look-- that "I know you're going to tickle me, and it already tickles just thinking about it" look. He gets that from me, for sure.

Little Michael was in his first school Christmas play. He was an angel. A super cute angel, at that.

I have video, too... but I also have the slowest computer known to man. So I don't think it will upload.

He made a ton of Christmas decorations for us at school. They are very creative there! I felt lucky because we have an art teacher at my school, and she made ornaments with them... this was good news, because I couldn't think of anything creative to do. But next year, we might make Rudolphs out of clothes pins or dog treats.

We all had colds for a while that started out as head colds and went to chest colds. I was sick for a week, but I still went to work because I'm a glutton for punishment, of course. Little m's wasn't ever terrible. Dylan probably got the sickest out of all of us... his included puking his little guts out.

But we're all on the mend now, although big M is starting to lose his voice... *aw, darn!*

Dylan had a genetics appointment at the beginning of December (just a yearly thing we do). He saw the Physician's Assistant, and she was proooobably 6 years younger than I am. I don't like that. The visit was fairly fruitless... although she did order bloodwork to keep an eye on his thyroid levels and such. They came back normal, so that's fabulous. She said next year she'll order xrays to check his neck and back. She also said he still has fluid in his ears, so I guess we'll speak to his ped about a referral to an ENT doctor. While we were in OpenHomaCity (I love that it's still how little M says it), we checked out the completed construction at OU Children's. It looks amazing!! I love how connected the physician's building and the hospital are now. I love the waterfall inside. Michael and I agreed that if it had been all completed and as calm and non-construction-y during our NICU stay as it was during our recent visit, maybe things would have felt a little less stressful and hectic. But, it is what it is.

The cold weather reminds me of that time still.

I have a ton of Christmas wrapping to do.

I'm on Christmas vacation til January 3rd. I really need the sleep.

I uploaded pictures from my camera for the first time since May. Oops! Lots of fun pictures on there.

I think that pretty much catches (ketches?) you up on us. What's new with you?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

DIHOT pt 2b, halloween, and life.

I apologize for the crappy quality.. it was late-ish, and I took that with my phone, which I'm certain had baby drool on the camera lens. But, there it is. My guy, crawling across the room.

I'm so proud of him.


In Halloween news, it was a bust this year. We didn't trick-or-treat, because little M had a nasty stomach virus. I was up with him ALL night long the night before. Our neighbors found out we weren't trick-or-treating, and they brought over a bucket of candy for little M, though. So he didn't go without. :) That was so sweet.

Dylan also caught the stomach virus, which made its debut on Friday night... WHILE we were at a chinese restaurant. It was as horrifying as I'm sure you're imagining it.

I'm certain I will catch it too, although I don't usually catch the kids' ailments, since I'm around 24 germy kiddos every day (not even including my own). But this time? I was drenched from head to toe in Dylan vomit. So I don't know how I could NOT catch it. I'm not looking forward to it... I have a throwing-up phobia.

Oh, but back to Halloween. Little M and Dylan DID get to wear their costumes once this Halloween season, though. We went to little M's school carnival the weekend before Halloween, and they wore their Buzz (Dylan) and Woody (little M) costumes with pride. I'm not positive if we got any pictures, though.

In school (for little M and for me) news, everything's going well. Little M has gotten used to school and seems to be doing fairly well. Every time I drop him off, I can hear several little voices yelling "Michael's here! Hi, Michael!!" so that has to be a good sign, right? On Friday, he had a mishap where they were cleaning up their centers, and a kid threw a toy and hit him just near the eye. So he has a nice little shiner going on, but he's okay. I'm starting to really love his school and teachers. If he's having a hard time separating from me in the morning, they'll hug him and hold him til I'm gone. He tells me he loves school and his teachers. I can't ask for more than that for him.

My school... my kiddos are really blossoming. I do love the "little sponges" part of first grade.

In "okay, that was weird" news... we had a series of earthquakes this weekend in Oklahoma. I didn't feel the ones in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday morning, but I TOTALLY felt the one Saturday night! It was kind of exciting, because I hadn't felt one that strong (5.6) before.

Since I have cleaned more puke than I ever care to see again in my life, I have obviously been missing out on some sleep. I can't wait to turn my clock back (right before I go to bed in a few seconds), lie down, and wake up---um, sometime. Hopefully late. Hopefully not to throw up. :( Ugh.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dylan, in his own time, part 2a

Ladies and gents... we officially have a crawler!! He can only go a short distance, but he can DEFINITELY move forward on all fours!! (He could previously army crawl and roll, but this, my friends, was a real, true crawl!) What's next, Dylan? Presidency? :)
Pictures soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dylan, In His Own Time

{Adapted from Ruby In Her Own Time by Jonathan Emmett}

Once upon a time in a home in Oklahoma, there stayed two parents- a mommy parent and a daddy parent. They were patiently awaiting the arrival of their second son. "Will he ever come?" asked the daddy parent. "He will," said the mommy parent, "in his own time."

And he did.

"He's very small," said the mommy parent. "Will he ever grow?"
"He will," said the daddy parent. "In his own time."

And he did.

Well, this baby boy, he had a little something extra to him. And that little something extra made it harder for him to hit milestones that other babies hit. His parents worried and worried. His therapists doubted the parents were trying very hard to help him get stronger. Frustrated, his mommy and daddy cried out,
"Will he EVER even SIT UP?!"
"He will," said anybody who had been-there-done-that, "in his own time."
And guess what?

He did! By himself!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can I just show you...

...little Michael's school picture?!! OH. MY. GOSH.

This is probably illegal, but I didn't scan it...just took a pic of it with my phone. So eh... come cuff me. Free health care in the jails. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

yup, still alive

...not that anybody reads.

I was without internet (other than my phone) for over a month, simply because my internet provider was being...what's the word... douche-y?

But all's well now.

Little Michael started preschool in August. He also turned 4 at the end of August. Preschool is... well, he's getting used to it. He had a hard time adjusting to not getting to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted at first. He had never been in ANY daycare situation before. He stayed with a babysitter for his first two years, then stayed home with me for 8 months, then stayed with his grandma last school year. He's never had to sit on a carpet, stand in a line, eat when someone said so (instead of when he wanted to), take a nap when someone said so (instead of when he felt ready for one)... he has been raised in a very much child-led home. (That's the parenting style that comes most naturally to me.) So, needless to say, sitting on a carpet, standing in a line, eating when someone told him to, napping when someone told him to... NOT playing with all these un-played-with toys sitting around... didn't go over well with him at first. He loves school, don't get me wrong... he just didn't understand why he didn't get to rule the roost. But he has conformed pretty well, and I'm only sometimes getting reports otherwise.

I'm getting used to the role of "parent" in that whole "parent/teacher" dynamic. It is much tougher than I realized, and it has taught me A LOT about communication with my parents.

Dylan Thomas is just the same ol' guy as always. He still is not doing anything new. Nobody seems to know why. Some people's opinions are that he's lazy (I don't think so... if he could get up and play with his brother, he so would, I think.) and some people opine that he's just "made like that." (Dr. S.) But none of that gets him any closer to sitting up, crawling, walking. Right now, he's sick. He has croup, laryngitis, and a raw spot on his nose (from wiping it so much, probably) that Dr. S is concerned about contracting MRSA. (She's very worried about MRSA. Any little booboo = MRSA breeding ground, in her eyes.) He can say "there dada"... or something pretty similar... while he's pointing at his daddy. He still won't say "mama".. when you ask him to, he'll sign it, then point at me, but he won't say it. He has learned to shake hands, and loves to dance (the best he can from his back). I talked to Dr. Solitario about his lumbar spine, because my mom said it looked strange, and she figured that if there was an abnormality, they would have found it when they did all the x-rays from when he was first born and had duodenal atresia. But I will probably insist he gets an x-ray, just to totally rule anything out there.

School is going well. I had 27 little first graders in my class for about 3.5 weeks, and other than nobody having any room to breathe, it actually was fine... they are good kids. But they finally got a 1st/2nd split teacher, and I lost 3 students to that. I'm excited about getting those kiddos reading.

I have not blogged in so long for a couple of reasons. One reason had to do with no internet on my computer (typing on my phone's not fun). The other had to do with not wanting to. I feel like I say the same things over and over again. I've never seen a blog of a baby almost 2 who still can't sit up. I've never felt so alone on this journey. Nobody really understands, or if they do, I don't feel like they do. I don't get many comments. So I wonder, why waste time? Will I continue blogging? I don't know. Maybe.

No pictures again... I haven't even touched my computer for a month, so I haven't uploaded any. But I have pics of little M's two birthday parties and just some everyday life pics on there.

How are you? :)

Friday, August 05, 2011

I am alive

...just in case you were wondering. ;)

School's going to start pretty soon (as in, 2 weeks from today), so I've just been trying to soak in the home-with-my-babies-ness while I can.

We haven't done anything in particular... haven't gone anywhere (hubby's busiest season at work is the summer time). We've just been home (mostly inside, because if you haven't heard, it's hotter than Satan's hot tub out there!), enjoying each other.

I have gotten some things accomplished this summer-- 1. Dylan can hold his own bottle now. He can also say something that sounds very similar to "NICE TOUCHES" because he hears that 23049823049238 times a day. (Anybody else's kid claw their face off for no apparent reason? Because mine does.) 2. Little Michael is completely potty trained (but I cannot promise his teacher that he will NOT come out of the bathroom completely naked asking for assistance with wiping.) 3. I've kept us alive all summer. That wasn't easy. Do you realize that our grocery bill DOUBLES in the summer?? Suddenly, trying to feed 4 people breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every day requires a second mortgage on your home or something.

In more boring news about us, we FINALLY dumped cable and switched to Dire.ct.v and A.t&t wireless internet. The dire.ct.v is already going... the internet will be up and running next week. Did you know that out of the month of July, my cable internet worked maybe TWO DAYS? Out of 31. I'm no mathematician... but that's not a very good working/not working ratio. And for that they were wanting about $50 a month (that doesn't include the actual cable tv service).

In children-are-getting-huge news, Dylan had his 18 month well-child checkup the other day. (Yes, I know he's 19 months old, but I wouldn't be ME if I were actually on time with one of these things.) He weighs 21 lbs 14 oz, and is 30 inches tall. My big guy. :) Little M went ahead and had his 4 year well-child check too, since we were there (although he couldn't get his pre-k booster shot because he's not quite 4 yet)... they checked his vision (20/10 vision!), he peepeed in a cup for the first time, and the doctor gave him FOUR SUCKERS. (She said, and I quote, "He's not going home with me, so I don't care." lol) He weighs 37.5 lbs and was 3 ft 5 inches tall.

SOOO, I'm going to start decorating my classroom next week. That'll be fun. Except I have no budget, so a lot of my stuff will be homemade, but who cares? They're first graders.... they'll love it! ;)

I made a picture thingie with several pictures of my guys to go in my classroom. Last year I didn't have ANY pictures of my kids hanging in my room at all. (We won't mention that it was because I had well over 2,000 pictures on my computer waiting to be printed. *whistles*) This year will be different. I also want to make a sign that says "The nearest thing to Heaven is a child." and some other cutesie things like that.

Anyway, yeah... another no-picture-post. Sorry. I know it's boring, but so is waiting for the pictures to upload on the computer... and so is not having internet access 94% of the time. Pictures one day. Promise. :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Random conversations my 3-year-old has engaged me in recently:

1. "Mommy, we live on the Earth. We can't live on Mars. Maybe we can live on the moon. THEN we'd live in SPACE!"

2. "Hey Mommy? Can we go to Heaven and see Jesus? (me: What's in Heaven, do you know?) Toys... probably fireworks... and lots of Cars 2 toys."

3. *starts laughing out of nowhere* (Me: What's so funny?) "I just saw a man sitting on a TOILET. That's so gross!" (Note: we were sitting in the car in the H.ut parking lot waiting for my husband to meet us for lunch when he said this. With no toilets in sight.)


We had an awesome 4th of July weekend/day. We spent the 3rd with my husband's side of our family, swimming and eating lots of BBQ'd food! We spent the 4th on my side of our family, eating more BBQ'd food and being so close to a fireworks display that we had to tilt our head back to see them! It was fun and relaxing to be around our families.


Dylan has had a really bad rash on his little bottom lately. I *think* it's from trying to switch him from older baby/toddler formula to regular milk, but I can't be sure. Whatever it was, it has blistered his bottom. I've tried all the tricks I know-- different kinds of butt pastes, Bur.t's Be.e's powder, Aquaphor, Neosporin (at one point it was actually bleeding.) Nothing but time and extra care is really helping that much. So I've been making sure to change him as often as I can, re-apply whatever ointment I'm using at the moment, and let his little booty breathe the air for a while.


In other sicky news, a summer cold plagued our household for about a week, first taking out little M... then making its way to Dylan (he's still a bit coughy), then hitting my husband, and finally hitting me. I'm still sick, but the guys are much better. PS: Mommies should be exempt from the germ sharing. We have enough to do.


In Dylan's-picking-some-stuff-up news, he learned to suck through a straw and hold his own bottle. He's also figuring out the sippy cup, although he's not a total fan yet. He will also sit on his own for at least a minute before he crashes to the ground! Sometimes longer. That's pretty big for us, considering he's the king of I'm Not Doing This when it comes to sitting. I'm trying to teach him how to sit up and/or pull up in his crib, just to give him something better to do when he's sitting in his crib NOT but he hasn't caught on quite yet.

He's also growing some of his back teeth right now. No fun. :( He's up to 7 teeth now.


Little M is going to start preschool in August. Well, it's a daycare technically, but it's run just like preschool with curriculum and everything. (It's run by retired teachers.) They have a 3-year-old class and a 4-year-old class. He will be 4 on August 30th, and the cut-off birthdate for our public school to enroll your preschooler is September 1st... so if I put him in regular preschool right now (which I technically could), he'd be the very youngest in his class. Considering how he is just now really getting the hang of the potty business, and considering he has never been in daycare (he was with a babysitter for the first 2 years of his life, and he stayed with my mother-in-law this last school year), therefore he doesn't know how to line up, sit in a circle, or have the world NOT be all about him... we figured the 3-year-old class would be best for him. Now, this does not obligate me to NOT send him to Kindergarten the next year if I feel that's what's best for him... and it doesn't obligate me TO send him to K the next year. It pretty much frees me up to do whatever I feel is best. Which I like. Because I like being in charge. ;)

Anyway, back to his school. We went to tour the place a few days ago... little M was SO excited. He loved the play centers and the playground. He loved it so much that he didn't want to leave! Which prompted him to have a wall-eyed fit right in front of the director. *sigh*... well, you can't say my guy won't love school, at least! (And, it kinda confirmed to me that he really, REALLY needs another year to grow up before structured school.)

Picture time!
Dylan Thomas, after he tried a bite or two of chili-cheese fries!

James Michael, pausing for a quick photo-op.

James Michael, being a perfect little angel!

Dylan Thomas, getting tickled by his mommy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

List of stuff

1. Why is it that when I finally sit down to write a list of stuff that's gone on in the last little bit, I always draw a flippin' blank?! I think this chair is like a blog-black-hole.

2. We had the developmental therapist and the physical therapist over the other day. Dylan showed off MAJORLY with all his fabulous skills (that he doesn't usually do, so he hides them from even ME til the time is right... thank GOD the time was right when the therapists were over!) He did lots of getting up on all fours, army crawling, rolling over to ALMOST a sit (and to a sit, with help), and the most important one... PULLING UP TO A STAND AT THE COUCH. THAT one? ALL by himself. We do this thing where we put the couch cushions all around him, blocking him in and putting nothing fun on his level. Then we put all the FUN stuff on the couch cushions towards the edges... DVDs, my cell phone (you know, the fun stuff?) toys, etc. So then he really has no choice but to pull up on the couch cushions, at least to his knees, to reach something fun to play with. The PT noticed that when we give him just freedom to do whatever he wants in his boring little square, he's still content to just lie there and do nothing much for a big chunk of the time... so she started infringing in his little boring square with pillows and such, taking away some of the "freedom" room. THAT's when he really got interested in the stuff on the couch (toys up there, too), and THAT's when he pulled to a stand to get something. ALL of us went eyes and mouth wide open on that one!!

3. Dylan's PT, FTW.

4. Has he done it since? Nope. lol

5. Yesterday, my mom and big sister (and her youngest child) came to L-town to visit. And by "visit," I mean they came to kick big M and me out of the house so they could bogart the boys. So big M and I got to go to lunch together, by ourselves, yesterday. Ah, eating without having to feed someone. :)

6. Then later in the evening, big M and I took little m and my niece to the movies to see Cars 2. This was little m's first theater movie experience. He was GREAT in the movies!! He only needed to go to the potty once, and then towards the very end of the movie he started getting kinda restless and got up to walk around (but just ended up in the next seat with his cousin). Other than that, he watched the movie, ate some popcorn, and drank his drink. He LOVED the movie!

7. Dylan stayed at the house with my mom and sister. Dylan is perfect, wonderful, awesome, and STUBBORN BEYOND BELIEF. For the most part, he still eats a lot of baby foods. I bought him some of this turkey-potatoes-something-or-other kind, and he didn't like it... but I had bought several jars of that kind. I didn't bother telling my mom and sister that he didn't like that kind, because.. well, I forgot. Anyway, when it was about dinner time, they tried feeding him that kind. When he gets pissed off while he's eating, he throws the food out of his mouth, and then bangs his head back and forth (if there's something behind him, he'll bang his head on it as hard as he can, too... geez, kid, relax!). Anyway, when he did that, he inhaled some of the food that was still in his mouth. My mom's pretty sure it went in his airway, because then he was wheezing. After a while he was kind of croupy-coughing. They were scared! (I would have been too!) Finally, he got it coughed up. But they were shaken after that! My sister was afraid to leave him when they went home, in fear of him getting choked up again in the middle of the night! (He didn't.. he's breathing fine now... wheeze/croupy sound free.) Scary stuff!

8. (PROBABLY A TMI ALERT...)Can you please, please, PLEASE give me your tips on how you convinced your (typical) child to poop in the potty? I know, most of you will say that you waited til he/she was ready. Little m is BEYOND ready. He has completely pee-trained himself, and almost NEVER has an accident where that is concerned. But he absolutely REFUSES to poop in the potty.... no, I take that back. He refuses to START his poop in the potty! He will have it hanging part of the way out and then tell me he needs to go poop in the potty... and then he'll let it fall out in the potty. But that almost always means a big poop place in the back of his underwear. And then he'll do that about 230492384093248 times a day. It's driving me crazy!! I would have liked to put him in, maybe, preschool or a K-3 program this next school year, but I just don't think I can with him not being poop trained!

9. $0.25 if you read this entire post. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

My babies' daddy is pretty awesome. He's a good husband too. I'm happy to have blessed him with two beautiful little boys that enjoyed the heck out of lavishing their daddy with homemade cards and gifts picked out by little m today. We spent time together, we swam with family, we ate my sister-in-law's awesome cooking....we had a great day.

But my heart is hurting tonight...for those babies out there who don't have a daddy or a mommy. Specifically, babies born in other countries with special needs. See, in a lot of countries in eastern Europe and in Asia, when a baby is born with a birth defect of some kind, they automatically have no value in their society. They are left at the hospital or at an orphanage by birth parents who don't want them for whatever reason. Sometimes it's pressure from society. Sometimes it's shame that their baby isn't typical. Sometimes it's some other reason. But more often than not, they end up in an orphanage where they are merely kept alive (usually). Nobody shows them love or affection. Lots of them are severely underweight. They own nothing, these kids, and nobody takes care to make sure they are even wearing gender-specific clothes (there are pictures of boys wearing a dress of sorts...girls wearing boy clothes with their head shaved.)..or even clothes that remotely fit. These babies aren't tucked in with a bedtime story and a kiss. They are often left in cribs for the majority of the day. Most hit an age where they have to move out of the orphanage and into a mental institution...sometimes as young as 5 years old.

I'm not asking you for anything in this blog entry. Well, that's not entirely true... I'm going to ask you to see these babies for yourselves. Please visit this site: http// and feel what I'm feeling tonight.

I'm going to send extra prayers of thanks and petition tonight.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well, it finally happened.

Picture it: today. The mall. The play area. We were finished doing some shopping, so I figured I would let little m play a while. I sat down with Dylan in my lap and watched my preschooler run and play. Soon after, a woman with 2 small kids and a baby came in the play area. As the two small children ran to play, the woman with the baby sat beside me. Without missing a beat, she asked me how old Dylan is. I told her. She told me he was beautiful. I told her her son was too. After a pause, she said, "my cousin has a daughter with Down syndrome too."

That was my first time that someone in the real world mentioned it.

She and I talked a while about the trials and blessings of raising children with special needs (turns out, 4 of her 5 children had a special need of some kind). One of her kids technically shouldn't be here because of congenital heart defects, and we talked about what a blessing it is that she's now two and going strong.

I wondered what I would feel after my "first time." I wondered if it would make me sad that my son's condition was obvious. I wondered if I would be happy that someone finally acknowledged him for who he is. I wondered if it would make me mad that someone intruded in my personal business.

Is it weird that my actual reaction was excitement? I was excited and relieved that the person to bring it up was a fellow SN mommy. I was excited that I had someone to chat about it with who had an idea of what I am going through. I was so excited that I wanted to call people and tell them that it had finally happened! But then I realized that they'd probably think I was crazy for getting so excited over such a thing, so I didn't.

Now, my next "milestone" I want to hit is to be the voice to a brand new Ds mommy, telling her that it's all going to be okay...and in fact, it's going to be exciting and wonderful.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey y'all.

I have never participated in a "show us your life" from Kelly's korner before.....but if there's one thing I do well, it's raise my sweet Dylan!! Dylan is 17 months old. Dylan has Down syndrome. Dylan is amazing and stubborn and beautiful! Please feel free to read my blah-g and learn more about him, us, and his silly brother, little michael. :)

oh, and I make my posts from my phone using if there's some nonsensical word somewhere, it's swype's fault. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Upon the burning of some friendships..

Swyping again, so bear with me.

I was at a teacher workshop recently. And while I was there, I encountered a person who used to be my friend. You see, this person was kind and caring when D was born....until I realized that she was phishing for info so she could be the one "in the know" and people would come to her for info on my baby and me. Not because she cared about us at all. So, needless to say, I haven't spoken to her since. And then there she was at my workshop.

As riled up as it made me to see her, it also brought to the surface that I am still hurting over the loss of some friendships. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would lose some important friendships simply because I gave birth to a baby with special needs, I would have told you that you were crazy. But indeed, I have lost important friendships.

But I guess I need to revamp my definition of "important."

How about you? Did your friends stick by you through the thick and thin of all of this? Did you become better friends with acquaintences because they were the ones there to emotionally support you? Or did you lose people who apparently couldn't handle the emotional baggage that can accompany treading unknown waters of special needs? Did they blow you off completely, our did they prove they were in the friendship for all the wrong reasons? (I had both.)

On the upside, I know there are awesome, loving people out there that love my babies a much as they love me, and they don't even give the extra chromosome a second thought. They would bend over backwards for my family. And I meet more each day. A girl I met at that same workshop asked about my little boy, and the subject of Ds came up, she got a huge grin on her face and talked about how much she loves kids with Ds. (she was a special ed teacher.) I knew she was someone I could hang with!! Hehe.

To wrap up this whine fest, I will leave you with a few Michaelisms.

Me: what are you doing?
Little m (finding new humor in echoing things we say): what are you doing?
Me: I asked you first.
Him: I asked you first.
Me: are you copycatting me?
Him: are you puppycatting me?

(I guess that means I won?)

And then, while discussing why he should poop in the potty...

Me: the potty really wants to eat your poop because it's very hungry!!
Him: but a potty doesn't even HAVE a MOUTH.... And eating poop is dis-gus-ging!

(can't argue with that!)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dun, dudududun, dudududun, dudududun...

Schoooooooool's out for summer!!

Sooo looking forward to being home with my babies.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Then and Now

Then and Now # 1-- My niece's graduation. My niece Courtney graduated from high school last week. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. They vaselined a little bow in her hair, and there she was, all burrito'd in swaddle blankets and looking sleepy and confused. She was such an exciting addition to our family... I was only 13 years old when she was born, and I was SO excited to be an Aunt at 13. I took her to her first "theater" movie when she was 3 and I was 16 (the very thing I'd dreamt of doing since she was born.."one day when I can drive, I'm taking her to the movies!")... we saw The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and although the scary parts scared her, she hung in there. The entire family could be entertained for hours playing with her little natural ringlet curls in her hair, or listening to her silly sayings and stories. I remember when she started preschool, and she was excited because she thought her teacher would be just like Miss Honey on Matilda. She has always been so mature beyond her years... quick-witted, intelligent, and OF COURSE beautiful. I just don't know where the last 18 years have gone.... but there she was, walking across the stage in her white cap and gown, marking the beginning of her real life.



Then and Now # 2: My school year. When I took a medical leave of absence from school last school year, I was so excited to stay home. It was the perfect arrangement for us-- except for that whole money thing. You know, the "your mortgage company, car company, and medical folks want money and they don't care that you'd rather be home with your kids than pay them" thing?? Yeah. So since I felt Dylan was stable enough for me to return to work, I went to the school board and let them know I was ready to come back. I should have known something was off when the secretary I spoke to went into her boss's office and closed the door to talk about me. And I should have known something was off when I talked to the boss lady and she asked what grade I preferred to come back to. You see, they HAD to give me a position somewhere, but not necessarily the position I left. I should have known that my old principal was trying to get me out of my school, and that I would have to be transferred somewhere else. I don't know WHY it came as such a crushing blow to me, since I should have known these things were going on, but I didn't. And it did. I seriously felt so defeated. I already had to go back to work when I didn't want to, and now I had to meet a whole new faculty/staff, new principal, new kids, and *gulp* new grade. See, not only did they make me switch buildings, but they made me switch grades... to first grade. A grade I had never taught before. With my anxiety level through the roof, I put on a brave face and went to my new school to meet my new principal and see my new classroom.
Now? I survived the school year in first grade. I LOVE my new school and my principal... though sadly, my principal is being sent to a different school next year, so I won't get to work under her again! She doesn't realize it, but she was a huge blessing to me, repairing my crushed self-esteem after being forced out of my other school. She was so organized and structured..something I love in a leader. She made me realize how conditioned I was in my old school to believe that I was always wrong... This principal made me realize this, because she always made me feel like I was right!! And I didn't realize til she actually made me feel good about what I was doing that I had felt so anxious at my old school. My new principal made me feel important and needed from the day I walked in. And my coworkers are awesome too. They're cohesive and so family-like. I loved several of my old coworkers (still do!!), and I was scared I wouldn't be able to make friends like I had at my old school. But I made fast friends with my fellow first grade teachers and a few others. I'm happy to see them every day. And my students. Oh, my students and their growth this year!! Wow, I had never realized how HARD first grade teachers work!! The bulk of them came to me not reading, and now they can ALL read!! It's so amazing to see what they were doing at the beginning of the year, versus what they're doing now. Now, don't get me wrong-- I like the "big kid'ness" of 3rd grade better... but I have never taught so hard in my life as I have this year!! And I loved feeling successful. I may have a few more wrinkles and a few more gray hairs on my head, but I survived. Thank God.

Then and Now #3: My kids. Can you believe that Dylan is almost 17 months old, and little Michael will be 4 in August?! Weren't they BOTH just born??!


Now. Or, a month ago. When Dylan's face was still broken out. It's all better now, by the way. And do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of them together?? Very.

I feel like I'm finally entering adult-hood... about time, eh? Since I'm *coughs* in my 30s. With things evolving the way they are around me, I finally feel like I'll be one of the Wise Ones one day... one of the adults people go to when they need advice or help. What a weird transition it has been... but I am almost there. :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Some people ruin everything.

The title sounded a little bratty, eh? Well, maybe I'm in a bratty mood!! hehehee

But really. When I first added the "friend connect" or "follow" or whatever feature to my blog, I was so excited when I got a new follower. I would run to their blog, follow them back, and beam from ear to ear that someone actually cared what I was writing.

Now? I've gotten about 8 followers in the last couple of weeks, and what have I written in the last couple of weeks? Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

And those followers? Bots, probably. Or people pimping their buy-stuff-from-me, make-money-from-home, you-too-can-become-a-gazillionaire-in-2-seconds, need-a-lawyer?-going-into-foreclosure?-I've-got-info-for-you type of blogs. And? No thanks.

So, I loved seeing when I had new followers... and I love knowing you actually give a damn about what I've typed. But if you're not real? Go away.

And if you're real? Leave a comment to let me know you stopped by. But nothing hateful, or I'll hunt you down and gut you like a fish. :)

Or not.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just sentences that don't go together.

First of all, I'm typing this on my phone. With my swype feature. Swype is super fun. The most fun part is all the awesome suggestions it gives me. Like when it suggested nicaragua for a word I swyped that was TOTALLY NOT THAT!

Second of all, I've been a tad depressed lately, feeling like such a failure as a mother because of Dylan's lack of progress in the motor skills department. It certainly didn't help that his developmental therapist suggested, in the nicest way she could muster, that perhaps he isn't progressing because I give in to him too easily. I'm not exactly sure what gave her that idea, since it's not exactly true, but it's what she implied. I have never felt so defeated, since what I read into that conversation was "it's your fault. You aren't working hard enough." (not what she said, just what I heard.)

So I discussed it with my mother-in-law. And she assured me that we (she keeps the boys during the day) are doing everything we can, and that D will come around in his own time. And I spoke with his pediatrician, who made me feel much better by reminding me that he IS only the size of a nine month old, and (like my MIL) that D will come around in his own time.

So I feel semi-better that I am not a total failure, but that leaves me in a weird spot-- where do we go from here? Dr. s suggested I ask for a new therapist. She also really wants me to sign him up for private physical therapy. My MIL suggested I stop therapy all together, since he isn't ready to comply. I think maybe I should give his therapist another chance, since I'm not convinced she meant to hurt my feelings. But perhaps meet her at the health department instead of my house so she doesn't get laid back, pushover vibes from me. What do you think?

To top it all off, D is having some health issues. He recently broke out with a rash of red bumps all over his face. When they refused to go away, I took him to Dr. S. At first glance she suspected eczema, but little m has severe eczema...has since he was just a few weeks old...and it doesn't look or feel anything like that. At closer inspection, she thought it was possibly a bacterial infection. In addition, he still has his ear infections. So he's on a super strong antibiotic, a higher level of hydrocortisone cream, and some other kind of cream.

But you see, I've become THAT mommy. The obsessive googler ((side note: swype just suggested hooker for googler.ha!) that looks up symptoms on the interwebz. And I found something that looks like what D has. It's called idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura. Or ITP. Fast forward to today. My coworker (who just had a baby, and that baby had blood sugar issues that landed him in the same NICU where D lived his first month of life) texted and asked for Dr. S's number and fax number. I have her number in my phone, but I didn't have her fax. So I started looking through all our NICU paperwork, hoping I wrote it down on something. Lo and behold, what did his NICU discharge papers say? That he had thrombocytopenia. And that it needed to be monitored by his primary care physician. Only nobody ever discussed it with me. Or explained it to me. I'm still not sure what it is.

Now I've got to discuss it with Dr. s.

Anyway, it's late, I'm tired, and swyping a big long blog entry isn't as fun as I thought it would be. So goodnight folks.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


1. So, I got a new phone. My old one was a really, really old Raz.r. And it had gotten to the point where it restarted itself every time I flipped it open. So now I have a Sam.sung Capti.vate. And it's pretty sweet... I guess. I don't know anything about phones. (Duh, I had a Raz.r for 3 years or more.)

2. D has his first official semi-words... I mean, other than dada, which he says A FLIPPIN' LOT. He says a noise that sounds like "hiiiii" when he's waving... and when he's eating, he goes "mmmm!" It. Is. Precious.

3. He also blows kisses now. Melt my heart, why don'tcha.

4. Speaking of that fancy phone, I have a video of him waving, blowing kisses, and doing pattycake on there... but I have NO CLUE how to put it on the computer. Next time I see someone who is techy, mayhaps they can help me.

5. The student teacher thing is going well.

6. Did y'all see that video of that teacher in Jackso.nville Flori.da throwing a pencil at a boy with Down syndrome's head? Do you KNOW how lucky she is that she's not my child's teacher? Or even that I'm not the teacher next door to her? SHE WOULD NOT HAVE HER OWN TEETH.

7. I'm super tired, but I think there was something else I wanted to mention. But, I can't think of it.

8. Oh yeah, D has a rash-of-sorts going on. It's more like red bumps on his tummy and face. Nowhere else on his body. They don't look like bug bites or chicken pox. Any Dr. Internetz out there?

9. I severely need a new computer chair. Or a laptop. Whichev.

10. My coworker's baby is due, like, seriously any minute now. Her long term sub is from England. She's going to do a tea party with the class on the day that Prince William and whats her face get married. Is that not darling?!

11. Speaking of that coworker, her upcoming bundle of joy's name is Cooper. But poor Cooper has no middle name, because his parents can't agree on one. Any suggestions? Their last name ends in an -ey, if that helps any...

12. Right foot's asleep. Time for the rest of my body to follow suit.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

mini vacay, picture style

...otherwise titled, looking at other people's vacation pictures is boring. But hereitisanyway.

Little M triple, nay, QUADRUPLE loved the science museum. SO much for him to touch and mess with, and he was ALLOWED TO DO THIS. Best place ever for a kid like him!

D was all... eh, whatev.

We all posed as astronauts on the way out. (Even the hubby, but he is camera shy and would not want his astronaut picture on the internetz.) Except little M, who was mad that we were leaving, and would only kick the astronauts.

The zoo was mega fun too... for most of us.

Again, D was like, eh... whatev.

No, really, he enjoyed it... especially the fish. HE LOVED the fish.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Audiology and a mini-vacay

How'd you spend your Spring Break, Amy?

1)Therapy on Monday for D...
2)Short follow-up for M on Tuesday...
3)D's well-child appointment and bloodwork on Thursday...
4)Audiology on Friday!

Not to mention the cleaning and laundry in between.

SO we decided that Spring Break should not be used as Catch Up On Appointments completely, and we went on a mini, one-night-vacation. To Oklahoma City, the place we normally don't like because of being stuck up there for a month. But this visit was just for fun, so it was great. Ate at our favorite restaurants up there, went to the Science Museum and the Zoo... spent tons of quality time with my guys. Pictures sometime in the future.

But the real reason I'm typing my quietest (big M's sleeping head is within slapping distance and this keyboard is clackety) is because of D's audiology appointment.

Now, when this appointment was made (by the early intervention people), I didn't realize it would be with an actual audiologist. I figured it'd just be the same kind of hearing test he had in the hospital as a newborn, and at about 6 months old as a follow-up. But nope, actual appointment. Lots more detail. It started out with him asking me about the pregnancy and birth, the NICU stay and why he was in the NICU, etc. Then he asked me if I *thought* Dylan could hear. I said yes, I think he hears okay... I don't know that he always LISTENS, but I think he can hear!

Guess what? I was wrong. First he did a test on his ear drums to see if they were responding like they should to air being blown on them... tympanometry, I think it was called? Anyway, if his ear drums were responding like they should, his little line chart on the computer would have had a nice peak. But instead, it had a flat line at the bottom of the line chart. On both ears. Then he did another little test that tests the little hairs in the snaily part of the ear (you can tell that I'm PRACTICALLY a doctor with my professional terminology, yes? ;) ), and yeah... he failed that too. Then we went into a little room that had speakers all around the room. Basically, he was looking for Dylan to respond to whatever noise came out of whatever speaker. See, this part of the test is unreliable to me, because Dylan is a champion ignorer. He liked it when the lights flashed, and he responded well at first to the noises coming out of different areas... but after a while he was all, "mkay, over it." and refused to even try anymore. At that point, he kicked off his shoes and decided he wanted to lie down... and when I chose not to let him lie down, he was SO not happy with my decision making skills.

Anyway... the verdict is that he has two ear infections, fluid build-up behind his ear drums, and his left ear is a tad bit better than his right, but neither of them are working properly. He has another appointment with that audiologist in 4 weeks. Meanwhile, the audiologist told me only to get him on antibiotics for the ear infections if he becomes symptomatic-- cranky, fever, etc. So hopefully they go away by themselves.

At least I got to pet a goat and see the elephants.... how was YOUR spring break? (If you've had yours yet... Oklahoma is notorious for having spring break in what is technically still winter.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Courtney's Recount

My friend Courtney (if you look over to the right, her blog is City Love, and her kid is Ben, who just turned one, and he's adorable, so go look!!) commented on my last post, basically, that she needs pictures.

So here ya go, Courtney. And whoever else wants to see 'em.

Breathing treatment. Or, "choo choo whistle breaving treatment," as it was lovingly referred to by a certain 3-year-old.
There are no words for how much this kid loves train tracks. Trains, he can take or leave, but train TRACKS? His favorite things!
Doing important work at Daddy's shop.
Wearing Daddy's hat.
Popeye the Sailor Man!
Can you say ADORABLE?!
He's over it now.
Cutie pie in his bed.
Love, love, love this kid!
Precious boy eating birthday cake on Daddy's birthday!

Dear Amy,

It is okay to wish your child would gain his health back when he's sick. It is. However, next time he is too sick to even play, PLEASE enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

One Frustrated Mama of a Three Year Old.

PS: Three year old for sale!! Reasonable price! ;)

He's all better now, little M. And he's making up for the few days he missed in double-time. D had his one year well-child today (we'll just ignore that he's actually 14 months old... *whistles*), and when Dr. S saw little M, she looked at me and said "oh yeah, he's definitely all better." He was A LOT to handle today at D's appointment and then D's bloodwork. (We just periodically take a looksy at his liver function, his WBC, and his thyroid function... the liver, because he had such a rough time with his direct bilirubin when he first came home from the hospital, and the rest because these are things that have a higher chance of going wrong because of Dylan's extra chromosome.) The ladies in the lab were so helpful keeping little M occupied while they poked my sweet little D. And only one of them gave me a "what kind of mother are you?!" look... so I guess that's somethin'! :)

Little M is at this stage where he argues, screams, defies, and yells.... and does NOT listen to his Mama one bit. Oh, he'll listen to Daddy. In fact, Daddy doesn't even have to SAY anything, and little M gets in line. But Mama could talk til she's blue in the face, spank, take things away, put the little turkey in the corner, etc... and it does nothing. *Sigh*... when does that Golden Age start again??

In other news, D is FINALLY "on the charts" for his height! (I'm talking about a typical child's growth chart... he's in about the 5th percentile, but he's on there, bygolly!) He's not on there for weight... in fact, he seems to be losing weight. But so far Dr. S isn't concerned about this. She's also not concerned about him not being able to sit up or do much motor-function-wise... she says "as much as he went through in the first part of his life, he gets a pass!" hehe

Speaking of that, I don't know if I mentioned that D got evaluated by a physical therapist. She's one of the best that I know... one of my former students had her as a PT the year I had him, and she was phenomenal with this child. So I was excited that she would be doing my son's PT eval. She says we're on the right track... we're doing all the right things. It's just up to D to do it now. She said we're still in the window of "normal for a child with Ds" on his motor skills, and she was very impressed with how motivated he is to get on all fours and rock. I was so glad to hear her say that he's not out of that "normal for Ds" window yet... sometimes it feels like we're making no progress at all. But if I step back and look at the big picture, he's actually come leaps and bounds.

Oh, one more thing... Dr. S put in a call to a parent of another child she sees who has Ds. The little girl is 9 or 10, and the mom "is a great advocate for her child." (Dr. S's words). She wants me to talk to her about how she got funding to do extra physical and speech therapy, aside from what the state provides. That parent is supposed to call me back whenever she can, and I'm excited to talk to someone who has "been there, done that" right here in my city.

PS: If you buy the 3-year-old, I will throw in one of our dogs for free! ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sick has come to visit us...

Conversation I recently had with a coworker--

Me: Dylan has been sick... just really congested and sneezy and coughy and just feeling yucky. No fever though. Little M has had a fever, but no other symptoms.
Her: My son has been sick too. I'm sure we'll end up at OUR pediatricians' office. (Our kids go to the same ped office, although they see different doctors.)
Me: Me too. Probably not with my big one, though, just the little one.

Um, wrong.

Little M, who is notorious for NEVER getting sick beyond a runny nose, came down with a fever on Sunday night. He had no other symptoms at that time... a slight cough, maybe. But he felt okay and was still playing, even though his temp was nearly 101. I monitored him and gave him medicine if he started whining or acting sicker, but for the most part, I figured... he's feeling fine, he probably IS fine.

As the week progressed, the symptoms changed a bit. Still the fever, but more coughing, more sneezing, more watery eyes, WAY more whining/crying, etc. Still, we figured it was a cold, we treated the symptoms, and we continued on with our week.

Last night, I MAYBE got 2 hours of sleep. I was up with him for most of the night. He coughed and cried the night away. I had him lie down beside me, both on the couch and in bed at different points in the night, and it was like I had my own personal heat box lying beside me. This morning, we were pretty concerned about his fever, which at this point was at about 102.5. Five days was long enough for us to wait out a fever. We made an appointment with Dr. S.

To make a fairly long story (a little) shorter, they tested little M for the flu. It came back negative. Dr. S. noticed little M had an ear infection. Thank God my sons' doctor isn't one of those in-and-out types. She was concerned about his coughing and pretty surprised that the flu test came back negative. So she ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. She did rule out pneumonia... but he did have bronchitis that she said, if left untreated much longer, would have turned into pneumonia. So she ordered him a couple of shots of something-or-other (even though little M specifically told the nurse he didn't need any shots this time... poor guy!), let us borrow a nebulizer and gave us some samples of what she referred to as the Dillards of breathing treatment medicines (alb.uterol is the Walmart, Xop.enex is the Dillards. She's somethin' else, this doctor. lol), and wrote a prescription for more Xop.enex and the kiddie liquid version of a z-pack. She also broke open a bottle of children's motrin to bring down his fever while we waited, and she gave him 3 "magic" lollipops because of his shots (and because of how pitiful he was. My poor, sweet, sick, lethargic little boy).

She also asked about how Dylan was doing, even though we didn't bring him. (Yeah, I still haven't brought him in for his 12 month well-child. I guess I should get on that.) She was sorry to see little M so sick, but she was kinda glad that it was him and not Dylan, since Dylan + breathing problems = potentially very, very bad. (Dylan IS still a bit coughy/sniffly, but he isn't running a temperature at all, and he acts like he feels just fine.)

Now, Dr. S. isn't always on my best of best sides. (Refer to the time she told me little M has a speech problem when he doesn't. Or all the times she's said Dylan is too fat. lol) But I can say something about this doctor, and I know this much is always true-- she truly cares about her patients. I really appreciate that about her. I'm glad we have her.

Now, to get that crazy boy of mine better so he can go back to being crazy again... this lethargic little M stuff is for the birds!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stream o' consciousness

1. I find it really annoying when people offer up suggestions and advice when they don't know anything about the subject. For instance, why would you give out birthing advice if you've never given birth yourself? Or why would you give out breastfeeding advice if you've never held a baby to your breast? Why would you give out nutrition advice if you're ...obviously not practicing what you preach? Oddly enough, I know someone who fits every single one of those scenarios. And that's annoying.

2. I've been doing Wat.chers online. I've lost 10 lbs so far. The deciding factor, for me, was when I got sick around Valentine's Day. Sick enough to go to the AM/PM clinic, which pretty much NEVER happens (if you know my history with not liking doctors). Their scale convinced me that something HAD to be done. Have I mentioned that I hate scales too? Doctors offices + their scales = double hate.

3. Counting the points has been pretty easy for me (on WW online).... except on weekends. Because nobody else in my house is dieting (nor do they need to). And everybody else in my house loves pizza on a Friday night, and fast food for lunch on Sundays. And so do I. And it's really hard for me to say no to my favorites.

4. I'm getting a student teacher next week. I'm nervous.

5. Number 4 goes back to number 1, in a way... if I feel like I am not 100% secure in teaching first grade, how can I teach someone else to?

6. Dylan still isn't sitting up. I want him evaluated by a physical therapist. I have to go to the health department to sign his new IFSP today after school, so I'm going to mention that.

7. He's got 3 teeth with another that's going to break through any day now. It's pretty precious.

8. Little M is just as funny/goofy/ornery/naughty as ever. He's still having a hard time with potty training...mainly pooping in the potty.

9. The other night at around bedtime, little M decided that he wanted to play with his new stickers. The conversation went like this:
Little M: I want my stickers!
Me: No, you aren't getting your stickers tonight. You can have them tomorrow.
Little M: (in his best J.G. Wentworth commercial voice): It's MY stickers, and I need them NOW!!

PS: He didn't get his stickers til the next day. But when he heard us laughing at his little funny, he said it again 230492830498 times and forgot about his demand anyway.

Love those kids of mine!

Friday, February 18, 2011

What a Wonderful World...part 2

In June of last year, I made a blog post about a girl I went to school with named Meghan Patrizi Delobe.

Today, on Meghan's 30th birthday, she went to be with our Lord.

I know she has renewed her strength tonight. I know she is soaring on wings like eagles. I know she is running and not growing weary. I know she is walking without being faint. Those are the promises our God made to her, and I believe she is doing those things now.

She leaves behind a husband, a sweet baby boy Charlie, who will be 1 in a few days, and lots of loved ones, friends, and family.

The Lord is close to the broken-hearted, and He saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

shopping for toy cars with boys

My husband and our oldest son share a love for little toy cars. My husband has been buying them for our son since before he even realized what they were...possibly before he was even born. My son has a collection of well over 300 little toy cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc).

Tonight, we were in Walmart, where we were supposed to only be picking up some buns for our dinner. But if you ever venture to Walmart with us, you'll know that each visit starts with the basket veering right, over to the toy section. Specifically, the (you guessed it) little toy cars.

I noticed something amazing tonight. Tonight, I noticed just how many Daddies bond with their little boys in the toy car aisle. There was a man with his son, a little older than little M, in his cart, ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the monster trucks. Another who walked his sweet little curly headed tot over and kneeled down, just as excited as the little boy was, over a remote control car. Another was a bigger boy and his dad, and even if the bigger boy reluctantly made his way down the toy-car-aisle, I know that inside he loved that his dad still wanted to bond over the little toy cars with him.

I almost felt like I wasn't supposed to be there. That it was man country, and I was an intruder. I know nothing about cars... nothing at all. The very best I can tell you is the car's color, and even THAT I don't pay that much attention to. So I stepped back... backed myself down the aisle and just watched the magic happening all around me. Boys with their daddies. In their own little world. Another woman and her daughter came down the aisle to use the price check scanner on that aisle, and you could tell that they felt the "Oh, I'm sorry for intruding on your property" feeling too. They quickly scanned their items for prices and split.

I love this for my little boys. I love that they have a daddy who loves them so much, and so desperately wants his boys to share his passion for cars with him. It's like my prayers have been answered ten-fold-- my kids have an awesome Daddy.

Even if he's just a kid himelf sometimes.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I didn't mean to take a short blogging hiatus... it just happened. I haven't had anything else to say, nor have I had it in me to even create a sentence that makes sense lately, so I just have said nothing at all.

Dylan turned 13 months old on January 29th, and I still haven't taken him in for his 1-year well-child appointment. I guess I'll get on that soon.

That day, it was 75 degrees in our city, so we did A LOT of playing outside!

My husband had a birthday on January 30th, and he's the ripe ol' age of 32 now. We had cake and ice cream, and we went to for dinner. It was much colder than 75 degrees on this day, which is pretty much because Oklahoma's weather has a mood imbalance.

Yesterday was coldish, but not really too terrible.

Today? February 1st? There is a skillion inches of snow on the ground, covering up a sheet of solid ice from freezing rains last night, the windchill is in the negatives, and I'm home from work. Also? Today's my birthday. I'm 31 now, so basically, my description over there >>> is lying.

Being off work and in my PJs all day = the best birthday present everrrrr.

I will post again when I have something more interesting to say... Dylan's the same.. not really hitting any new milestones. Still not sitting up, and I can't figure out why. He knows how, he just flat out won't. I've never read another Ds blog where the baby isn't sitting up still at 13 months, and I feel like there's something I'm doing wrong... and I just flat out am not going to be in a negative mood on my birthday. So we'll discuss this another time. :)

Meanwhile, who wants to make me a birthday pie? (I am not a huge fan of cake.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Day At The Hospital

...also known as, "Mommy, remember Okla-homba City? We took Dylan to the HOSpital. We rode the wallavators! Remember, Mommy??" ~Little M.

If you've been reading long, you know we've postponed Dylan's follow-up EGD (you know, follow-up from when he was SIX WEEKS OLD?!) for about as long as one can postpone something. So we finally buckled down a date and stuck to it-- January 13th. We had to be at the hospital at 7AM, and since we live an hour and a half away, we figured we could just make a mini-vacay out of it and stay in a hotel. I booked us a nice room in a nice hotel on priceline for super cheap. I got us two queen-sized beds. By the way, did you know that my little, who NEVER EVER wakes up in the night, apparently doesn't like sleeping in new places and woke up at midnight, and then again (and for good) at 4AM?? Did you know this same little could NOT have anything to eat or drink after midnight?? That was fun. And the bigger little is just as much a bedhog as ever. So I got about 3 hours of sleep. Interrupted, of course.

But I digress.

Dylan had his EGD on Thursday. First, they gave him the liquid whatever-it-is... I don't remember what they called it, but I DO remember Dylan literally CLIMBING me after drinking it down... I think it made him a tad anxious. And then a tad sleepy. Because when I got to carry him back to the procedure room, he was wobbly and super whiny.

They got his vein in his foot on the very first stick, which is not a common occurance for my little chunky monkey. I was thankful for that. Then they gave him a shot of Versed, which knocked him out within seconds. That's when they had me go wait in the waiting room for the doctor to come out... which he did, maybe 10 minutes later (D's little. Not much to scope. Procedure is super quick.) to tell me that D's scan was completely normal! The ulcer had long since healed, and everything looked great in there! It made me so happy to hear this, but so sad to know that we won't have to see Dr. Grunow anymore! We loved him. We have other doctors I wouldn't mind dumping, but Dr. G wasn't one of them! *sniffle*

Anyway, the part that scared me about the entire situation (before, during, and even a little after) was the anesthesia. They usually give their patients some Versed and Demerol... but they didn't have to give D the Demerol at all, since the Versed so thoroughly knocked the little booger out. Even before he got the Versed (and only had whatever they gave him orally), his O2 sats started going down, so they had to put him on oxygen. And after the procedure, when we got sent to the step-down recovery area, he didn't want to wake up.

He was in recovery for an hour and a half before he even started stirring to wake up. (I know this because we watched half of a Jerry Springer episode, and a whole Steve Wilkos episode. hehe)This was after being with the GI nurses for an additional 20ish minutes after the procedure. So a good 2 hours of not-wanting-to-wake-up'ness, all because of one sedative.

But he did, eventually, wake up. And slowly drank down his required ounce or two of pedialyte. (They also tried to get him to drink applejuice, but he didn't like it.)

Meanwhile, little M was a handful at the hospital. He's so easily excitable when he's in a new place, and getting on to him seems to fuel his fire sometimes, especially when other people are around to where he thinks we won't get on to him in front of them. But he did okay in Dylan's recovery room when the nurse went and found him a truck to play with...

...and a nurse eventually told us that there was a huge play room in the surgery recovery center where he could run and play... so big M took him in there for the last probably 45 minutes of recovery.

All in all, it wasn't as bad an experience as I expected it to be. I guess I overdramatize things in my head sometimes. Dylan is fine... he was playing by that afternoon. Both guys (and I) slept all the way home, so I'm sure big M enjoyed the peaceful drive! And we don't have anything else scheduled in OKC until December of this year. It feels like a chapter in our new normal has closed, and it's actually bittersweet. Great, because who WANTS their child to have to see a GI doctor?! Sad, because it's all we've known for the past year, and it's done now. Happy for that same reason. Bittersweet, indeed.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Being one

..alternately titled: First Time I've Blogged All Year! *ba dum CHHH*
This little nugget of deliciousness had a tiny birthday party this past Saturday.

I got some new (cheap) cake-decorating nozzle thingies, and I figured I'd try them out on his smash cake. Guess what? Cake decoration + not having a creative bone in your body? = this mess. But hey. I tried.

This kid knew exactly what that smash cake was for!

So far, I think he digs being one!