Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I didn't mean to take a short blogging hiatus... it just happened. I haven't had anything else to say, nor have I had it in me to even create a sentence that makes sense lately, so I just have said nothing at all.

Dylan turned 13 months old on January 29th, and I still haven't taken him in for his 1-year well-child appointment. I guess I'll get on that soon.

That day, it was 75 degrees in our city, so we did A LOT of playing outside!

My husband had a birthday on January 30th, and he's the ripe ol' age of 32 now. We had cake and ice cream, and we went to Tex.as Road.house for dinner. It was much colder than 75 degrees on this day, which is pretty much because Oklahoma's weather has a mood imbalance.

Yesterday was coldish, but not really too terrible.

Today? February 1st? There is a skillion inches of snow on the ground, covering up a sheet of solid ice from freezing rains last night, the windchill is in the negatives, and I'm home from work. Also? Today's my birthday. I'm 31 now, so basically, my description over there >>> is lying.

Being off work and in my PJs all day = the best birthday present everrrrr.

I will post again when I have something more interesting to say... Dylan's the same.. not really hitting any new milestones. Still not sitting up, and I can't figure out why. He knows how, he just flat out won't. I've never read another Ds blog where the baby isn't sitting up still at 13 months, and I feel like there's something I'm doing wrong... and I just flat out am not going to be in a negative mood on my birthday. So we'll discuss this another time. :)

Meanwhile, who wants to make me a birthday pie? (I am not a huge fan of cake.)


Jenny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day Amy :)

Heather said...

Yummy! Birthday pie!! Happy late one girlie!

Kate said...

Hannah didn't start sitting up until 17 months. :)

I hope you got your birthday pie, too. If I were closer to you, I'd be happy to have brought you one!

Erin said...

happy belated bloggy birthday! and now i want pie..... mmmm

Sally said...

Happy late birthday youngster! I regularly take blog hiatuses cuz it competes with sleep. I do love checking in with you though.