Saturday, February 05, 2011

shopping for toy cars with boys

My husband and our oldest son share a love for little toy cars. My husband has been buying them for our son since before he even realized what they were...possibly before he was even born. My son has a collection of well over 300 little toy cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc).

Tonight, we were in Walmart, where we were supposed to only be picking up some buns for our dinner. But if you ever venture to Walmart with us, you'll know that each visit starts with the basket veering right, over to the toy section. Specifically, the (you guessed it) little toy cars.

I noticed something amazing tonight. Tonight, I noticed just how many Daddies bond with their little boys in the toy car aisle. There was a man with his son, a little older than little M, in his cart, ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the monster trucks. Another who walked his sweet little curly headed tot over and kneeled down, just as excited as the little boy was, over a remote control car. Another was a bigger boy and his dad, and even if the bigger boy reluctantly made his way down the toy-car-aisle, I know that inside he loved that his dad still wanted to bond over the little toy cars with him.

I almost felt like I wasn't supposed to be there. That it was man country, and I was an intruder. I know nothing about cars... nothing at all. The very best I can tell you is the car's color, and even THAT I don't pay that much attention to. So I stepped back... backed myself down the aisle and just watched the magic happening all around me. Boys with their daddies. In their own little world. Another woman and her daughter came down the aisle to use the price check scanner on that aisle, and you could tell that they felt the "Oh, I'm sorry for intruding on your property" feeling too. They quickly scanned their items for prices and split.

I love this for my little boys. I love that they have a daddy who loves them so much, and so desperately wants his boys to share his passion for cars with him. It's like my prayers have been answered ten-fold-- my kids have an awesome Daddy.

Even if he's just a kid himelf sometimes.


Jenny said...

This was sweet :)
Our oldest boy is 13, and we had 3 girls after him...So for years we have been buying dolls and barbies and pink things...When I heard "Its a boy" the night Russell was born I burst into tears...I was VERY excited about the thought that we would be buying cars and trucks and army men again.
I think youre right, the bond between a Father and their son is beautiful!

Erin said...

that is so cute. my sister always commented about how my nephew was just BORN ALL BOY.... he is obsessed w/ all things w wheels (cars trucks trains). Sounds like little M has a collection to be jealous of! :)