Monday, February 28, 2011

Stream o' consciousness

1. I find it really annoying when people offer up suggestions and advice when they don't know anything about the subject. For instance, why would you give out birthing advice if you've never given birth yourself? Or why would you give out breastfeeding advice if you've never held a baby to your breast? Why would you give out nutrition advice if you're ...obviously not practicing what you preach? Oddly enough, I know someone who fits every single one of those scenarios. And that's annoying.

2. I've been doing Wat.chers online. I've lost 10 lbs so far. The deciding factor, for me, was when I got sick around Valentine's Day. Sick enough to go to the AM/PM clinic, which pretty much NEVER happens (if you know my history with not liking doctors). Their scale convinced me that something HAD to be done. Have I mentioned that I hate scales too? Doctors offices + their scales = double hate.

3. Counting the points has been pretty easy for me (on WW online).... except on weekends. Because nobody else in my house is dieting (nor do they need to). And everybody else in my house loves pizza on a Friday night, and fast food for lunch on Sundays. And so do I. And it's really hard for me to say no to my favorites.

4. I'm getting a student teacher next week. I'm nervous.

5. Number 4 goes back to number 1, in a way... if I feel like I am not 100% secure in teaching first grade, how can I teach someone else to?

6. Dylan still isn't sitting up. I want him evaluated by a physical therapist. I have to go to the health department to sign his new IFSP today after school, so I'm going to mention that.

7. He's got 3 teeth with another that's going to break through any day now. It's pretty precious.

8. Little M is just as funny/goofy/ornery/naughty as ever. He's still having a hard time with potty training...mainly pooping in the potty.

9. The other night at around bedtime, little M decided that he wanted to play with his new stickers. The conversation went like this:
Little M: I want my stickers!
Me: No, you aren't getting your stickers tonight. You can have them tomorrow.
Little M: (in his best J.G. Wentworth commercial voice): It's MY stickers, and I need them NOW!!

PS: He didn't get his stickers til the next day. But when he heard us laughing at his little funny, he said it again 230492830498 times and forgot about his demand anyway.

Love those kids of mine!

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