Thursday, March 31, 2011


1. So, I got a new phone. My old one was a really, really old Raz.r. And it had gotten to the point where it restarted itself every time I flipped it open. So now I have a Sam.sung Capti.vate. And it's pretty sweet... I guess. I don't know anything about phones. (Duh, I had a Raz.r for 3 years or more.)

2. D has his first official semi-words... I mean, other than dada, which he says A FLIPPIN' LOT. He says a noise that sounds like "hiiiii" when he's waving... and when he's eating, he goes "mmmm!" It. Is. Precious.

3. He also blows kisses now. Melt my heart, why don'tcha.

4. Speaking of that fancy phone, I have a video of him waving, blowing kisses, and doing pattycake on there... but I have NO CLUE how to put it on the computer. Next time I see someone who is techy, mayhaps they can help me.

5. The student teacher thing is going well.

6. Did y'all see that video of that teacher in Jackso.nville Flori.da throwing a pencil at a boy with Down syndrome's head? Do you KNOW how lucky she is that she's not my child's teacher? Or even that I'm not the teacher next door to her? SHE WOULD NOT HAVE HER OWN TEETH.

7. I'm super tired, but I think there was something else I wanted to mention. But, I can't think of it.

8. Oh yeah, D has a rash-of-sorts going on. It's more like red bumps on his tummy and face. Nowhere else on his body. They don't look like bug bites or chicken pox. Any Dr. Internetz out there?

9. I severely need a new computer chair. Or a laptop. Whichev.

10. My coworker's baby is due, like, seriously any minute now. Her long term sub is from England. She's going to do a tea party with the class on the day that Prince William and whats her face get married. Is that not darling?!

11. Speaking of that coworker, her upcoming bundle of joy's name is Cooper. But poor Cooper has no middle name, because his parents can't agree on one. Any suggestions? Their last name ends in an -ey, if that helps any...

12. Right foot's asleep. Time for the rest of my body to follow suit.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

mini vacay, picture style

...otherwise titled, looking at other people's vacation pictures is boring. But hereitisanyway.

Little M triple, nay, QUADRUPLE loved the science museum. SO much for him to touch and mess with, and he was ALLOWED TO DO THIS. Best place ever for a kid like him!

D was all... eh, whatev.

We all posed as astronauts on the way out. (Even the hubby, but he is camera shy and would not want his astronaut picture on the internetz.) Except little M, who was mad that we were leaving, and would only kick the astronauts.

The zoo was mega fun too... for most of us.

Again, D was like, eh... whatev.

No, really, he enjoyed it... especially the fish. HE LOVED the fish.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Audiology and a mini-vacay

How'd you spend your Spring Break, Amy?

1)Therapy on Monday for D...
2)Short follow-up for M on Tuesday...
3)D's well-child appointment and bloodwork on Thursday...
4)Audiology on Friday!

Not to mention the cleaning and laundry in between.

SO we decided that Spring Break should not be used as Catch Up On Appointments completely, and we went on a mini, one-night-vacation. To Oklahoma City, the place we normally don't like because of being stuck up there for a month. But this visit was just for fun, so it was great. Ate at our favorite restaurants up there, went to the Science Museum and the Zoo... spent tons of quality time with my guys. Pictures sometime in the future.

But the real reason I'm typing my quietest (big M's sleeping head is within slapping distance and this keyboard is clackety) is because of D's audiology appointment.

Now, when this appointment was made (by the early intervention people), I didn't realize it would be with an actual audiologist. I figured it'd just be the same kind of hearing test he had in the hospital as a newborn, and at about 6 months old as a follow-up. But nope, actual appointment. Lots more detail. It started out with him asking me about the pregnancy and birth, the NICU stay and why he was in the NICU, etc. Then he asked me if I *thought* Dylan could hear. I said yes, I think he hears okay... I don't know that he always LISTENS, but I think he can hear!

Guess what? I was wrong. First he did a test on his ear drums to see if they were responding like they should to air being blown on them... tympanometry, I think it was called? Anyway, if his ear drums were responding like they should, his little line chart on the computer would have had a nice peak. But instead, it had a flat line at the bottom of the line chart. On both ears. Then he did another little test that tests the little hairs in the snaily part of the ear (you can tell that I'm PRACTICALLY a doctor with my professional terminology, yes? ;) ), and yeah... he failed that too. Then we went into a little room that had speakers all around the room. Basically, he was looking for Dylan to respond to whatever noise came out of whatever speaker. See, this part of the test is unreliable to me, because Dylan is a champion ignorer. He liked it when the lights flashed, and he responded well at first to the noises coming out of different areas... but after a while he was all, "mkay, over it." and refused to even try anymore. At that point, he kicked off his shoes and decided he wanted to lie down... and when I chose not to let him lie down, he was SO not happy with my decision making skills.

Anyway... the verdict is that he has two ear infections, fluid build-up behind his ear drums, and his left ear is a tad bit better than his right, but neither of them are working properly. He has another appointment with that audiologist in 4 weeks. Meanwhile, the audiologist told me only to get him on antibiotics for the ear infections if he becomes symptomatic-- cranky, fever, etc. So hopefully they go away by themselves.

At least I got to pet a goat and see the elephants.... how was YOUR spring break? (If you've had yours yet... Oklahoma is notorious for having spring break in what is technically still winter.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Courtney's Recount

My friend Courtney (if you look over to the right, her blog is City Love, and her kid is Ben, who just turned one, and he's adorable, so go look!!) commented on my last post, basically, that she needs pictures.

So here ya go, Courtney. And whoever else wants to see 'em.

Breathing treatment. Or, "choo choo whistle breaving treatment," as it was lovingly referred to by a certain 3-year-old.
There are no words for how much this kid loves train tracks. Trains, he can take or leave, but train TRACKS? His favorite things!
Doing important work at Daddy's shop.
Wearing Daddy's hat.
Popeye the Sailor Man!
Can you say ADORABLE?!
He's over it now.
Cutie pie in his bed.
Love, love, love this kid!
Precious boy eating birthday cake on Daddy's birthday!

Dear Amy,

It is okay to wish your child would gain his health back when he's sick. It is. However, next time he is too sick to even play, PLEASE enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

One Frustrated Mama of a Three Year Old.

PS: Three year old for sale!! Reasonable price! ;)

He's all better now, little M. And he's making up for the few days he missed in double-time. D had his one year well-child today (we'll just ignore that he's actually 14 months old... *whistles*), and when Dr. S saw little M, she looked at me and said "oh yeah, he's definitely all better." He was A LOT to handle today at D's appointment and then D's bloodwork. (We just periodically take a looksy at his liver function, his WBC, and his thyroid function... the liver, because he had such a rough time with his direct bilirubin when he first came home from the hospital, and the rest because these are things that have a higher chance of going wrong because of Dylan's extra chromosome.) The ladies in the lab were so helpful keeping little M occupied while they poked my sweet little D. And only one of them gave me a "what kind of mother are you?!" look... so I guess that's somethin'! :)

Little M is at this stage where he argues, screams, defies, and yells.... and does NOT listen to his Mama one bit. Oh, he'll listen to Daddy. In fact, Daddy doesn't even have to SAY anything, and little M gets in line. But Mama could talk til she's blue in the face, spank, take things away, put the little turkey in the corner, etc... and it does nothing. *Sigh*... when does that Golden Age start again??

In other news, D is FINALLY "on the charts" for his height! (I'm talking about a typical child's growth chart... he's in about the 5th percentile, but he's on there, bygolly!) He's not on there for weight... in fact, he seems to be losing weight. But so far Dr. S isn't concerned about this. She's also not concerned about him not being able to sit up or do much motor-function-wise... she says "as much as he went through in the first part of his life, he gets a pass!" hehe

Speaking of that, I don't know if I mentioned that D got evaluated by a physical therapist. She's one of the best that I know... one of my former students had her as a PT the year I had him, and she was phenomenal with this child. So I was excited that she would be doing my son's PT eval. She says we're on the right track... we're doing all the right things. It's just up to D to do it now. She said we're still in the window of "normal for a child with Ds" on his motor skills, and she was very impressed with how motivated he is to get on all fours and rock. I was so glad to hear her say that he's not out of that "normal for Ds" window yet... sometimes it feels like we're making no progress at all. But if I step back and look at the big picture, he's actually come leaps and bounds.

Oh, one more thing... Dr. S put in a call to a parent of another child she sees who has Ds. The little girl is 9 or 10, and the mom "is a great advocate for her child." (Dr. S's words). She wants me to talk to her about how she got funding to do extra physical and speech therapy, aside from what the state provides. That parent is supposed to call me back whenever she can, and I'm excited to talk to someone who has "been there, done that" right here in my city.

PS: If you buy the 3-year-old, I will throw in one of our dogs for free! ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sick has come to visit us...

Conversation I recently had with a coworker--

Me: Dylan has been sick... just really congested and sneezy and coughy and just feeling yucky. No fever though. Little M has had a fever, but no other symptoms.
Her: My son has been sick too. I'm sure we'll end up at OUR pediatricians' office. (Our kids go to the same ped office, although they see different doctors.)
Me: Me too. Probably not with my big one, though, just the little one.

Um, wrong.

Little M, who is notorious for NEVER getting sick beyond a runny nose, came down with a fever on Sunday night. He had no other symptoms at that time... a slight cough, maybe. But he felt okay and was still playing, even though his temp was nearly 101. I monitored him and gave him medicine if he started whining or acting sicker, but for the most part, I figured... he's feeling fine, he probably IS fine.

As the week progressed, the symptoms changed a bit. Still the fever, but more coughing, more sneezing, more watery eyes, WAY more whining/crying, etc. Still, we figured it was a cold, we treated the symptoms, and we continued on with our week.

Last night, I MAYBE got 2 hours of sleep. I was up with him for most of the night. He coughed and cried the night away. I had him lie down beside me, both on the couch and in bed at different points in the night, and it was like I had my own personal heat box lying beside me. This morning, we were pretty concerned about his fever, which at this point was at about 102.5. Five days was long enough for us to wait out a fever. We made an appointment with Dr. S.

To make a fairly long story (a little) shorter, they tested little M for the flu. It came back negative. Dr. S. noticed little M had an ear infection. Thank God my sons' doctor isn't one of those in-and-out types. She was concerned about his coughing and pretty surprised that the flu test came back negative. So she ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. She did rule out pneumonia... but he did have bronchitis that she said, if left untreated much longer, would have turned into pneumonia. So she ordered him a couple of shots of something-or-other (even though little M specifically told the nurse he didn't need any shots this time... poor guy!), let us borrow a nebulizer and gave us some samples of what she referred to as the Dillards of breathing treatment medicines (alb.uterol is the Walmart, Xop.enex is the Dillards. She's somethin' else, this doctor. lol), and wrote a prescription for more Xop.enex and the kiddie liquid version of a z-pack. She also broke open a bottle of children's motrin to bring down his fever while we waited, and she gave him 3 "magic" lollipops because of his shots (and because of how pitiful he was. My poor, sweet, sick, lethargic little boy).

She also asked about how Dylan was doing, even though we didn't bring him. (Yeah, I still haven't brought him in for his 12 month well-child. I guess I should get on that.) She was sorry to see little M so sick, but she was kinda glad that it was him and not Dylan, since Dylan + breathing problems = potentially very, very bad. (Dylan IS still a bit coughy/sniffly, but he isn't running a temperature at all, and he acts like he feels just fine.)

Now, Dr. S. isn't always on my best of best sides. (Refer to the time she told me little M has a speech problem when he doesn't. Or all the times she's said Dylan is too fat. lol) But I can say something about this doctor, and I know this much is always true-- she truly cares about her patients. I really appreciate that about her. I'm glad we have her.

Now, to get that crazy boy of mine better so he can go back to being crazy again... this lethargic little M stuff is for the birds!