Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Amy,

It is okay to wish your child would gain his health back when he's sick. It is. However, next time he is too sick to even play, PLEASE enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

One Frustrated Mama of a Three Year Old.

PS: Three year old for sale!! Reasonable price! ;)

He's all better now, little M. And he's making up for the few days he missed in double-time. D had his one year well-child today (we'll just ignore that he's actually 14 months old... *whistles*), and when Dr. S saw little M, she looked at me and said "oh yeah, he's definitely all better." He was A LOT to handle today at D's appointment and then D's bloodwork. (We just periodically take a looksy at his liver function, his WBC, and his thyroid function... the liver, because he had such a rough time with his direct bilirubin when he first came home from the hospital, and the rest because these are things that have a higher chance of going wrong because of Dylan's extra chromosome.) The ladies in the lab were so helpful keeping little M occupied while they poked my sweet little D. And only one of them gave me a "what kind of mother are you?!" look... so I guess that's somethin'! :)

Little M is at this stage where he argues, screams, defies, and yells.... and does NOT listen to his Mama one bit. Oh, he'll listen to Daddy. In fact, Daddy doesn't even have to SAY anything, and little M gets in line. But Mama could talk til she's blue in the face, spank, take things away, put the little turkey in the corner, etc... and it does nothing. *Sigh*... when does that Golden Age start again??

In other news, D is FINALLY "on the charts" for his height! (I'm talking about a typical child's growth chart... he's in about the 5th percentile, but he's on there, bygolly!) He's not on there for weight... in fact, he seems to be losing weight. But so far Dr. S isn't concerned about this. She's also not concerned about him not being able to sit up or do much motor-function-wise... she says "as much as he went through in the first part of his life, he gets a pass!" hehe

Speaking of that, I don't know if I mentioned that D got evaluated by a physical therapist. She's one of the best that I know... one of my former students had her as a PT the year I had him, and she was phenomenal with this child. So I was excited that she would be doing my son's PT eval. She says we're on the right track... we're doing all the right things. It's just up to D to do it now. She said we're still in the window of "normal for a child with Ds" on his motor skills, and she was very impressed with how motivated he is to get on all fours and rock. I was so glad to hear her say that he's not out of that "normal for Ds" window yet... sometimes it feels like we're making no progress at all. But if I step back and look at the big picture, he's actually come leaps and bounds.

Oh, one more thing... Dr. S put in a call to a parent of another child she sees who has Ds. The little girl is 9 or 10, and the mom "is a great advocate for her child." (Dr. S's words). She wants me to talk to her about how she got funding to do extra physical and speech therapy, aside from what the state provides. That parent is supposed to call me back whenever she can, and I'm excited to talk to someone who has "been there, done that" right here in my city.

PS: If you buy the 3-year-old, I will throw in one of our dogs for free! ;)


Jenny said...

LOL...No thanks to the three year old...But can I interest YOU in a FIVE year old!!! haha...I'll throw in a free cat!!
Thats great about Dylan...He'll just go at his own pace and he'll get there :)
The little boy who had Ds and was in the hospital same time as Russell is about 16 months old now and he isnt sitting yet either. PT can only do so much and then its up to the kids I guess.
Hope your meeting with the other Mom goes good :)

Courtney said...

What is this - a blog with no pictures of your little cuties? I demand a recount!

RobandKathy Gandy said...

Definitely want the 3-year-old...would also like to negotiate for little D, but you can keep the dog. I like dogs, but already have FOUR Yorkies, which is more than plenty.
Amy, I truly believe that personality also plays a big role in the timeline of "milestones". Your little guy may just not see the need to move ahead quickly with his physical milestones. He looks like he was made for cuddling right now. Why sit up by yourself when you can always find a comfy lap on which to sit? I mean, really...;o)
BTW, I think I really like your ped. I think she knows what is important and what just really isn't right now. Yeah for her!! (((HUGS)))from one of your most devoted stalkers and an "attagirl" for you for being a great fulltime mom and fulltime teacher at the SAME TIME! Love ya, Kathy