Thursday, March 31, 2011


1. So, I got a new phone. My old one was a really, really old Raz.r. And it had gotten to the point where it restarted itself every time I flipped it open. So now I have a Sam.sung Capti.vate. And it's pretty sweet... I guess. I don't know anything about phones. (Duh, I had a Raz.r for 3 years or more.)

2. D has his first official semi-words... I mean, other than dada, which he says A FLIPPIN' LOT. He says a noise that sounds like "hiiiii" when he's waving... and when he's eating, he goes "mmmm!" It. Is. Precious.

3. He also blows kisses now. Melt my heart, why don'tcha.

4. Speaking of that fancy phone, I have a video of him waving, blowing kisses, and doing pattycake on there... but I have NO CLUE how to put it on the computer. Next time I see someone who is techy, mayhaps they can help me.

5. The student teacher thing is going well.

6. Did y'all see that video of that teacher in Jackso.nville Flori.da throwing a pencil at a boy with Down syndrome's head? Do you KNOW how lucky she is that she's not my child's teacher? Or even that I'm not the teacher next door to her? SHE WOULD NOT HAVE HER OWN TEETH.

7. I'm super tired, but I think there was something else I wanted to mention. But, I can't think of it.

8. Oh yeah, D has a rash-of-sorts going on. It's more like red bumps on his tummy and face. Nowhere else on his body. They don't look like bug bites or chicken pox. Any Dr. Internetz out there?

9. I severely need a new computer chair. Or a laptop. Whichev.

10. My coworker's baby is due, like, seriously any minute now. Her long term sub is from England. She's going to do a tea party with the class on the day that Prince William and whats her face get married. Is that not darling?!

11. Speaking of that coworker, her upcoming bundle of joy's name is Cooper. But poor Cooper has no middle name, because his parents can't agree on one. Any suggestions? Their last name ends in an -ey, if that helps any...

12. Right foot's asleep. Time for the rest of my body to follow suit.

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RobandKathy Gandy said...

Love your writing, Amy. Melting about D's new words. Can't wait to see that video, but you'll get no help from me. My phone has a camera and does some neat things, but alas it's only as good as it's operator, huh? ;o)
About that teacher...grrr...the kids deserve better! Would help you remove her teeth but I don't want to go to jail...don't want you to, either. I would miss your posts!! ((((HUGS))))