Saturday, June 25, 2011

List of stuff

1. Why is it that when I finally sit down to write a list of stuff that's gone on in the last little bit, I always draw a flippin' blank?! I think this chair is like a blog-black-hole.

2. We had the developmental therapist and the physical therapist over the other day. Dylan showed off MAJORLY with all his fabulous skills (that he doesn't usually do, so he hides them from even ME til the time is right... thank GOD the time was right when the therapists were over!) He did lots of getting up on all fours, army crawling, rolling over to ALMOST a sit (and to a sit, with help), and the most important one... PULLING UP TO A STAND AT THE COUCH. THAT one? ALL by himself. We do this thing where we put the couch cushions all around him, blocking him in and putting nothing fun on his level. Then we put all the FUN stuff on the couch cushions towards the edges... DVDs, my cell phone (you know, the fun stuff?) toys, etc. So then he really has no choice but to pull up on the couch cushions, at least to his knees, to reach something fun to play with. The PT noticed that when we give him just freedom to do whatever he wants in his boring little square, he's still content to just lie there and do nothing much for a big chunk of the time... so she started infringing in his little boring square with pillows and such, taking away some of the "freedom" room. THAT's when he really got interested in the stuff on the couch (toys up there, too), and THAT's when he pulled to a stand to get something. ALL of us went eyes and mouth wide open on that one!!

3. Dylan's PT, FTW.

4. Has he done it since? Nope. lol

5. Yesterday, my mom and big sister (and her youngest child) came to L-town to visit. And by "visit," I mean they came to kick big M and me out of the house so they could bogart the boys. So big M and I got to go to lunch together, by ourselves, yesterday. Ah, eating without having to feed someone. :)

6. Then later in the evening, big M and I took little m and my niece to the movies to see Cars 2. This was little m's first theater movie experience. He was GREAT in the movies!! He only needed to go to the potty once, and then towards the very end of the movie he started getting kinda restless and got up to walk around (but just ended up in the next seat with his cousin). Other than that, he watched the movie, ate some popcorn, and drank his drink. He LOVED the movie!

7. Dylan stayed at the house with my mom and sister. Dylan is perfect, wonderful, awesome, and STUBBORN BEYOND BELIEF. For the most part, he still eats a lot of baby foods. I bought him some of this turkey-potatoes-something-or-other kind, and he didn't like it... but I had bought several jars of that kind. I didn't bother telling my mom and sister that he didn't like that kind, because.. well, I forgot. Anyway, when it was about dinner time, they tried feeding him that kind. When he gets pissed off while he's eating, he throws the food out of his mouth, and then bangs his head back and forth (if there's something behind him, he'll bang his head on it as hard as he can, too... geez, kid, relax!). Anyway, when he did that, he inhaled some of the food that was still in his mouth. My mom's pretty sure it went in his airway, because then he was wheezing. After a while he was kind of croupy-coughing. They were scared! (I would have been too!) Finally, he got it coughed up. But they were shaken after that! My sister was afraid to leave him when they went home, in fear of him getting choked up again in the middle of the night! (He didn't.. he's breathing fine now... wheeze/croupy sound free.) Scary stuff!

8. (PROBABLY A TMI ALERT...)Can you please, please, PLEASE give me your tips on how you convinced your (typical) child to poop in the potty? I know, most of you will say that you waited til he/she was ready. Little m is BEYOND ready. He has completely pee-trained himself, and almost NEVER has an accident where that is concerned. But he absolutely REFUSES to poop in the potty.... no, I take that back. He refuses to START his poop in the potty! He will have it hanging part of the way out and then tell me he needs to go poop in the potty... and then he'll let it fall out in the potty. But that almost always means a big poop place in the back of his underwear. And then he'll do that about 230492384093248 times a day. It's driving me crazy!! I would have liked to put him in, maybe, preschool or a K-3 program this next school year, but I just don't think I can with him not being poop trained!

9. $0.25 if you read this entire post. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

My babies' daddy is pretty awesome. He's a good husband too. I'm happy to have blessed him with two beautiful little boys that enjoyed the heck out of lavishing their daddy with homemade cards and gifts picked out by little m today. We spent time together, we swam with family, we ate my sister-in-law's awesome cooking....we had a great day.

But my heart is hurting tonight...for those babies out there who don't have a daddy or a mommy. Specifically, babies born in other countries with special needs. See, in a lot of countries in eastern Europe and in Asia, when a baby is born with a birth defect of some kind, they automatically have no value in their society. They are left at the hospital or at an orphanage by birth parents who don't want them for whatever reason. Sometimes it's pressure from society. Sometimes it's shame that their baby isn't typical. Sometimes it's some other reason. But more often than not, they end up in an orphanage where they are merely kept alive (usually). Nobody shows them love or affection. Lots of them are severely underweight. They own nothing, these kids, and nobody takes care to make sure they are even wearing gender-specific clothes (there are pictures of boys wearing a dress of sorts...girls wearing boy clothes with their head shaved.)..or even clothes that remotely fit. These babies aren't tucked in with a bedtime story and a kiss. They are often left in cribs for the majority of the day. Most hit an age where they have to move out of the orphanage and into a mental institution...sometimes as young as 5 years old.

I'm not asking you for anything in this blog entry. Well, that's not entirely true... I'm going to ask you to see these babies for yourselves. Please visit this site: http// and feel what I'm feeling tonight.

I'm going to send extra prayers of thanks and petition tonight.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well, it finally happened.

Picture it: today. The mall. The play area. We were finished doing some shopping, so I figured I would let little m play a while. I sat down with Dylan in my lap and watched my preschooler run and play. Soon after, a woman with 2 small kids and a baby came in the play area. As the two small children ran to play, the woman with the baby sat beside me. Without missing a beat, she asked me how old Dylan is. I told her. She told me he was beautiful. I told her her son was too. After a pause, she said, "my cousin has a daughter with Down syndrome too."

That was my first time that someone in the real world mentioned it.

She and I talked a while about the trials and blessings of raising children with special needs (turns out, 4 of her 5 children had a special need of some kind). One of her kids technically shouldn't be here because of congenital heart defects, and we talked about what a blessing it is that she's now two and going strong.

I wondered what I would feel after my "first time." I wondered if it would make me sad that my son's condition was obvious. I wondered if I would be happy that someone finally acknowledged him for who he is. I wondered if it would make me mad that someone intruded in my personal business.

Is it weird that my actual reaction was excitement? I was excited and relieved that the person to bring it up was a fellow SN mommy. I was excited that I had someone to chat about it with who had an idea of what I am going through. I was so excited that I wanted to call people and tell them that it had finally happened! But then I realized that they'd probably think I was crazy for getting so excited over such a thing, so I didn't.

Now, my next "milestone" I want to hit is to be the voice to a brand new Ds mommy, telling her that it's all going to be okay...and in fact, it's going to be exciting and wonderful.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey y'all.

I have never participated in a "show us your life" from Kelly's korner before.....but if there's one thing I do well, it's raise my sweet Dylan!! Dylan is 17 months old. Dylan has Down syndrome. Dylan is amazing and stubborn and beautiful! Please feel free to read my blah-g and learn more about him, us, and his silly brother, little michael. :)

oh, and I make my posts from my phone using if there's some nonsensical word somewhere, it's swype's fault. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Upon the burning of some friendships..

Swyping again, so bear with me.

I was at a teacher workshop recently. And while I was there, I encountered a person who used to be my friend. You see, this person was kind and caring when D was born....until I realized that she was phishing for info so she could be the one "in the know" and people would come to her for info on my baby and me. Not because she cared about us at all. So, needless to say, I haven't spoken to her since. And then there she was at my workshop.

As riled up as it made me to see her, it also brought to the surface that I am still hurting over the loss of some friendships. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would lose some important friendships simply because I gave birth to a baby with special needs, I would have told you that you were crazy. But indeed, I have lost important friendships.

But I guess I need to revamp my definition of "important."

How about you? Did your friends stick by you through the thick and thin of all of this? Did you become better friends with acquaintences because they were the ones there to emotionally support you? Or did you lose people who apparently couldn't handle the emotional baggage that can accompany treading unknown waters of special needs? Did they blow you off completely, our did they prove they were in the friendship for all the wrong reasons? (I had both.)

On the upside, I know there are awesome, loving people out there that love my babies a much as they love me, and they don't even give the extra chromosome a second thought. They would bend over backwards for my family. And I meet more each day. A girl I met at that same workshop asked about my little boy, and the subject of Ds came up, she got a huge grin on her face and talked about how much she loves kids with Ds. (she was a special ed teacher.) I knew she was someone I could hang with!! Hehe.

To wrap up this whine fest, I will leave you with a few Michaelisms.

Me: what are you doing?
Little m (finding new humor in echoing things we say): what are you doing?
Me: I asked you first.
Him: I asked you first.
Me: are you copycatting me?
Him: are you puppycatting me?

(I guess that means I won?)

And then, while discussing why he should poop in the potty...

Me: the potty really wants to eat your poop because it's very hungry!!
Him: but a potty doesn't even HAVE a MOUTH.... And eating poop is dis-gus-ging!

(can't argue with that!)